YidLife Crisis to present "A Closer Luc" Wednesday night at library and online

Proud Bialik High School graduates Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion of YidLife Crisis are indeed coming home on Wednesday, August 17 (7pm) when they present a live variety show featuring comedy, video, music and thought-provoking shtick inspired by the history and roots of Côte Saint-Luc. Seats for the live show, cleverly entitled A Closer Luc, are sold out, but it will be broadcast live on our You Tube channel.

Here is the link.

In June 2021, our library presented a collaborative project with the Conseil des arts de Montreal which would award a $25,000 prize to a selected local artist group or collective who would then produce an artistic project that would be showcased in Côte Saint-Luc. In the fall, the call went out for submissions and three artist groups applied. YidLife Crisis was selected.

Eli and Jamie on the scene.


If you have not seen Jamie and Eli in action, YidLife Crisis started off as a web series and has virtually turned into an empire. The boys have travelled across the globe, with their alter egos speaking Yiddish with English sub-titles. Go to www.yidlifecrisis.com to see for yourself.

The purpose of this project was for YidLife Crisis to research, write, produce, and present a
special 60-minute multi-media presentation by and for our community.

Using a similar lens to their award-winning documentary "CHEWDAISM: A Taste of Jewish Montreal" (CBC, PBS), where food and culture are used to explore the history of YidLife Crisis’ home town, this presentation will hone in on Côte Saint-Luc to explore the origins of how this unique enclave on the island of Montreal came to be, how its unique character as a specific kind of Canadian and Québecois experience shaped the world lens of the creators themselves, and demonstrate how it has evolved to take on its unique character in the modern day, putting current community cultural contributors in the spotlight. The project will meld the multidisciplinary creative powers of YidLife Crisis as award-winning filmmakers and global touring performers by combining elements such as short film, visuals (e.g. slides and archival footage), musical creation and classical theatrical

I was honoured to be interviewed for this project and I can’t wait to see how they integrate my video footage into the final product.

You can also see this story from the Canadian Jewish News.

Local resident pitches mobile parades for this summer

CSL resident Ariel Cozo and his colleague James Karls  want to bring entertainment back to the city during these COVID--19 days.  For starters, how about a mobile  Canada Day celebration?

This is the most effective way of bringing the party to the people while respecting all COVID-19 considerations, they maintain. People need entertainment joy now post-confinement "and  we have all the talent and equipment to provide it," the duo maintain.

Ariel Cozo


Here is  their game  plan

THE PROJECT: Parade-style entertainment in the streets. They  want to create mobile musical trucks/floats/flatbeds filled equipped with sound/AV, DJ, Animator, Musician(s) & specialty acts - all in accordance with health measures. Each truck will follow an electronic billboard vehicle filled with ads from one or multiple corporate sponsors.

WHERE: One truck per sector on a pre-set route, throughout the streets of Montreal in different municipalities. They will  discuss and select the best streets for the highest visual and feeling impact to uplift residents.

BACKGROUND: We've been entertaining our city & worldwide destinations for over 25 years. We host/MC/DJ/Entertainint in multiple languages & cater musically to most nationalities. And we supply all forms of entertainment options to enhance the overall interaction, sound & light production. Their  outdoor experience includes float performances and/or productions at the Saint-Patrick's Day Parade, Caribana Festival, Israel Independence Day Rallies, Community Street Events and much more from 1,000 to 100, 000 participants.

WHAT THEY NEED:  Funding to support costs related to renting parade vehicles, renting digital banner vehicles, find corporate sponsors to appear on printed traditional vinyl banners and selling ad space on the electronic billboard vehicles.  Municipal and related police authorization/support in order  to ensure all runs smoothly.

For more information go to www.soundchoicedj.ca


Shakespeare in the Park coming to District 2 and Rembrandt Park

This summer, for the first time in Repercussion Theatre’s 28-year history, it is presenting William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, directed by Amanda Kellock, (Artistic Director), for its annual Shakespeare-in-the-Park (SITP) tour. From July 7 to August 3, Montreal and surrounding area residents can venture out to local parks with blankets, picnic baskets and kids to watch the centuries’ old tale presented with the unique spin of an all-female cast.


It all gets underway at Rembrandt Park in Côte Saint-Luc`s District 2 with a preview on Wednesday, July 6 (7 p.m.). It returns to the same place on Wednesday, July 27 (7 pm). Our largest park, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is closed for renovations which explains the venue switch. For the complete schedule click here.

(Seated, foreground) T. Brown (Seated, mid-ground, left to right) G. Jain; M. Cummings; L. Parker; D. Kilkenny-Mondoux; W. Setshwaelo; D. MacKay; D. Jafarzadeh (Standing, background, left to right) C. Varvaro; S. Megarry; D. Aziz; H. Gauthier-Frankel ©Studio Baron Photo, photos by Valerie Baron

Why this play and why all women? The excellent press release sent to me by Repercussion gives us all of the details as Kellock explains, “Our mandate is to produce Shakespeare, so we are bound to the material; I think it’s our job to engage with Shakespeare, to discover fresh, engaging approaches to these well-known texts. In Montreal we have so many diverse and incredibly talented female stage actors who are woefully underused so here’s a perfect vehicle to try something different and showcase these versatile artists.”

Parents with young children may think Julius Caesar too dense for family entertainment but Kellock wholeheartedly disagrees. “Whenever you ask children about a favourite story, they inevitably describe big adventures and monumental battles to defend someone or something of worth; that is the essence of Julius Caesar. Both sides of the battle believe in the Republic, its goodness and value to all of Rome’s citizens. Caesar has been an asset to Rome to this point in the story but now, the possibility of his becoming supreme ruler creates dissent among his followers. One side doubts that he can be king and remain true to the Republic; the other side is faithfully loyal to him, believing he is capable of putting Rome’s interests ahead of his own.”

Amanda Kellock

The endurance of Shakespeare’s plays allows contemporary theatre practitioners to continually explore today’s social, political and personal issues through so-called ‘old’ words. Casting all the roles with women added another layer to the play’s themes of manhood and honour when seen through a female lens. “I like theatre as a tool to ask questions rather than provide answers. With this play, I was fascinated by the political themes but less impressed with how the genderpolitics were represented. I’m excited for our audiences to discover new significance and depth in these words when women speak them,” said Kellock.

This summer will be the testing ground for an exciting new pilot project. This year, all Montrealers will be able to enjoy every nuance of the Bard’s English thanks to a brilliant innovation through a collaboration with Plank Design. For the first time ever, Francophone citizens will be able to follow the text by reading French sub-titles on their own smart phones … pocket Shakespeare! Repercussion Theatre was chosen from a group of non-profits who answered Plank Design’s appeal to local organizations for challenging, hi-tech problems for Plank to solve, and solve it they did with a veritable game changer for SITP audience attendance.

A scene from a 2015 production.

Twelve of Montreal’s finest actors fill the iconic Roman roles yet for several it is their first SITP tour. Leni Parker, as Caesar, and Danette MacKay, as the devious Cassius, make inaugural appearances. Tamara Brown, Holly Gauthier-Frankel and Warona Setshwaelo also make their debuts in multiple roles on the travelling stage. Catherine Varvaro, equally new to the SITP experience, not only plays the Soothsayer but is the composer and will be performing live percussion throughout. SITP alumnae include Deena Aziz, Olivia in the 1994 production of Twelfth Night, plays the misled Brutus. Gitanjali Jain (Mark Antony) and Darragh Kilkenny Mondoux, are also back for a second consecutive year, having performed in last year’s Twelfth Night. Samantha Megarry, last seen in the 2011 production of Macbeth, and Miriam Cummings, from 2012’s The Taming of the Shrew, also return. Donnub Jafarzadeh, a Concordia grad relatively new on the local scene, rounds out the illustrious cast.

RAIN CANCELLATIONS: Call 514-931-2644, visit the web site at www.repercussiontheatre.com, or follow Repercussion Theatre on Twitter (@RepercussionMtl) or Facebook for rain updates. If some shows are cancelled due to inclement weather, there will be a make-up performance on August 4 at a location to be announced.

The mission of Repercussion Theatre is to deliver professional, classically based, visually dynamic theatre that is accessible to all, regardless of income, culture, language, age or education. Repercussion brings the performing arts to people in their communities, reaching new audiences and instilling in them, a lifelong love of theatre. For more information, visit the


Jonathan's Mysteries of the Mind jump starts Brain Awareness Week

On March 3,  as a prelude to Brain Awareness Week, Jonathan's Mysteries of the Mind Show was recently brought in to entertain the residents of Saint Patrick Square (SPSquare). Located at 6767 Côte St. Luc Road, SPSquare is designed for  autonomous individuals, ages 55 plus.

Jonathan and an enthusiastic resident. (Photos by Jeffrey May)

During his 60 minute show, Jonathan Levey demonstrated the power of the mind, reading the thoughts and images “locked” in the minds of his audience, determining with high accuracy if people were telling a lie or a truth, perceiving personal objects held between his hands while his eyes were shut tight by bandages and a steel blindfold. Volunteers also had opportunities to test their own sensitivity on stage during several “experiments.” 


Wearing a stainless steel blindfold, Jonathan demonstrates his mind-boggling abilities.  With the help of an enthused volunteer, he determines the type of objects  being held out… in this case, a wooden cane

This was Jonathan’s second visit to this wonderful residence and he was delighted to find these residents just as warm and responsive as the first time. 

If you know of a private, business or non-profit organization that might benefit from Jonathan's Mysteries of the Mind Show, you can reach Jonathan directly at:  514-944-5525  and you can view additional photos and videos on his website at: www.mindreadershow.com  and  on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/mindreadershow.

See this slideshow.

 Jonathan was recently on CJAD's The Exchange with Dave Kaufman. Fast forward to the 1:30 mark and listen.






A bold decision turns successful for CSL Canada Day 2015

For more than a week the forecast for July 1 in Montreal was for steady rain. As the co-chair along with Councillor Glenn J. Nashen this year for Côte Saint-Luc Canada Day Celebrations, I was particularly concerned. We begin meeting in early winter, envisioning a warm summer day with thousands of people at our marquee Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park. Well our Parks and Recreation Department Director David Taveroff cautioned us not to worry. "The Taveroff forecast," he said, "says we will okay and there will be no rain by mid-evening."

Councillor Nashen, myself and Judge Seal.

At  8 a.m. July 1 Councillor Nashen and I designated Councillor Steven Erdelyi to confer with Taveroff and key staff persons Cornelia Ziga, Laura Trihas and Communications, Public Affairs and IT Director Darryl Levine. It was raining outside and we knew it was going to get worse before better. Steven made the bold call not to cancel activities like some other municipalities did. A few programs had to be set aside, but we made appropriate adjustments.


"Elvis" has left the building. Thanks Johnny Champagne!

By mid-evening the Taveroff forecast was right on the money. The rain stopped and thousands of people poured into the park where The Incredible Boris the hypnotist and the amazing Beatles band Replay were performing. We had the crowd that Professor Irwin Cotler deserved as we inducted the retiring Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal into our Human Rights Walkway. Mayor Anthony Housefather, whom we hope to see succeed Irwin in that position in Ottawa come October 19, made an inspiring speech. Alexandra Cohen sang O Canada and then came a spectacular fireworks display.

With Jessica Laventure and Camille Ross from Global.

The team from Global TV - Jessica Laventure, Camille Ross, Elysia Bryan-Baynes and Travis Todd- stepped in and handled hosting duties. We  had our usual uplifting start to Canada Day with a Canadian Citizenship ceremony, presided over by Judge Barbara Seal. This was moved to the friendly confines of our Aquatic and Community Centre. Thirty-eight new citizens from nine countries (Ivory Coast, Egypt, Morocco, Venezuela, France, Ukraine, Moldova, Israel and Columbia) were sworn in.

With Replay.

Back at the park it was raining on and off. But our covered Confederation Annex was humming with activity. Montreal Police Station 9 Commander Marc Cournoyer had his team out in force. There was even an electronic police car for the little kids to try. When our cupcakes from Scotiabank came out, there was long and healthy lineup. Replay started its first of four outstanding sets.

We paid tribute to a great man known to many as "Elvis." Public Security Officer Johnny Champagne is retiring from the job on July 21. He is adored by all of us and a bit of a legend for his Elvis sideburns. Director of Public Safety Jordy Reichson and Mayor Housefather paid tribute to Johnny, who we all miss on the beat.

The Incredible Boris dazzled us all with his hypnotism, bringing on the stage a slew of people and gradually weeding out those who were not reacting to his magic. Among those who survived the process was our very own Councillor Dida Berku, whom Boris had sweating it up on the beach, freezing in Alaska and prancing around like a sexy model. Hats off to my co-chair Glenn for adding this completely new aspect to Canada Day.

Cotler accepts his honour.

Darryl Levine put together a very nice video of the career of Irwin Cotler. Mayor Housefather then announced that the city will introduce an annual Irwin Cotler Award, open to students in local schools. Details on how to apply will be forthcoming. D'Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum was also on hand to extend his congratulations to Cotler.

I must raise my hands and applaud  Replay The Beatles. I have been communicating with group leader John Oriettas for a few years now via my various newspaper columns and promoting his gigs. For one reason or another,  I never got out to see them perform. We were excited about booking them and what a show they put on. Young and old alike were rocking and rolling to their favorite Beatles tunes. They were outfitted in different Beatles attire and brought the house down!

Canada Day is a true team effort on the behalf of our staff. It involves virtually all departments, from Parks and Recreation and Communications to Public Works, Public Safety and volunteers. Next year's event will not take place at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park due to major renovations being planned so an alternate venue will be chosen. Stay tuned!




Cupcakes were a big draw.
Our laser and fireworks display.





See Councillor Nashen's Blog.

CSL Dramatic Society set to present a comedy

The Mayor of Côte Saint Luc and three city councillors will perform on stage in the dark comedy Office Hours by Canadian playwright Norm Foster later this month at the Harold Greenspon Auditorium, 5801 Cavendish Blvd. 


Mayor Anthony Housefather, Côte Saint-Luc city councillors Mitchell Brownstein and Sam Goldbloom, and Dollard des Ormeaux city councillor Herbert Brownstein will star with other members of the Côte Saint-Luc Dramatic Society

Poster promo shot 3

Showtimes are at 8 pm on Thursday, May 24, Friday, May 25, and Saturday, May 26, with two 2 pm matinee performances on Friday and Saturday.

Spectacular dance show graces the floor of Côte Saint-Luc Gymnasium

An extraordinary event occurred at the Côte Saint-Luc Gymnasium on Saturday, September 24. The sixth annual La Relance ballroom dancing competition, presented by DanseSport Québec, was one professionally run operation.
The competition included several dancing styles, including Latin (cha cha, samba, rumba, paso doble and jive) and standard (waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz and the quick step) ballroom dance routines. The competitors were from Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and even Vermont, with championship rounds in the youth, adult and senior categories. Competitors ranged in  age  from 11 to 60 and older.

Jean-Francois Rousseau, the president of Danse Sport Québec, was on the dance floor as well with his wife and dance partner Nathalie Ladouceur. They are the Ten-Dance Quebec Senior 1 champions.

When I walked into our gym, I barely recognized it.  The folks from Danse Sport had totally remodeled the interior with spectacular lighting, a state-of-the-art sound system and a dance floor surrounded by tables for seating – each outfitted with golden tablecloth curtains. Councillors Dida Berku and Allan J.  Levine joined my family with their spouses. Hats off to Alvin Fishman of our Parks and Recreation Department for being the liaison with this group for the past few months and working a 16 hour shift.

We did get the word out to local residents to attend, but I am afraid too late.  They do not know what they missed. The dance moves were mesmerizing and I caught a few of them for you on video.




I also spoke to dance icon Jean-Marc Généreux, best known  perhaps as the charismatic judge  on the just cancelled CTV show So You Think You Can Dance Canada. He was in the house because his 15 year old son Jean-Francis performed earlier in the day.



Major dance competition coming to CSL Saturday, September 24

Excitement is building in the City of Côte Saint-Luc for the prestigious sixth annual La Relance 2011 competition on Saturday, September 24 (1 p.m. to 11 p.m).  Mayor Anthony Housefather and members of city council are thrilled that Danse Sport Québec chose the Côte Saint-Luc Gymnasium to hold  this large scale event. 

Here is an example of the kind of excitement you can expect:


More than 500 people are expected to be in attendance to watch  latin (cha cha, samba, rumba, paso doble and jive)  and standard  (waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese  waltz and the  quick step) ballroom dance routines, featuring competitors from Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and even Vermont. There will also be championship rounds in the youth, adult and senior categories, with competitors ranging from the age of 11 to 60 plus.  Jean-Francois Rousseau, the president of Danse Sport Québec, will be on the dance floor as well with his wife and dance partner Nathalie Ladouceur (pictured below).  The couple practice and train with many of the stars who have performed on the recent edition of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.  They are the 10 Dances  Quebec Senior 1 champions.

Danny Arbour (pictured at the bottom), who was a top 10 finalist in the first season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada and season two top two finalist Vincent Desjardins,  will be in attendance as will  other past competitors from the hit CTV show and perhaps even some surprise guests.

 “The Quebec Danse Sport Federation is an organization which brings together amateur dancers in this province,” Rousseau explains. “Our goal is to promote dance. All of the people who work with us do so on a volunteer basis.


François Pruneau et Amélie Nadeau “Our competitions,” he continued, “can be compared to figure skating as all of the couples  in each category perform together at the same time on the dance floor. Judges must deliberate at the same time. Our music is not decided in advance. We only know the type of dance that will be required. We are very excited to be be holding this competition in Côte St-Luc puisque as the people there have been very nice and accomodating and  the facility is nice."

Francois Pruneau (right), who made this season's SYTYCDC Top 10, has been part of this competition tin the past.

Tickets cost $35 for adults and $15 for children.  Côte St-Luc residents who show their Fun Cards will benefit from a reduced rate of  $15  for adults and $5 for teenagers and children 16 years and younger . For more information go to www.dansesportquebec.com  or call 514-418-TANGo (8264).



U2 loud and clear in Côte Saint-Luc

An extraordinary thing has occurred in Côte Saint-Luc. With the former Blue Bonnets Raceway located just across the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks andjust steps away from the Decarie Square section of our city, residents and visitors have been enjoying great  audio from the world's top rock band.

Many people are congregating near Decarie Square, where you can even see the stage.  In District 2 of the city, Marc Chagall Avenue has been the place to be. Check this amazing photo taken by  aircam.ca. A gentleman pulled his car up near the snow dump on Marc Chagall and took out a giant blimp-like stricture from his trailer.  Lifting it up 500 feet in the air like a kite, he snapped pictures through a video screen  which many people gathered around to view.

If you need to hire someone for aerial shots,  call Patrick Fernandez at 514-247-2266 or email [email protected].


CSL Players enjoy successful first event

The newly formed Côte Saint-Luc Dramatic Society   presented  its first show last Sunday  at the City Hall Auditorium before a capacity crowd of more than 200 people. Dining Out included an evening of scenes, sketches and songs and a cast of more than 30 people, including Mayor Anthony Housefather and Councillor Mitchell Brownstein.


“We got together a group of youth, seniors, residents, city staff and even elected officials to all participate as one family in a truly enjoyable experience,” commented Brownstein.  “One of the ladies in our cast told me this was the best activity she has participated in, for as long as she can remember.”

Brownstein credited director Anisa Cameron for allowing people to express their creative talents, “but teach each one of us how to work together as one family. The values you teach our youth in the many productions you have directed helps them become good human beings.”
Noted West End physician Jerold  Rappaport performed and acted as an assistant to Cameron. 

Here is a scene involving Brownstein from  the Little Shop of Horrors "Be a Dentist."