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 Two Bialik students join my Local Commerce initiative

Soon after the last election two years ago, Mayor Mitchell Brownstein handed me the Local Commerce portfolio. Since that time I have been interacting with a lot of our local business leaders and launched our Spotlight on Local Merchants feature.

Noah and AVery
Noah and Avery attended the most recent public council meeting.


Recently I reached out to Avi Satov, Co-Head of School at JPPS-Bialik to ask if any of his students were interested in doing some community service with me.   Two Grade 9 students, Noah Galambos and Avery Hannon, stepped forward. Noah is one of my constituents. They have jumped into this new role with great enthusiasm.

Noah, Avery and perhaps some others who might join the team have an initial mandate to visit our three main shopping centres – Quartier Cavendish, Decarie Square and the Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre. They will initially do surveys with shoppers, finding out what they like and dislike about the venues.  Once this task is completed, they will return to the same locations and talk to the business owners. All of this will be written about in a report I will share with council and the public.  The goal will be for Noah and Avery to continue visiting other merchants.

I wish to thank these young men for getting involved. And they both told me they intend to well exceed their required community hours.

Deux étudiants de Bialik se joignent à mon initiative sur le commerce local

Peu après les dernières élections, il y a deux ans, le maire Mitchell Brownstein m'a confié le portefeuille du commerce local. Depuis lors, je me suis entretenu avec de nombreux chefs d'entreprise locaux et j'ai lancé notre rubrique "Spotlight on Local Merchants" (Pleins feux sur les commerçants locaux).

Récemment, j'ai contacté Avi Satov, codirecteur de l'école JPPS-Bialik, pour lui demander si l'un de ses élèves était intéressé par un travail d'intérêt général avec moi.   Deux élèves de 9e année, Noah Galambos et Avery Hannon, se sont manifestés. Noah est l'un de mes électeurs. Ils se sont lancés dans ce nouveau rôle avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme.

Noah, Avery et peut-être d'autres qui pourraient se joindre à l'équipe ont pour mandat initial de visiter nos trois principaux centres commerciaux - le Quartier Cavendish, le Decarie Square et le Centre commercial Côte Saint-Luc. Dans un premier temps, ils mèneront des enquêtes auprès des clients pour savoir ce qu'ils aiment et ce qu'ils n'aiment pas dans ces lieux.  Une fois cette tâche accomplie, ils retourneront aux mêmes endroits et s'entretiendront avec les propriétaires des commerces. Tout cela fera l'objet d'un rapport que je communiquerai au conseil et au public.  L'objectif est que Noah et Avery continuent à rendre visite à d'autres commerçants.

Je tiens à remercier ces jeunes gens de s'être impliqués. Ils m'ont tous deux dit qu'ils avaient l'intention de dépasser largement le nombre d'heures de travail d'intérêt général qu'ils doivent effectuer.

Plans to reimagine the building at Cavendish and Kildare begin to take shape

Aaron Bitton has big plans for the office building at the corner of Cavendish and Kildare. Via his family’s company, Holand Leasing, he has already submitted two zoning amendment requests to city council to add a pharmacy and a café.  A public consultation meeting was held on July 11 and nobody showed up. Those changes will be formally adopted on August 14.

Aaron Bitton with me in front of the building.


Aaron, 31,  grew up in Côte Saint-Luc and his father Gad raised the family here and remains in the same house. Gad is the ultimate success story. His group of car dealerships and real estate holdings continue to grow. Aaron had been living in Israel for a decade. When he returned home with his wife  Dalia and their five children last fall he was tasked with a number of projects including this building in the heart of my District 2.

For years the building housed Police Station 9. The Royal Bank remains anchor tenant.  Aaron has his sights set on attracting medical and dental clinics, massage therapists, music studios, professionals and a daycare. While there is no present-day zoning for the latter, a trial run has been in place for months. Hebrew Academy’s daycare has been parked here temporarily after a pipe burst in its headquarters. I  accompanied Aaron to the building recently. Drop off was scattered between 7:30 am and 9 am. There is an entrance via the back parking lot, so if this comes to council a lot of the obvious questions will already have answers.

The café will have an outdoor entrance and a terrasse. Aaron hopes work can begin on this soon. I believe this will be a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood. As for the pharmacy, I did express some concern about this given the fact we have one of the best in the business across the street. Pharmaprix Cavendish is expertly run by the husband and wife team of David Banon and Sarah Ettedgui and serves the community well. Aaron has assured council he is looking to add a very small pharmacy that will there to handle prescriptions for the medical clinics he hopes to attract.

Aaron would also like to see if he can lure  clinics for blood tests and radiology. Family Physician Dr. Norman Sabin, a regular council meeting attendee who practices out of the Queen Elizabeth Health Centre, said he’d relocate to the Cavendish/Kildare building if such services would be offered.

As for parking, there are 96 indoor and 76 outdoor. Unquestionably, with thousands of people living within easy walking distance, potential medical clinics would not necessarily require people to arrive via a vehicle.

“Last year one of our major tenants left after having been here for 10 years,” Aaron explained. “That left us with a 75 percent vacancy rate. We intend to fill all of those spots in a way that the neighbourhood benefits as well.”

Spotlight on Local Merchants for May 2023: Bijü – Stephane Znaty

For the Côte Saint-Luc Local Commerce Committee, the Spotlight on Local Merchants for May 2023 shines on Bijü at Quartier Cavendish. This very popular kiosk has been located across from Pharmaprix since 2009 offering jewelry and watch repair, including battery changes on the spot.

Samara Nemeroff, Stephane Znaty, his mom Mireille, the Mayor and Council.

Owner Stephane Znaty, assisted by his mother Mireille and Samara Nemeroff, always greets customers with a smile. Bijü specializes in high-end hand-crafted diamond with platinum or gold jewelry to the every day silver jewelry piece as well as fashion jewelry. From custom designs to importing / exporting hand selected jewelry, Bijü’s primary goal is always focused on quality, price and th latest trends. Stephane will even remodel jewelry, all from the comfort of his private workshop.

Bijü is open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Thursday and 10 am to 5 pm Friday through Sunday.

You can find out more at https://bijudealz.com/

Mai 2023: Stéphane Znaty de Bijü

Le Comité de commerce local de Côte Saint-Luc est heureux de reconnaître la bijouterie Bijü, au Quartier Cavendish pour le mois de mai 2023. Ce kiosque très populaire est situé en face de Pharmaprix depuis 2009 et offre des services de réparation de bijoux et de montres, y compris le changement de piles sur place.

Le propriétaire Stéphane Znaty, assisté de sa mère Mireille et de Samara Nemeroff, accueille toujours les clients avec le sourire. Bijü se spécialise dans les bijoux haut de gamme en diamant, en platine ou en or, ainsi que dans les bijoux en argent et les bijoux de mode. De la création sur mesure à l’importation/exportation de bijoux sélectionnés à la main, l’objectif principal de Bijü est toujours la qualité, le prix et les dernières tendances. Stéphane peut même remodeler des bijoux, le tout dans le confort de son atelier privé.

Bijü est ouvert de 10 h à 18 h du lundi au jeudi et de 10 h à 17 h du vendredi au dimanche.

Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site https://bijudealz.com/


Spotlight on Local Merchants: New Decarie Square kosher spot Leyleys & King David Residence

As the city councillor for Local Commerce, I am pleased to provide a look at two most recent Spotlight on Local Merchants feature.

David Malka


Let me first formally introduce you to sister and brother Lea and David Malka and their new kosher restaurant at Decarie Square called Leyleys Trendy Salad Bar.

Lea Malka

Lea, 24, was educated as  teacher and David, 32, has a background in construction. Prior to the pandemic Lea operated a small restaurant in the same location on the second floor of Decarie Square. She and David reopened in October 2022, operating  weekdays from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Oren Sebag


Councillor Oren Sebag, who represents District 2 which encompasses Decarie Square, has been frequenting Leyleys since it opened. Ditto for Councillor Sidney Benizri, who works in the building.

Councillor Sidney Benizri is a regular at Leyleys.

Leyleys  has already gained a steady clientele, notably during the lunch hour. Their menu features breakfast items served until 11 am,  from eggs, pancakes,  fruit bowls  and avo toast. There is also an array of signature salads, focaccia, specialty pasta, poke bowls, sandwiches and paninis, tapas, pastries and muffins.

For more details please go here.

Bienvenue à l’équipe frère et sœur de David et Lea Malka, propriétaires et opérateurs de Leyleys Trendy Salad Bar, nouveau restaurant casher situé au Carré Décarie. Lea, 24 ans, est enseignante, et David, 32 ans, a une expérience dans la construction.

Avant la pandémie, Lea exploitait un petit restaurant au même endroit, au deuxième étage du square Décarie. Elle a rouvert en octobre 2002 avec David. Le restaurant est ouvert en semaine, de 9 h à 16 h 30.


Leyleys jouit déjà d’une clientèle stable, notamment à l’heure du dîner. Le menu comprend le petit-déjeuner servi jusqu’à 11 heures, avec des œufs, des crêpes, des bols de fruits et des toasts à l’avocat. Il y a également un choix de salades signature, de focaccia, de pâtes spéciales, de poke bowls, de sandwichs et de paninis, de tapas, de pâtisseries, de muffins et de cafés.

Info ici

King David Residence

We are also happy to recognize   the King David Residence. As the Spotlight on Local Merchants recipient for October 2022, Residence Le King David, located at the corner of Trent and Baily, has been providing excellent service and care to seniors for over 45 years through an all-inclusive assisted living program including 3 Kosher meals a day, housekeeping, laundry services and a walk-in infirmary.

Founded in 1975, the King David staff includes many members with 20-30 years experience working at the residence who have built strong roots. The King David offers different sizes and styles of apartments for singles or couples and in-house care packages as needed. They partner with the CLSC or private caregivers providing flexibility and choice if a resident needs extra services.

Councillor Erdelyi presents the certificate at King David.


Côte Saint-Luc District 4 Councillor Steven Erdelyi believes that Le King David is an excellent example for all merchants. “The team led by Executive Director Anna Mylonas and Operations Manager Rosemarie Williams become part of the extended family of those living at the residence,” he said. “Le King David offers an opportunity for its residents to live life to the fullest in a beautiful and friendly environment.”

“It is a pleasure to see and greet our residents each and every day. I am happy to see them get the support they need here to get better,” said Anna Mylonas, Executive Director of Le King David. “Our mission is to help our residents live a happy, vibrant and fulfilled lifestyle.”

You can read the full profile here.

Le Comité de commerce local de Côte Saint-Luc est heureux de reconnaître la Résidence Le King David.

En tant que récipiendaire du prix Marchand local pour le mois d’octobre 2022, la Résidence Le King David, située à l’angle des rues Trent et Baily, offre d’excellents services et soins aux aînés depuis plus de 45 ans grâce à un programme d’aide à la vie autonome, qui comprend trois repas casher par jour, l’entretien ménager, les services de buanderie et une infirmerie sans rendez-vous.

Le personnel de la résidence Le King David, fondée en 1975, comprend de nombreux membres ayant de 20 à 30 ans d’expérience à la résidence et ils y ont forgé de solides racines. Le King David offre des appartements de tailles et de styles différents pour les célibataires ou les couples et, au besoin, un forfait de soins maison. La résidence fonctionne en partenariat avec le CLSC ou avec des aides-soignants privés, ce qui lui permet d’offrir une certaine souplesse et diverses options si un résident a besoin de services supplémentaires.

Le conseiller du district 4 de Côte Saint-Luc, Steven Erdelyi, estime que Le King David est un excellent exemple pour tous les commerçants. « L’équipe dirigée par la directrice générale Anna Mylonas et la directrice des opérations Rosemarie Williams fait partie de la famille élargie des personnes qui vivent à la résidence, dit-il. Le King David offre à ses résidents la possibilité de vivre pleinement leur vie dans un bel environnement convivial. »

« Chaque jour, c’est un plaisir de voir et d’accueillir nos résidents. Je suis heureuse qu’ils obtiennent ici le soutien dont ils ont besoin ici pour aller mieux, a déclaré Anna Mylonas, directrice générale du King David. Notre mission est d’aider nos résidents à vivre une vie heureuse, dynamique et épanouie. »

« Nos résidents se sentent en sécurité ici, et avec un peu d’aide, ils vivent de manière indépendante et fonctionnent mieux que s’ils étaient seuls, a déclaré Rosemarie Williams, directrice des opérations. Nous aimons les voir sourire, cela nous donne un sentiment d’accomplissement et nous avons hâte de venir travailler chaque jour. »

Info: https://cotesaintluc.org/fr/services/entreprises/marchands-locaux-en-vedette/residence-le-king-david/


Be part of the discussion on Home-Based Businesses and Local Commerce

I wish to share with constituents a series of workshops related to our Master Plan and Zoning By-law Revision. It’s about an opportunity to dig deep into important urban planning issues and share your opinion. We’re organizing four workshops including the following one next week.


Workshop 1: Home-Based Businesses and Local Commerce

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 7pm to 9pm

Location: 5801 Cavendish, City Hall Council Chamber


This related to one of my portfolios on council. Commercial activity is a fundamental part of any thriving city. With the three large commercial centres undergoing major transformation over the next few years and changes in the world of retail, we need to consider what kinds of commercial activity are relevant, desirable, and accessible for our residents in commercial zones and in homes. On the latter point, especially since the pandemic, more people are working full-time at home. As for people who run complete business operations from their residence, this has always been somewhat of a gray zone. Going forward we will make the rules more clear.


To register, complete the webform at:



The form is in the Workshops tab. Hope to see you there!




* * *


Je t'écris pour t'inviter à une série d'ateliers liés à la révision de notre plan d'urbanisme et de notre règlement de zonage. C'est l'occasion de creuser des questions d'urbanisme importantes et de partager ton opinion. Nous organisons quatre ateliers, dont le suivant la semaine prochaine.


Atelier 1 : Entreprises à domicile et commerce local

Date : Mercredi 2 novembre, de 19 h à 21 h

Lieu : 5801 Cavendish, salle du conseil de l`Hôtel de ville


L’activité commerciale est un élément fondamental de toute ville prospère. Avec les trois grands centres commerciaux qui subiront une transformation majeure au cours des prochaines années et les changements dans le monde du commerce de détail, nous devons examiner quels types d’activité commerciale sont pertinents, souhaitables et accessibles pour nos résidents dans les zones commerciales et dans les résidences.


Pour t'inscrire, remplis le formulaire web à l'adresse suivante :



Le formulaire se trouve dans l'onglet Ateliers. J'espère que tu seras là !

Spotlight on Local Merchants for May: Dr Jordan Nemes and Nemes Ortho in District 2

Dr. Jordan Nemes, a board-certified orthodontist, and his team have opened a new state-of-the- art orthodontic clinic in the heart of Côte Saint Luc, right next to the Quartier Cavendish on the ground floor of the apartment building on The Avenue.

I was pleased to present Dr. Nemes with the Spotlight on Local Merchant honours for May when I visited his new locale.  On hand were his parents  Sid and Susie (of J&R Kosher Meats), building ownership representative Emile Badea and Samonda Johnpillai and Marc Talbot from project managers Derrig Talbot.

Please click here  on this link to see our feature, photos and video on the CSL Website

The expansive and bright ground floor unit  for Nemes Ortho also has its own 16 car parking lot to make your visit as convenient and comfortable as possible.

2022-05-17 - Nemes Ortho ribbon cutting and tour 01
Officiating at the ribbon cutting.


While Dr. Nemes completed the bulk of his graduate studies outside Quebec (Dentistry at NYU and his orthodontic residency at the University of Manitoba), he always knew he would open a clinic in Cote St. Luc one day, the city he grew up in and loved.

The result is a beautiful new destination for individuals of all ages who are looking to improve their smile aesthetics and functionality.

As Dr. Nemes explains, “We have patients ranging from 7 to 70 years old. It is recommended to see an orthodontist around the age of 7-8 to provide for timely detection of potential problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment. Early detection and treatment can prevent serious problems from happening later in life. As for my older patients, sometimes orthodontic treatment was desired, but life got in the way, and they are only now able to prioritize treatment for themselves.”

2022-05-17 Nemes Ortho ribbon cutting and tour 010
Dr. Nemes, myself and the team.


Dr. Nemes offers conventional metal and clear braces as well as the virtually invisible Invisalign aligners. As one of the top Invisalign providers according to Invisalign, Dr. Nemes can treat a variety of cases and complex treatments using that technology, including extraction, surgical and early preventative cases.

Also significant to Dr. Nemes was investing in the best air filtration equipment:

“The pandemic taught us the importance of top-notch hygiene standards. It was imperative to install the highest quality central air purification system to protect my patients. We even constructed each treatment room as a separate room to offer patients maximum privacy and protection.”

New patients are welcome, and no doctor referral is necessary. To book your consult with Dr. Nemes, you can call the clinic at 514.739.1280 or email at [email protected]

Dr. Nemes and the entire Nemes Ortho team look forward to creating healthy beautiful smiles in the community for years to come.

Spotlight on Côte Saint-Luc Merchants for March: Coop Sportive Santé gym/Marchands locaux en vedette pour le mois de mars : Coop Sportive Santé

The Côte Saint-Luc  Local Commerce Committee is pleased to recognize Coop Sportive Santé gym.

As the Spotlight on Local Merchants recipient for March 2022, Coop Sportive Santé gym, located at the corner of Côte Saint-Luc and Westminster Avenues, has been providing to hundreds of members, of all ages and fitness levels, a place to exercise, partake in various physical activities and feel part of the community.

From left to right: Nelson (boxing coach), Patrick Pierre, Ngala Tanyu Johnson, Haleh Hashemzadeh, Nandini Dendukuri, Steven Erdelyi.
De gauche à droite : Nelson (entraîneur de boxe), Patrick Pierre, Ngala Tanyu Johnson, Haleh Hashemzadeh, Nandini Dendukuri, Steven Erdelyi.

Originally started in 2016 as Power Gym, before switching to a Cooperative in 2018, the facility offers a wide selection of cardio machines, power lifting machines, punching bags and a matted area for martial arts training and group lessons in a clean open-concept space.

Côte Saint-Luc District 4 Councillor Steven Erdelyi believes that Coop Sportive Santé is an excellent example for all merchants. “The Board of the Coop headed by the President Nandini Dendukuri has been striving to create a space where residents can come to become physically and mentally fit and offer courses and programs to share with their fellow members,”  he said.

“The goal of the Coop Sportive Santé is to be a gym where the members share ownership and we can inculcate a sense of community,” said Ms. Dendukuri, on behalf of board members Ngala Tanyu Johnson, Haleh Hashemzadeh, Neil Bernstein and Patrick Pierre.  

There are a variety of group fitness activities going on at the Coop Sportive Santé including boxing, self-defense, Qigong and soccer. Space may be reserved for community events or fitness activities. Gym clients can access qualified personal trainers, physio and massage therapists or a nutritionist.

There are different membership options for those looking to join and a growing number of classes, including activities for seniors and women. Discounts are available for students, seniors, families and fitness professionals. As the pandemic slowly comes to an end, the Coop is happy to welcome returning and new members alike.

Info: https://cotesaintluc.org/services/businesses/spotlight-on-local-merchants.

Marchands locaux en vedette pour le mois de mars : Coop Sportive Santé

Le Comité de commerce local de Côte Saint-Luc est heureux de reconnaître le gymnase Coop Sportive Santé.
En tant que récipiendaire du prix Marchand local pour le mois de mars 2022, le gymnase Coop Sportive Santé, situé à l’angle des avenues Côte Saint-Luc et Westminster, offre à des centaines de membres, de tous âges et de tous niveaux de forme physique, un endroit pour faire de l’exercice, participer à diverses activités physiques, créant ainsi un sens d’appartenance à la communauté.
Initialement lancé en 2016 sous le nom de Power Gym, avant de passer à une coopérative en 2018, l’établissement offre une large sélection d’appareils cardio, d’appareils de musculation, de sacs de frappe et une zone matelassée pour les entraînements d’arts martiaux et les cours de groupe dans un espace ouvert et propre.
Le conseiller du district 4 de Côte Saint-Luc, Steven Erdelyi, estime que la Coop Sportive Santé est un excellent exemple pour tous les commerçants. “Le conseil d’administration de la Coop dirigé par la présidente Nandini Dendukuri s’est efforcé de créer un espace où les résidents peuvent venir pour se mettre en forme physiquement et mentalement et offre des cours et des programmes de groupe pour les membres”, a-t-il déclaré.
“L’objectif de la Coop Sportive Santé est d’être un gymnase où les membres sont tous propriétaires et où nous pouvons instaurer un sens de la communauté”, a déclaré Mme Dendukuri, au nom des membres du conseil d’administration Ngala Tanyu Johnson, Haleh Hashemzadeh, Neil Bernstein et Patrick Pierre.  
La Coop Sportive Santé propose une variété de cours en groupe de conditionnement physique, dont la boxe, la défense personnelle, le Qigong et le football. Des espaces peuvent être réservés pour des événements communautaires ou des activités de conditionnement physique. Les clients du gymnase peuvent avoir accès à des entraîneurs privés qualifiés, à des physiothérapeutes et des massothérapeutes et/ou à un.e nutritionniste.
Il existe différentes options d’adhésion pour ceux qui souhaitent s’inscrire et un nombre sans cesse croissant de cours, notamment des activités pour les aînés et les femmes. Des réductions sont proposées aux étudiants, aux aînés, aux familles et aux professionnels du sport. Alors que la pandémie touche lentement à sa fin, la Coop est heureuse d’accueillir les anciens et les nouveaux membres.

Info: https://cotesaintluc.org/fr/services/entreprises/marchands-locaux-en-vedette/




February Spotlight on Côte Saint-Luc Merchants: Kyong Ho Lee, Talon minute Côte Saint-Luc Shopping Centre

As the chair of the Côte Saint-Luc  Local Commerce Committee, I am pleased to announce the Spotlight on Local Merchants recipient, for February 2022. For 30 years Kyong Ho Lee from Talon Minute Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre has been providing clients with reliable shoe repairs, copies of keys as well as fixing zippers and handbags. He is retiring and now has a closing sale for the rest of the month of February. We thank him for his incredible service. Over the years he has  changed so many of my zippers, repaired shoes and handbags and all with a smile. His prices, by the way, were always quite low.

Côte Saint-Luc Deputy Mayor and District 3 Councillor Dida Berku believes that he serves as a wonderful example for all merchants. “Mr. Lee has provided an important service for three decades and has so many devoted clients,” she said. “In difficult times like these, it is important to recognize his contribution and to support small shops like his. We are lucky to still have him in our local shopping center. We only wish we could have other business owners equal his longevity.

In his native South Korea, Mr. Lee was a computer engineer and worked as logistics manager for companies like Samsung and HP. He came to Canada from Seoul South Korea with this wife and their then young daughter in 1991. Two years later he opened his business. He greeted customers with a smile and his prices were always beyond reasonable, not to mention his turnaround time.

Kyong Ho Lee in the presence of Deputy Mayor and District 3 Councillor Dida Berku.
Mr. Lee is the owner of Talon Minute located in the Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre for 30 years and a recipient of the Spotlight on Local Merchants program for the month of February 2022.

Please  go to our Local Merchants page

Marchands locaux en vedette : Kyong Ho Lee, Talon Minute, Centre commercial Côte Saint-Luc

Le Comité de commerce local de Côte Saint-Luc est fier d’annoncer récipiendaire du programme Marchands locaux en vedette, pour février 2022. Depuis 30 ans, Kyong Ho Lee de Talon Minute du Centre commercial de Côte Saint-Luc offre à ses clients des réparations de chaussures fiables, des copies de clés ainsi que la réparation de fermetures éclair et de sacs à main.

Dida Berku, mairesse adjointe et conseillère du district 3, estime M. Lee est un de merveilleux exemple pour tous les commerçants. « M. Lee fournit un service important depuis 30 ans et a tant de clients fidèles, a-t-elle déclaré. En période difficile comme celle-ci, il est important de reconnaître sa contribution et de soutenir les petits commerces comme le sien. Nous sommes chanceux qu’il soit situé dans notre centre commercial local. Nous souhaiterions seulement que d’autres propriétaires d’entreprise aient la même longévité que lui. »

Dans son pays natal, la Corée du Sud, M. Lee était ingénieur en informatique et a travaillé comme directeur de la logistique pour des entreprises comme Samsung et HP. Il a quitté Séoul, en Corée du Sud, pour s’installer au Canada avec sa femme et leur fille, alors en bas âge, en 1991. Deux ans plus tard, il ouvre son commerce ou il accueille ses clients avec le sourire, offre d’excellents prix et une rapidité de service imbattable.


Spotlight on  Côte Saint-Luc Merchants:  David Banon and Sarah Ettedgui from Pharmaprix Cavendish

The City of Côte Saint-Luc, via our newly established Local Commerce Committee, is pleased to announce the first Spotlight on Local Merchants selection,  Pharmacy D.Banon and S.R. Ettedgui affiliated with Pharmaprix, owned by pharmacists David Banon and Sarah Ettedgui. I am proud to gave been asked to chair this new initiative.

 From the time David and Sarah purchased the pharmacy at Cavendish in 2010, and at the time the one at the Caldwell Shopping Centre, they have been model owners and implicated in our community. They have stepped forward to sponsor many of our programs and always make themselves available to counsel clients when needed.

I was pleased to present Sarah and David with their certificate this week.


“David and Sarah are model business owners in our city and very worthy of this recognition” added Mayor Mitchell Brownstein.

David and Sarah are partners in life and business. They met at pharmacy school and have been married for 13 years. The couple have three young children.

 “Being implicated in the community has always been important for both of us, even before becoming pharmacists, be it at our synagogue or volunteering with various local organizations,” said David.  “Of course, becoming owners of such a community-based pharmacy has certainly allowed us to further help out and create bonds with other members in the community who run amazing initiatives.”

Sarah notes how proud they are to be part of  initiatives related to the likes of  the Nellie Philanthropy Foundation, the Mada Community Centre, Canada Day, the CSL Men's Club and the CSL Public Library, just to name a few. “Community for us also means that our clients know our names and feel comfortable reaching out with questions or concerns and vice versa that we really know them and their needs as well,” she said.

David and Sarah are particularly proud of the work their dedicated staff of 80 people do every day. notably throughout the pandemic.  “This has been challenging for I’d say every profession,” says David. “As pharmacists during the pandemic we became the ‘go to’ for a lot of people. We were given more responsibilities by our order in terms of extending prescriptions, prescribing in certain circumstances medications and modifying doses along with vaccinating for flu and eventually against COVID-19 - all of this on top of our regular day to day job of verifying regular prescriptions and answering patient questions. “

Sarah and David unmasked.

Added Sarah: “It is nice to have our capabilities as a health professional recognized. This came   at a very busy time trying to offer everything demanded of us while also having to, in the flip of a switch, learn and implement safety protocols at work, learn to work with masks and sometimes double masks, communicate through plexiglass and balance work home life. However, we did it and continue to do so daily thanks to an incredible pharmacy team and front store staff and I think any pharmacy owner can truly say that we are surviving this pandemic thanks to our teams that work tirelessly behind us.” 

 Sarah grew up in Côte-Saint-Luc and attended Hebrew Academy for elementary and high school. She went into health sciences at Dawson College, completed a Bachelor in Microbiology and Immunology from McGill University prior to entering Pharmacy School at Université de Montreal.  As a pharmacy student she worked at the Lackman and Masella pharmacy on Westminster Avenue. 

David   grew up  Saint-Laurent, went  to École Maimonide for elementary and high school.  He enrolled into Health Sciences at College Bois-de-Boulogne and also attended pharmacy school at Université de Montreal. At that time, he worked as a student at the Pharmaprix Cavendish, then owned by Valerie Rouimi.  He also completed a Masters in Hospital Pharmacy and worked for three years as a hospital pharmacist at the Jewish General Hospital from 2006 to 2009. 

How did David and Sarah decide to become pharmacists?

“A chemistry teacher in CEGEP approached me and suggested I should visit a pharmacy,” David recalls. “At that time, I had no clue what a pharmacist was really doing. After a short visit at a local pharmacy, I took the decision to apply into pharmacy school.”

Sarah started working at the pharmacy at Mount Sinai Hospital during her undergrad at McGill. “I learned a lot about the profession from the pharmacists, “she said. “It was working alongside   the stagiaire students I met who inspired me to pursue a career in pharmacy.”

About the Local Commerce Committee

The Local Commerce Committee will advise or make recommendations, where necessary, to the Council on all aspects related to Local Commerce and economic development, and will fulfill the following mandates:

  • Develop relationships with local merchants to understand their needs.
  • Create up-to-date database of local business operators, kept current by operating licenses.
  • Promote local merchants and local shopping activity.
  • Help connect local merchants to resources, funding, tools and training.
  • Create internal policies that encourage ordering from local businesses.
  • Plan for mixed use developments where people can live, work, and shop.
  • Zone strategically for certain uses.
  • Encourage businesses to set up shop on our territory.
  • Help create an environment where businesses can flourish.
  • Help establish a Merchants’ Association.
  • Provide incentives, breaks and/or grants

We will certainly be looking for public input on this committee. Our Associate City Manager Tanya Abramovitch, Treasurer Angelo Marino,  Deputy Mayor Dida Berku, General Counsel  and Director of Purchasing Andrea Charon, Director of Public Affairs and Communications Darryl Levine and  Executive Assistant to the Mayor and City Manager Tammy McEwen are on the committee.