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CSL Kosher owners become CJAD radio stars

There are always firsts for Marianna Roth and her son-in-law Avi Brook. The dynamic duo operate Côte Saint-Luc Kosher at the Westminster Avenue Shopping Plaza. This is paradise for folks looking for good home cooked meals you can take home and warm up for dinner, as well as a popular butcher shop.

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Check out there menu on their website.

In recent years they have been profiled in The Montreal Gazette, on CTV News and most recently on Today's Entrepreneurs, a fantastic radio show broadcast Monday evenings at 7 p.m. on CJAD. Dan Delmar and Josh Miller host the program, which is sponsored by the accounting firm Fuller Landau and produced by their marketing and communications manager  Stephanie Darwish.

Personally I am a huge fan of their chicken schnitzel, chicken burgers and Chinese food. But now there is a new creation. Good, old fashioned salmon patties.  I brought home my first order last week and they were absolutely out of this world!

If you did not hear the show, click on the direct link below. If you experience any difficulty accessing the mp3, then right click on the link and then click Open in a New Window:


Freeway Frank to replace Cat Spencer on Virgin Radio

Well, Cote Saint-Luc raised Mark Bergman has not wasted any time in finding a successor to Cat Spencer.

The Cat is moving to The Q 92.5 FM to replace Aaron Rand at a date to be determined. Just last week it looked as if he would be required to complete his contract co-hosting the Virgin Radio morning show with Lisa Player, making him unavailable to his new employers until September 1.  Rand is expected to depart at the end of April.

Freeway Frank (below right), no stranger to local listeners as the host of the nationally syndicated Canadian Top 4o Countdown,  will debut on the newly dubbed "Mornings With Freeway & Lisa" on Monday, March 21 at 5:30 a.m.Frank1

“It’s been my dream to host a morning show in my hometown of Montreal since I was a kid.” Said Freeway Frank. “My heart’s never left this city, and I can’t imagine a better place to be, than the top rated radio station in Montreal! My late father would be proud.” Lisa Player has co-hosted Virgin Radio’s #1 rated Breakfast Show for the last 7 years, where her unique personality and quick wit has made her a staple on the Montreal radio scene. “Change is inevitable; it's what makes life interesting” said Lisa Player. “From my interaction with Frank so far, I know it's going to be more than just a little interesting. Looking forward to having some good times in the morning! Welcome back to Montreal Freeway!” Mornings with Freeway & Lisa, will debut on Monday March 21st 2011, at 5:30am.

Freeway Frank (Frank Depalo) was born and raised in Montreal, and went on to become a popular Canadian radio personality over the last 20 years.  His return here will mark the first time that Frank will be playing in the city where he was born and raised. “Montreal has just found its next attraction," says Bergman, the station's Brand Director. "I’ve never met a guy with more passion for being on-air, online, and onsite! Freeway Frank will soon be to ‘Montreal’ as smoked meat, bagels, and The Habs! Cat Spencer had a great run at Virgin Radio; we will miss his contagious smile and professionalism. We wish him well.” 

As for Freeway Frank, he notes  "“It’s been my dream to host a morning show in my hometown of Montreal since I was a kid. My heart’s never left this city, and I can’t imagine a better place to be, than the top rated radio station in Montreal! My late father would be proud.”

Player, who  has co-hosted Virgin Radio’s #1 rated Breakfast Show for the last seven years, sounds excited to work with her new partner. “Change is inevitable; it's what makes life interesting,”  she said .“From my interaction with Frank so far, I know it's going to be more than just a little interesting."

Lots of changes on Montreal radio scene

There has been a lot of movement in recent days on Montreal radio.

First and foremost, Aaron Rand (below right) announced that he will be leaving his job as  morning show host on the Q 92.5 FM at the end of April. After 26 years with the station, this move caught a lot of people by surprise. Aaron Rand A year and a half ago his friends and co-hosts Paul "Tasso" Zakaib and Suzanne Desautels were fired and Rand was told his show needed less talk and more music. He adhered to the edict set forth by program director Brian DePoe and even attended a station boot camp.  The Q introduced a new, hip morning crew. Aaron changed his style and the ratings blossomed. I do not think we have seen the last of him. Aaron is made for television. Years ago he and Tasso taped a demo late night talkshow for CFCF TV. It never reached the small screen. Perhaps Global TV Montreal would consider him for the new morning show they intend to launch in 2012.

DePoe, by the way,  quietly left the Q in December for an opportunity with CHUM Radio in Ottawa. He has been replaced by Leo D'Estrella, a former Rand producer. Rand is under contract to the Q until August 31.

No sooner had Aaron made his announcement, Astral Radio confirmed that Cat Spencer would be leaving Virgin Radio as their morning show host to join the Q - but not for several months. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Cat and Lisa Will Cat bring Lisa Player (left) with him? Will Murray Sherriffs stick around now that his sidekick Aaron is leaving? Will Aaron switch places with Cat?  Program and Brand Director Mark Bergman has his work cut out for him. He is already in the midst of seeking a replacement for Heather B, the afternoom show host who left a few weeks ago for a gig in Cleveland. I know that CBC weather guy Frank Cavallaro would probably love a chance to get back into radio. Cousin Vinny Barrucco is doing a great job on the drive home. Is he ready for a premature promotion? My personal favorite is Patrick Charles, who was part of the Cat and Lisa team initially, but is now more of a background contributor. Cat's contract also goes until August 31. Will Virgin really want a lameduck host sticking around the airwaves.  Radio insiders suggest that they will find a replacment sooner than later and have Cat sit home until he can legally join the Q on September 1.

Over at CBC Radio One, talented female sportscaster Sonali Karnick (below right) is leaving Daybreak. Sonali She got offered a chance to work at CBC in Toronto. In probably one of the sharpest moves CBC has made in recent years, Karnick's replacement is Andie Bennett. Andie (below left) has impressed everyone who has followed her career these last six years on THE TEAM 990 and the Melnick in the Afternoon Show. Her bubbly personality is AndieBennett infectious and has a real strong knowledge of sports, especially hockey.  Andie also happens to be a very attractive young lady, so look for her to get some face time on the CBC TV News. I see a TV network career opportunity for her one day.