Improvements have been made to reduce noise emanating from the snow dump

There has been no shortage of snow in recent weeks and that means a lot of activity in our snow dump on Marc Chagall Avenue.

I want to thank our Public Works team, notably Director Beatrice Newman and  Manager of Operations John Monteiro for taking numerous actions to try and curtail noise from the snow dump.

The snow dump.


Over the last two years we have implemented several changes to reduce the noise emanating from the snow dump:

  • There are large signs posted at the entrance/exit to the snow dump advising truckers that banging the rear truck gate is strictly prohibited. These signs did not exist in the past.
  • The snow wall along Marc Chagall has been increased in height to reduce the sound traveling towards the town houses to the west. In the past the wall was constructed only using the bulldozers. This year a large shovel was used to build the wall that is 50 percent higher.
  • The bulldozer operators have been advised to no longer drop the blade onto the ground creating a thumping noise.
  • Previously the bulldozer operators would drop the plow in one swift action. Now they drop the blade halfway before allowing the blade to drop onto the ground reducing the loud thump.
  • Finally the monitors have always been instructed to advise the drivers who bang there truck gates that this will not be tolerated. Now they also make a note of the truck and if this is a recurring problem, we advise the contractor that the driver is banned from entering the snow dump.

While the complaints are minimal, I have always been of the opinion that if even one person is disturbed then I would take action. I gathered a few of the concerned individuals with Ms. Newman, Mr. Monteiro and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein.

“This is a snow dump,” Ms. Newman began.  “Although we try to reduce the noise, it doesn’t always happen: big trucks, 10 tons of snow in each truck and pushing tons of snow uphill with a bulldozer.” 

Two dozen no entry/ employees only signs, are going to be installed along the fences and gate. A trailer will be installed at the entrance so that the attendant will see a trespasser immediately and then call dispatch. Automated gates will be installed and the attendant will operate the gates during the working hours of the day. These gates will remain closed unless there is high traffic. We will be installing  a new  electric pole to provide electricity to the trailer and gates. A generator will be placed there until the electricity is connected;

The tailgate noise may occur, but it’s important to remember that this level of noise has dramatically dropped

Efforts made to reduce the noise and vibrations in the snow dump

Measures  have been taken by our Public Works Department to reduce the  noise and vibrations emanating from the snow dumping yard, such as, among other things, implementing specific operating hours and the control of tailgate clanging in order ensure the best quality of life for neighboring residents.

IMG_1834 (2)
The snow dump.


I have fielded complaints from residents for years on this subject, notably those living in Les Cours Chagall town houses.

As early as this week Public Works will be installing signage outside and inside the snow dumping yard with pictograms indicating to its users that the clanging of tailgates is not permitted. This will allow the Public Works Department to maintain and enforce order in the snow dumping yard when necessary.

Furthermore, the Public Works Department will be informing neighboring residents when the signs will be put up.

One of the problems we run into at the dump is the fact these truck drivers come from sub--contractors. We make our point very clear about the tailgate clanging, they comply and then new drivers arrive at the scene. It is frustrating for all of us and I hope that these actions initiated by Public Works Director Beatrice Newman and her team are successful.

A number of years ago we had Public Works erect a de facto noise barrier out of snow at the dump. This did help.


Work is underway to chop down the snow dump

Two mechanical shovels  began working this week  at the snow dump to  break down the ice, working from 7 am to 7 pm. 
The contractor we engaged  is  breaking down the snow and ice this first week. We will then give the hill's next layer some time(a week) to melt/soften and then the contractor will return  the following week to repeat the operations. 
Clean up of debris will follow.
This was an awful winter. We usually start this work earlier, but the ice was so hard none of the equipment would have worked. This is why we waited. By early July things should be all clear.

Côte Saint-Luc shines in snow clearing operation; Marc Chagall issues dealt with

In the wake of another snowstorm, Côte Saint-Luc’s Public Works Department is doing a fantastic job under trying circumstances.

A tractor clears snow on the Marc Chagall Avenue sidewalk.

Of course a lot of activity is taking place in our snow dump on Marc Chagall Avenue in my District 2. Over the weekend I fielded a lot of calls and e-mails from residents. One noted that the sidewalks had not been cleared and she had to walk her dog on the street – not a good situation on any day, especially when heavy trucks are going back and forth. I was able to get that message to Public Works and within an hour the sidewalk was cleared.

When I did my grocery shopping today, so many people came up to me to say how lucky we are to live in a community like Côte Saint-Luc where the snow removal system is so top notch.

“Our teams have been working non-stop with an excellent attitude, trouble shooting as they clear,” commented Public Works Director Beatrice Newman. “I have been all over (the city) this weekend and we are ahead of the game.”

Work by the city and our contractors concluded tonight at 8 pm. The bulldozers planned to work in the dump until 9 pm, with the mechanical shovel staying even later as it makes no noise. The amount of snow in the dump is massive, resembling a ski hill. And it is only mid-January! I understand the concerns of some residents who live near the dump and hear that annoying banging noise from the tractors and trucks. A few years ago we built a snow wall, which proved to double as a sound barrier. For some it is not good enough. As I have noted, we have a lot of contractors this can be difficult to resolve as the truck drivers change. The foreman delivers the message, but he has to repeat this every time new people come on site.

The hill at the snow dump is growing.

In the city so far we have opened all streets, cleared sidewalks on one side and have started the second side on some streets. Our contractors, Canbec and CMS, have completed about 85 percent of their sidewalks- both sides.

Parking lots and all municipal buildings have been completed.   City employees and contractors have been working well together well and have been dealing equally well with the very problematic issue we have with private contractors pushing resident snow into the streets right after we clean.  

“Congratulations to our foremen team and our Operations Manager John Monteiro, who have been very dedicated to making the magic happen,” Ms. Newman said. “We received 36 centimeters and together with some really nice residents who have contacted me personally with tips, our teams were able to take care of some issues quickly.”

A successful 2010 CSL Winter Carnival

The 2010 Côte Saint-Luc Winter Carnival  was a big success,  featuring horse-drawn carriage rides, taffy on the snow, a pancake breakfast, outdoor hockey tournament and much more at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park and the Samuel Moskovitch Arena over the Valentine’s Day Weekend. In fact, the fun continues on Saturday evening, February 20  (7:30 p.m.) at the Côte Saint-Luc Gymnasium (7500 Mackle Road) with the second annual “Dance to the Oldies But Goodies,” with music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Tickets are $18 (in advance only). Call 514-485-6806 for details.


Congratulations to our Parks and Recreation staff and event co-chairs, Councillors Mitchell Brownstein and Allan J. Levine.  

The fun all began on Friday, February 12 with the beginning of the Peewee ‘A' invitational outdoor hockey tournament. Eight teams from various communities  participated.   On Saturday, February 13, there was a  special public skating session at the Samuel Moskovitch Arena., with all proceeds from the entrance fees going to Manoir Ronald McDonald (

( The latter, located in Côte des Neiges,  offers an affordable and comforting home away from home for families who have a child hospitalized for a serious sickness in a Montreal hospital.  

On Sunday, February 14, a hot pancake breakfast was served in Chalet 1 of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park.

The breakfast was sponsored by McDonald's franchisee Pierre Brunet.  I had a chance to chat with our most beautiful police officer, Station 9’s Marie Christine Nobert, who is always on hand for our events to lend a hand. Over the course of the afternoon children got to enjoy face painting, arts and crafts, balloons, hot chocolate, cider, taffy on snow, inflatable activities, horse-drawn carriage rides and skating on Centennial Lake.  Luc Carnival, the event mascot, was busy making the rounds.

I also had a chance to view the magnificent figure skating club exhibition and take part in the presentation of trophies.

Following this we had the pleasure of presenting a cheque of $3,000 to  Le Manoir Ronald McDonald de Montréal, increasing the figure of $2,500 from last year.

Public skating was free of charge from for one hour and that was followed by   the Youth Hockey all-star game...


Event sponsors included The Suburban, Domino's Pizza, IGA Pagano, Qualitifruits and Infusion Catering.





The Snow Dump is Clear

Yes, I know it is the beginning of September. However, I am pleased to report that the dirty muddy hill at the  Snow Dump on Marc Chagall Avenue has finally disappeared. Due to the extraordinary amount of snow we received last winter, the hill stayed with us - albeit shrinking in size- for much of the summer. Mayor Anthony Housefather and I did find ways for Public Works to bring in equipment to break down the hill and open up more drainage. And it worked! There were some who feared back in June that the hill would have remained intact for the next snowfall in December. That concern can now be let go.

Snow clearing

Temporary no parking signs The City of Côte Saint-Luc will be putting temporary no parking signs on many streets before our snow clearing operation in the coming days. The goal is to prevent delays in snow clearing caused by vehicles parked on city streets.

If you see a temporary no parking sign near your parked vehicle, please move your vehicle. If you don't, your vehicle may be towed to an adjacent street and you will be fined $97. If your vehicle is towed, you can call 514-485-6960 to find out where it was moved.

Parking alternatives
If you see temporary no parking signs on your street, you might want to consider parking your car overnight at a nearby city parking lot (eg, library, arena, parks, etc.). (However, city parking lots may not be used overnight in normal times.) We also encourage residents to use all available parking spaces on their driveway or in their garage at all times--especially during and after a heavy snowfall.