Côte Saint-Luc to continue residential pool inspections

The City of Côte Saint-Luc now has a full-time pool inspector, Arianne Cyr;

Ms. Cyr began pool inspections last April. Information on the changes to the fencing rules for private pools went out to all owners in the fall of 2021 and Ms. Cyr is working on coordinating visits, answering questions and guiding people on what needs to be changed (if anything) in their yards. The project will continue through the entire summer and we ask for residents cooperation to get all pools to conform by the new July 1, 2025 deadline.

Owners of residential pools should take note of the new rules for fencing.


Ms. Cyr continued to inspect until the end of November. Over the past few months, Ms. Cyr has inspected more than 249 residential swimming pools in the backyards of residences in Côte Saint‐Luc. This regulation aims to limit and secure access to swimming pools for children and to prevent drowning.

Only a rigorous inspection of swimming pool installations can ensure that safety standards are respected. During her inspections, she validated the presence of a permanent enclosure, its height and the access door with automatic lock. In addition, during her inspections, she validated the location of the pool, the equipment and the paving in relation to the limits of the land.

Inspections will resume  in mid‐April to inspect all of the pools in the city.  In summary we have inspected 249 of approximately 400 pools. 

You can get complete details on our website. Please note that the  the deadline of July 2023 noted on this link has been delayed until 2025.