New City Hall/Library Parking Lot gets good reviews

I am pleased to report that I have been getting nothing but positive reviews regarding the reconfiguration of our CIty Hall/Library Parking Lot.

IMG_1950Last spring a contract was awarded to Groupe TNT Inc. in the amount of $1,941,716.78. The work included the reconstruction of the sidewalks and curbs, the replacement of the lighting, the installation of security cameras, the asphalt paving, the installation of new park benches, bike racks and recycling  and garbage containers.

We began work on the project on July 5  and it was carried out in three phases in order to minimize the impact on the public. This first section of the parking lot, which included 62 parking spaces, was opened on August 7. Phase Two, the central part of the parking lot,  was paved on September 11. Phase Three, which included the Cavendish entrance,  was paved on October 16, and opened to the public on October 31 following the installation of the signage. The landscaping was substantially completed in November. The park benches, recycling garbage containers, bike rack and street lights were installed in December. The activation of the electric vehicle charging station was done in early February.


Work left to be completed includes the installation of the security cameras.  Three additional large caliper oak trees will also be planted in the spring as these types of trees do not tolerate well transplanting in the fall. A total of 45 trees were planted to date.

IMG_1958Besides the fact that this is now safer parking lot to navigate by car or on foot, what most people appreciate is the wide drop off zone. No longer does a vehicle have to circle continually because someone is honking behind them.

IMG_1963I wish to thank Marianne Zalal in particular from our Urban Development Department and of course Director Charles Senekal for their tireless work on the project. When some residents expressed concern about the number of trees we needed to cut, In called an emergency meeting with Mayor Mitchell Brownstein. We proceeded to make changes to the plans and sacrificed a number of new spaces to ensure some healthy trees remained in place.

I look forward to everyone enjoying the full beauty of this new area when the nice weather returns in late spring.



Two hour parking rules come into effect as a result of Marc Chagall high rise construction

The City of Côte Saint-Luc will be limiting parking to a maximum of two hours on parts of Marc Chagall Ave. and the north end of Mackle Rd. once new signs are posted in March 2018.

The goal of this new parking rule is to encourage workers at the Equinoxe Marc Chagall, currently under construction, to park their private vehicles at the temporary parking lot located diagonally across from Le Marquise.

With fewer worker cars parked all day on Marc Chagall Ave. and Mackle Rd., more on-street parking will be available for your guests closer to your building.

The new two hour parking signs will be posted on Marc Chagall Ave. from Mackle Rd. to Le Marquise, and the north end of Mackle Rd.

We know that this two hour parking limit may inconvenience some of your guests who stay longer. However, this was the best option available to achieve our goal: freeing up parking spaces for your guests you are not able to use the visitor parking lot of your building.

If you have questions, please contact Charles Senekal, Director the Engineering Division weekdays between 8:30am and 4:30pm at [email protected], or 514-485-6800 ext. 1501.

Phase Two of the City Hall/Library Parking Lot project will be paved soon

As Phase Two of the City Hall/Library Parking Lot project is under way, we have been getting questions regarding the pedestrian access to the building.

For this week, pedestrians are being directed to the temporary stone path that runs from Sir Walter Scott to Cavendish, on the south side of the parking lot.  The contractor will be bringing more signs to direct the pedestrians from the back of the lot towards this path.  He has also adjusted the temporary fence and its supports following a complaint received about a possible tripping hazard risk.  
Weather permitting, we expect that Phase Two of the parking lot should be paved by September 1.  This will provide parking in the area that is presently under construction and the sidewalk for pedestrian access towards the back entrance.  The contractor has been advised that this sidewalk closer to the building is a priority and he is working to see if it can be done sooner than later.
The entire project should be completed by October.
Residents take part in a meeting about the parking lot construction.
Last week we invited area residents to City Hall to get a closer look at exactly what this project will look like upon its completion. I met with a number of residents from Marc Chagall and Sir Walter Scott. There was a request for us to save even more trees than originally planned. We have done so and as a result there will be eight less new parking spots than originally envisioned.

Kildare Road (between Rembrandt and Merrimac) parking rules loosened

There is good news for some residents of District 2.

For many years parking on the southern side of Kildare Road, between Rembrandt and Merrimac,has been prohibited on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Residents have approached me numerous times to try and get this changed and for various reasons approval was not within reach.

Charles_SenekalOver the winter I have been working with our head of engineering, Charles Senekal (left),  to come up with a resolution to this problem. Many residents of the condominium town houses on Kildare Road like to leave their cars on the street when they come from work, rather than park in their garage. The city, however, has always needed to allocate some time for street cleaning.

The compromise I have been able to reach, with Mayor Anthony Housefather lending a helpful hand, will see no parking on that strip between 7 a.m. and Noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since most of the residents I spoke to indicate that it is late afternoon when they generally want to park on the street, I believe this is a winning solution. I would like to thank District 5 Councillor Glenn J. Nashen, who as head of the city's Transportation Committee, set the wheels in motion for this development.

We hope the new signage will be up sometime in March.



End of Tolerance Parking on Merrimac, Sir Walter Scott and Kildare

Mayor Anthony Housefather and I will be sending the following letter out to the owners of vehicles who have been parking on the street without permits for the past several weeks:

Dear residents,

The overnight parking tolerance that is currently in effect in this area of Ilan Ramon Cres., Sir Walter Scott Ave., Kildare Rd., Rembrandt Ave., and Merrimac Ave. is ending on Monday, July 26 at 8am. Because of road and aqueduct network renovations and two indoor parking garage repairs currently underway in the area, we can no longer allow all vehicles to park on the street overnight.

Any vehicle that does not have a valid overnight parking permit starting July 26 may be ticketed and/or towed, at the owner’s expense.

As an alternative to the overnight parking tolerance, (1) we are offering residents free parking at the city snow dump, and (2) temporary overnight parking permits are also available for guests.

1. Parking at the snow dump for residents

Residents can now park their vehicles for free at the city’s snow dump on Marc Chagall Ave., provided that they complete and return the application form. The snow dump has been inspected by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment, who has deemed it safe for parking. Parking in this lot is nonetheless at the owner’s risk. Only vehicles authorized by the city may park in this lot and unauthorized vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed.

To apply, complete the enclosed form and return to City Hall by mail or in person. Requests will be processed by the Public Security office and we will notify you by telephone if your application is approved.

2. Temporary overnight parking permits for overnight guests

Overnight guests may still obtain a temporary overnight parking permit by calling the Public Security office at 514-485-6960, 24-hours-a-day. Requests may need to be validated by a Public Security agent and proof of address may be required. Temporary permits for granted for a maximum of three days.