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Let's Chat Facebook page transforms into West End Politics

Almost two years ago, before the 2017 Côte Saint-Luc municipal elections got into  full gear, a new Facebook page called Let’s Chat was created by local activist and businesswoman Marissa Sidel. It attracted a lot of attention, with residents airing their gripes and candidates chiming in. Some others  pages  like   Côte Saint-Luc Families and CSL Unsensored also materialized.

Marissa Sidel

Upon the election of the new council, Our Public Affairs and Communications Director Darryl Levine launched CSL Ideas. We already had a general city Facebook page with general updates and information.

After the election Let’s Chat  CSL expanded to become Let’s Chat CSL, Hampstead Montreal West 2.0. Then last week the page was taken down by Facebook. Initially Marissa tried  to revive it as Let’s Chat 3.0. It seems the  page got caught up in a spam folder algorithm and the name needed to be changed.

Marissa has now introduced West End Politics, aiming  for a broader audience and mandate. “This group is meant for discussion surrounding local issues in the West End,” she notes. “The West End constitutes CSL, NDG, Hampstead, Montreal West and TMR. All issues are welcome to be discussed. The purpose of this group is to be a citizen led conversation about anything that affects the West End. The group is for the people and by the people."

Working  alongside Marissa is her brother and business partner Noah, a former journalist, communications professional, political candidate and most recently an active voice for the Edinburgh Elementary School community in Montreal West. What’s refreshing about this page is the fact it will not just focus on municipal issues in CSL, Hampstead and Montreal West, but we will hear about the provincial and federal level and yes the school boards.

"There’s a lot we can do as a group of people. I’m a little tired of the  'we have no lights on Cavendish and Kildare' posts."

I have been active on Facebook for years, with personal and political pages. In addition, I am an administrator or moderator for the English Montreal School Board, the CSL Trap Neuter Return program, CSL Central Bark, Montreal Food Scene and Carré Union. 

Anthony Housefather

Besides  members of our city council, Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal Anthony Housefather and D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum are frequent posters to these local pages.

Housefather is thriving in his role as our representative in Ottawa and this week he posted a video of his impressive  back and forth with the Bloc , who have proposed a bill that would give English-speaking Quebecers in the federal civil service fewer rights to work in their language than any other civil servant in Canada. “In this video my vision of Canada comes out loudly and clearly in both official languages,” Anthony stated on his Facebook page. You can see it here is you have access to Facebook.

With a federal election set for October, West End politics will no doubt be occupied with that topic.




The ultimate federal MP Anthony Housefather remains close to his constituents

For the first 10 years of my city council career in Côte Saint-Luc, I worked under Anthony Housefather as mayor. He is an extraordinarily gifted man whose ultimate dream was always to become a Member of Parliament. In 2015 that became a reality when he won a hard fought election to represent the Mount Royal riding.

It is no exaggeration to say that Anthony has probably been the MP who has made the strongest effort to maintain close relations with his constituents. When he is not in Ottawa, he never misses a public event. He remains a proud resident of Côte Saint-Luc and luckily one of my constituents in District 2.

One of the many excellent initiatives Anthony introduced was something he calls Anthony’s Assembly. Throughout each year he rotates between  Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Town of Mount Royal and Côte des Neiges to hold Town Hall style meetings where constituents can be brought up to date on his activities. The most recent such gathering was on August 22 at CSL City Hall where a nice crowd gathered.

A fabulous public speaker, Anthony does so without notes.  At the Assembly he spoke and answered questions for nearly two hours. There was not one question he did not have a good response to, be it relations with the United States, the recent spat with Saudi Arabia and refugees and immigration.

Anthony was very proud to remind everyone  that the City of Côte Saint-Luc is a finalist in the Smart Cities Challenge. We have already been allocated $250,000 by the federal government to fine tune our project which makes sure seniors are well cared for. Two District 2 residents, Charles Guerin and Marc Chriqui, have been integrally involved. There are eight finalists and the winner takes home $10 million from the federal government so stay tuned.

Anthony Housefather delivers his remarks.

“One of my roles as an MP is to bring money into this  riding,” said Anthony, who has done exactly that in so many ways over the last three years.

On the battle with President Donald Trump over tariffs, Anthony said: “I think this will be withdrawn when NAFTA is signed, but you can never be sure.”

The Trudeau Liberals have taken some hits regarding its position on Israel,  but Anthony shared some significant data which shows that the his government does in fact have the best record at the United Nations in opposing anti-Israel resolutions: 87 percent compared to 61 percent for Stephen Harper’s Tories, 19 percent for the Paul Martin Liberals and 18 percent for Brian Mulroney’s Tories.

Anthony noted that 31 percent of the Mount Royal riding is Jewish and as a result he gets an overwhelmingly large number of emails related to Israel. As a result he and Toronto Jewish MP Michael Levitt work exceedingly hard on quarterbacking all of the important Jewish dossiers.

Bravo to Anthony for a job well done!

Summit of Elected Officials another great initiative by MP Housefather

When Anthony Housefather was elected as the Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal more than two years ago he promised to make regular communications with his constituents a priority. He has indeed made good on that, holding rotating public assemblies in Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Côte des Neiges and TMR. In addition, he has maintained a steady presence on social media, organized mailings to each home and secured a high profile in the media.

Anthony Housefather surrounded by his guests, including me at the top left.


One of Anthony’s new ideas was to hold regular Summits of Elected Officials. This round-table format brings together elected officials from the municipal and provincial levels, as well as school boards,  with Anthony as chair.

The most recent such gathering occurred last week at Côte Saint-Luc City Hall. I was joined by Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillors Dida Berku, Ruth Kovac, David Tordjman, Mitch Kujavsky.  Also in attendance were:TMR   Councillors Minh-Diem Le Thi and Jonathan Lang; Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg and Councillors Leon Elfassy and Jacky Edery; Côte des Neiges/NDG Borough Mayor  Sue Montgomery; D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum and staff members Elisabeth Prass and Chris Savard; Charlotte Thierry from the office of Mont Royal Liberal MNA and Quebec Government Treasury Board President Pierre Arcand; Commission Scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) Commissioner for Côte des Neiges Khokon Maniruzzaman; and Sonny Moroz, Chelsea Craig and Izabel Cujoz-Shulman from Anthony’s office.

It was a most interesting exchange and a great opportunity to dialogue on common issues such as the Cavendish extension.

Anthony began with a look  at federal matters of concern to us  followed by David Birnbaum who spoke about Quebec issues of concern and each Mayor spoke about issues of concern to their city. .Khokon Maniruzzaman and I provided school board updates. Naturally all the discussions were confidential but it allowed us to work together and plan together to resolve issues of common concern.  A highly useful exercise.

Traditional Canadian Citizenship ceremony held in CSL

The City of Côte Saint-Luc hosted its traditional Canada Day Citizenship Ceremony on July 1 at the Aquatic and Community Centre. With Judge Barbara Seal presiding, 39 candidates from 18 countries were sworn in. 

Dan Laxer and Dr. Laurie Betito from CJAD were the emcees. Kelly Guerrier and Constable David Pouliot from the RCMP joined Judge Seal as part of the Platform Party. Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, members of city council, Mount Royal Liberal Member of Parliament Anthony Housefather and D'Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum each spoke and helped handout the certificates. 

Birnbaum, Brownstein, Housefather, and Seal welcome a new citizen.

Mayor Brownstein, who initiated these ceremonies in the city and is an immigration lawyer by profession, said this process touches his heart. He spoke about his late grandfather who came to Canada on August 19, 1927 from Europe. "You," he said to the new citizens, "will always remember being sworn in on July 1, 2017 on Canada's 150th anniversary."

Housefather, our former mayor, said that we are the only city where an entire council comes out to welcome new citizens.

Birnbaum welcomed them to a very "distinct,"  province and promised that they would not feel any tension. He must be comforted by the PQ slipping in the polls.

I take my oath with the others.

As the new citizens rose to take their oath, so did all of us in the audience.

The ceremony concluded with the singing of our national anthem and a small reception,


Member of Parliament Anthony Housefather touches all of the bases at Town Hall meeting

In the 17 months since Anthony Housefather was elected as the Liberal Member of Parliament for the Mount Royal riding, I believe he has exceeded expectations in terms of his performance both within his constituency and in Ottawa.

As an MP he could not be closer to the people who elected him, always present at community events and going the extra mile by having Town Hall meetings throughout the year in different parts of his constituency. Such was the case on March 16 at the Irving Adessky Community Centre in Hampstead.

Anthony Housefather addresses his Town Hall meeting.

I served as a city councillor under Anthony for 10 years when he was mayor of Côte Saint-Luc before he moved on to federal politics. He is a born leader and a walking encyclopedia on nearly every dossier he must deal with. Speaking notes are never needed and when asked a question, he is able to respond accurately and immediately.

Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg introduced Anthony, noting that the two first met in 1994. “He came to my door and was campaigning to become the youngest councillor in the Town of Hampstead’s history,” he recalled. “He stayed for about a half hour; he was young, enthusiastic and energetic. He has not changed a bit.”

Steinberg went on to explain how their paths crossed again in 2000 when his wife Doris dragged him into politics to fight against the forced municipal mergers and how they worked together to both battle the forced mergers and then fight for demerger. In 2005 Steinberg was elected mayor of Hampstead and Anthony was elected as mayor of Côte Saint-Luc so they continued to work together. “Anthony is a valuable Member of Parliament because as a former councillor and mayor he stays close to his constituents,” he said.

Steinberg hailed Anthony not only for these Town Halls, but his summits with elected officials in the territories he serves (Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Snowdon, Côte des Neiges and Town of Mount Royal). “Sometimes I vote Liberal, sometimes Conservative,” volunteered Steinberg. “I do not vote NDP. One thing I give the Liberals credit for is that they allow free votes for their MPs. I give Anthony credit for he is not afraid to vote against his party.”

That provided the perfect opening for Anthony to explain his leading role in having a bill passed aimed at preventing genetic discrimination. He did so by working with Toronto MP Rob Oliphant to lobby enough members of his own governing party to ensure that more than 100 Liberal backbenchers joined Conservatives and New Democrats to give final approval to the bill, this despite warnings from Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that it is unconstitutional. Housefather noted that in his opinion the bill was constitutional and that the majority of experts who testified before Parliament agreed that it was indeed constitutional.

The bill is aimed at ensuring that Canadians can get genetic tests to help identify health risks and take preventive measures, without fear that they'll be penalized when it comes to getting a job or life and health insurance. It would make it illegal to require a person to undergo genetic testing, or disclose the results of previous tests, as a condition of signing or continuing an insurance policy or any other contract or agreement. In addition, it would also prohibit anyone from sharing genetic test results without written consent, although there are exceptions for physicians and researchers. This bill has enormous significance for the Jewish community which has a considerable number of genetic mutations such as the BRAC 1 and BRAC2 genes for breast cancer in much higher density than the general population. Having the law adopted was a big priority for Jewish community organizations.

Anthony went on to explain that he has no issues with the federal government referring the question of constitutionality to the Supreme Court.

"Either way, we already knew with statements having been made by the insurance industry that somebody was going to challenge the constitutionality of the law," said Anthony, the Liberal chair of the Justice and Human Rights Committee that refused to amend the bill to suit the government.

“Having the federal government refer the matter directly to the top court "means that we will have an answer from the Supreme Court far faster than if a challenge is started in a lower court by industry or by someone," he said.

Anthony credits his years in municipal politics for providing the experience necessary to work with colleagues to have obtained the necessary votes from his fellow Liberal backbenchers and members of the opposition. “It goes to show that even if you are not in cabinet, you can have power,” he remarked.

Anthony was also proud to talk about how his Justice Committee issued a report recommending the Liberal government revive and expand the Court Challenges Program. The Government recently announced it was doing so and accepted most recommendations of the report, expanding the program to allow funding based on challenges to the Official Languages Act as well as additional charter rights.. The new program to fund court challenges will include cases based on freedom of religion, freedom of democratic rights, and right to liberty and security as well as equality and language rights.
Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould said the renewed program will ensure that the government "promotes access to justice for Canadians who need it the most," adding that Canada's justice system will need to continue to evolve. The promise to restore the program, which was scrapped by the Stephen Harper Conservatives in 2006, was included in the 2015 Liberal campaign platform and the mandate letters for Heritage Minister Melanie Joly and Wilson-Raybould.

Anthony’s staff both in Montreal and Ottawa receive a lot of e-mail correspondence. He expressed fear about the rising escalation of bigotry. “I have never seen in my adult life more of a prevalence since the United States elections,” he said. “It has now become socially normal and tolerated.”

Anthony alluded to the Quebec mosque terrorist attack, Montreal and Toronto imams who preached anti-Semitic theories, the “Punch a Zionist” comment by a McGill student leader and the ongoing BDS movement on university campuses – the new form of anti-Semitism.

Anthony also discussed the US-Canada relationship, the Syrian refugee issue, Motion 103, the government’s plan to introduce legislation to legalize cannabis this spring and Trudeau in general. “I think he is doing a very good job,” he said. “A lot of people have the wrong perception of him. He is actually one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

Besides Mayor Steinberg, Hampstead Councillors Michael Goldwax, Warren Budning and Leon Elfassy were on hand. I was joined by fellow Côte Saint-Luc Councillor Allan J. Levine.

To reach Anthony`s office call 514-283-0171 or e-mail anthony.housefather@parl.gc.ca. His constituency office is located at 4770 Kent, Suite 316.


National story on former Mayor Anthony Housefather

Anthony Housefather filling big shoes as assisted suicide bill looms

Now a Liberal MP, the former Côte-St-Luc mayor is chair of the House of Commons justice committee

The Canadian Press Posted: Apr 17, 2016 6:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 17, 2016 6:00 AM ET

Anthony Housefather won the Mount Royal riding for the Liberals in the last federal election.

Anthony Housefather won the Mount Royal riding for the Liberals in the last federal election. (Salimah Shivji/CBC)

    Anthony Housefather was already under pressure when he was elected as the Liberal member of Parliament for the Quebec riding of Mount Royal.

    His predecessor? Irwin Cotler, a parliamentarian widely respected for his advocacy on justice and human rights who held the riding for 16 years.

    Housefather knew he had big shoes to fill, even though, as he jokes, Cotler only wears a size eight.

    But the task ahead is also pressure-packed — Housefather, the former mayor of Côte-saint-Luc, is chair of the House of Commons justice committee, soon to start studying the Liberal government's polarizing assisted suicide bill.

    Making sure everyone feels their voice has been heard in the ensuing debate will be a challenge, he said.

    "There are a number of values that are involved and some of them may be conflicting," he said.

    "It's our job as parliamentarians to make sure we work them out, and in respect of the court decision and the charter — and my goal is that our committee will come out with everybody feeling that that's what we did."

    Housefather has yet to hang a single picture in his ground floor office on Parliament Hill and it's unlikely he'll have much time to decorate now. It's expected to be May before the committee receives the bill and they are facing a tight deadline — the new law must be in place by June 6 to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling striking down the existing ban on medically assisted death as unconstitutional.

    Late nights, early mornings, meetings five times a day — all are on the table, Housefather said, in an effort to make that deadline.

    The search for consensus

    Another goal is keeping the study as free from partisanship as possible. One way is to have a witness list created collaboratively, not by each party submitting their own slate, he said.

    "My hope is we can all come together, understanding what everybody thinks and if you don't achieve a consensus at least you've tried and you understand why you haven't and you respect each other's point of view," he said.

    Housefather, 44, has a wide smile and bouncing energy.

    He tries to work out 90 minutes a day and is an avid swimmer, having competed in his youth and more recently in a Jewish multi-sport event held every four years in Israel known as the Maccabiah Games.

    But his cheerful tone drops an octave when asked about his personal belief on whether a person should have a legal right to get help ending their life.

    "I do believe in the autonomy of individuals and I do believe in a general sense, individuals should have a right to control their lives and in certain, specific, limited cases, their death," he said.

    "But I think the goal for me is that very few people will ever want to make this right available to themselves because we've created a system of medicine and palliative care that ensure there are people that are not living in constant pain as they live out their natural life."

    Anthony Housefather makes impressive speech in the House of Commons

    Former Côte Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather is already enjoying his new job as Liberal Member of Parliament for the Mount Royal Riding. He is a fabulous public speaker and he demonstrates this once again in this Reply to The Speech of The Throne in the House of Commons.  He speaks about many things, including the extension of Cavendish Boulevard.

    You can see it here and below.






    Cavendish extension gets some attention at Housefather consultation

    There is no question about it. Mount Royal Liberal Member of Parliament Anthony Housefather has begun his first term in office no differently than his previous two decades in public office – as a man of the people.

    On January 7 I attended a consultation meeting hosted by Anthony at the Irving L. Adessky Community Centre in Hampstead ahead of the Liberal government’s inaugural budget.

    Anthony Housefather gets budget feedback.

    “As promised during the election campaign, I want to hold regular public meetings throughout the Mount Royal riding,” Anthony stated. “I am pleased that, as part of the new Liberal government’s commitment to openness and transparency, our Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, has shown a strong interest in receiving feedback from all Canadians.”

    Anthony said that consultation meetings like this will allow him to solicit constituents’ opinions and relay the priorities for our riding.

    Anthony plans to have quarterly Town Hall meetings. The next one will be on March 30 in Town of Mount Royal, followed by one in the summer in Côte des Neiges, a fall session in Côte Saint-Luc and back to Hampstead in the winter of 2017.

    One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau`s election pledges was to pour money into infrastructure programs across the country. Anthony wanted to hear from audience members as to what they thought some of the riding priorities might be such as roads, water rehabilitation, sewers and aqueducts or the extension of Cavendish Boulevard. Unquestionably the latter solicited the most interest. Côte Saint-Luc City Council is solidly behind such a project, which would be an indirect link from Cavendish via Royalmount in TMR and then reconnecting with Cavendish on the St. Laurent side. Anthony gave some history behind this issue, noting that former mayor Gerald Tremblay appeared to be backing the extension during the merger days. He backed off when the suburbs demerged, but it appears as if present-day Mayor Denis Coderre wants it to happen.

    Anthony believes it will take about $44 million each from the federal, provincial and municipal governments to make this happen. He intends to advocate immediately for the federal government to commit for the project. Christopher Savard from D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum’s office was in attendance and listening attentively. And as Anthony reasoned, residents of the Côte des Neiges – NDG borough want this to happen before major development occurs on the former Blue Bonnets land.

    I am more optimistic than ever that I will live to see the Cavendish extension become a reality. At the age of 53, I sure hope so.

    Anthony`s team is now settled into its office in Montreal where Irwin Cotler and before him Sheila Finestone were based, at the corner of Kent and Victoria. His local staff consists of Bonnie Feigenbaum, Izabel Cujoz-Shulman and Sonny Moroz while Alex Gray and Ariel Shapiro oversee the Ottawa office. All of them except Gray were at the January 7 meeting.

    “With respect to actions we have started to respond to immigration and other federal files in the constituency and very much appreciate the support of the provincial members offices who have given us good information and support,” said Anthony.

    On the national side Anthony wants to advise constituents about the Canada Summer Job Program where applications are now being accepted until February 26. This is a program under which full time students between 15 and 30 can be hired by non-profits, governments such as municipalities and enterprises with 50 employees or less. For non-profits the federal government pays the full cost of minimum wage for the employee and for municipalities and small businesses they cover 50 percent. “We have doubled the program this year so should be able to hire twice as many students as last year and we have a right to establish local objectives to go along with national ones,” he said.

    We are lucky to have a man like Anthony representing us in Ottawa.

    Anthony Housefather officially sworn in as Member of Parliament

    Former Côte Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather (that still sounds funny) is now officially the Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal. He was sworn into office in the House of Commons on November 13.  I had intended on making the trip, but work commitments from my day job required that I stay in the city

    Sworn in
    Anthony is officially sworn in.

    My council colleague and long-time close friend Glenn J. Nashen, presently our acting mayor, did go to Ottawa with his family and filed this comprehensive summary of the day.

    At the movie theatre, Anthony, Marvin and Mitchell.

    On Thursday night I was at the Cinéstars at Plaza Côte des Neiges for an event where Anthony thanked his volunteers. Guests were invited to see the new James Bond movie Spectre. Upon arriving they each received a coupon for a complimentary drink and popcorn. Before the showing, Anthony was busy shaking hands and posing for photos. The ultimate campaigner, he is indeed keeping his team in place for the next vote four years from now.

    Just before the curtains parted for Agent 007, Montreal City Councillor Marvin Rotrand welcomed everyone. Marvin has represented the Snowdon District for 33 years and played an enormous role in this campaign. While the voting was tight between the Liberals and Conservatives in Côte Saint-Luc and Hampstead, this election was going to won based on the turnout in Côte des Neiges, Snowdon and Town of Mount Royal. Those areas went overwhelmingly Liberal. TMR Mayor Philippe Roy backed Anthony publicly and Tory candidate Robert Libman`s decision not to attend a debate in the Town had a very negative impact on voters there who were still on the bubble. Rotrand took care of the area he has mastered  for more than three decades.

    Côte Saint-Luc Councillor Mitchell Brownstein, who also serves as the president of the Mount Royal Liberal Association, praised the volunteers for playing such a crucial role in the campaign.

    Bonnie Feigenbaum

    Anthony made his first official hire public. Former Hampstead Councillor Bonnie Feigenbaum, a true dynamo, will serve as his constituency manager and oversee the local riding office. She will do an excellent job in this role. Anthony thanked everyone in the room, noting he had a team of more than 400 volunteers. Special mention was made of Sidney Margles, his campaign manager. There are others who could be singled out, perhaps too many to mention but I will  identify the likes of Dan Pfeffer, Sonny Moroz, Mitchell Kujavksy, Toby Shulman, Mark Merson, Elaine “The Good Wife” Yagod Brownstein and Merle Margles. There is also a long list of cultural community leaders.

    Bravo Anthony! Your dream has come true. Soon we will turn our attention to our choice for a new mayor in Côte Saint-Luc. Please stay tuned.

    Côte Saint-Luc loses a great mayor; gains an amazing MP

    The longest federal election in Canadian history is over. Now residents of  the City of Côte Saint-Luc can look forward to a by-election for Mayor. Anthony Housefather will chair his final council meeting Wednesday evening, October 21 at City Hall before being sworn in as the next Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal.

    I have been privileged to serve on Anthony`s council for the past 10 years.   His departure is a heavy loss for us. But one of his many strengths  has been an ability to empower members of council. From the get-go he established a set of de facto cabinet ministers, placing us in charge of specific portfolios and allowing us to lead. He operated by consensus and I know that in my case I learned a lot from him. So whomever fills his shoes – I expect someone from our present council – they will be well prepared to govern. In the interim, Councillor Glenn J. Nashen will serve as acting mayor. Who will run? I  can only confirm that it won’t be me. I am quite content as the councillor for District 2, overseeing the Library, Sponsorship and Animal Protection portfolios.

    Cotler speaks
    Outgoing Liberal MP for Mount Royal Irwin Cotler congratulates his successor Anthony Housefather.

    It is regrettable that the Mount Royal election became so divisive. I do hope we can all move on together as a community. Because of my loyalty and respect for  Anthony, I became actively involved in a federal campaign for the first time in my life. Our entire council stepped forward in this regard. It resulted in the loss of a close friendship I had for many years with a die hard Tory. I also had some neighbours, people I consider good friends, become very mean spirited towards me without any provocation.

    I believe now former Prime Minister Stephen Harper did the Canadian public a disservice by calling a 78 day election campaign. Not only did it probably double the cost of a normal election, but he dug his own political grave by giving Trudeau a chance to grow.

    Anthony Housefather worked tirelessly for this job. He took nothing for granted. Both his camp and Robert Libman’s of the Tories  had some of the most devoted volunteers I have ever seen. In the case of Anthony, I must single out a few people: Sidney Margles, Dan Pfeffer, Sonny Moroz, Bonnie Feigenbaum,  Marvin Rotrand, Mitchell, Andrew and Elaine Brownstein, Mark Merson, Toby Shulman, Mena Morganti, Brian Wolofsky, Martin Bogante and an endless  array of cultural community leaders.  A lot was made of the “Jewish vote” and Harper’s support for Israel. Nobody can discount the tremendous friend Harper has been to Israel. But by making this the overwhelming issue in the campaign, it was simply not enough to win the riding.

    Congratulations to all!

    See Councillor  (Acting Mayor) Glenn J. Nashen's blog.