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dvdh, I m sure there are as many impressions of the sossien as there are those who attended. My impressions are different than yours. I recall quite a few discussions about cycling education but I wouldn't say it had precedence over anything else. I think, and it's something I recall discussing at the meeting, is that there is a fairly large percentage of cyclists who don't care to follow rules. Teenage boys are a great example. All the classes and education won't turn them into law-abiding cyclists unless we start them out really early learning this stuff in grade school. Anyway, my blog is for my opinions and impressions and was not in any way meant to sum up the entire 2 plus hours. I'm sure the RCAC report will do that. But thanks for at least attending the meeting. It's always easy to sit on the sidelines and harp and it seems so few actually get involved.

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