District 2 resident Chriqui playing lead role on Smart Cities Challenge

District 2 resident Marc Chriqui is playing a key role in the development of our city's plan to win the Smart Cities Challenge.
The City of Côte Saint-Luc spoke at the fourth Annual Smart City and IoT Expo in Toronto on October 10, where it offered a preview of its eventual final proposal to the Smart Cities Challenge contest.
Councillor Dida Berku and Marc Chriqui.
“We met with a lot of people in the industry who were very excited to hear that a city is looking to tackle the issue of how to help isolated seniors stay at home longer through the use of smart technology,” said Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, who spoke along with Councillor Dida Berku and  Chriqui. “Côte Saint-Luc has a lot of programs for seniors to help keep them engaged, but the focus of our Smart Cities Challenge proposal is to help those who perhaps we don’t see at our events and who are more isolated.”
Côte Saint-Luc was selected as one of 10 finalists in its category (and one of 20 overall) by the selection committee of the Smart Cities Challenge, a contest created by the Government of Canada. Each finalist community will receive a $250,000 grant to help develop its final proposal that outline all design, planning, privacy, data protection and project management components of their plans. The grant can be used for activities such as staffing, professional services, feasibility assessments, capacity building, pilot projects, community engagement and communications, data, and relevant training. 
“The Smart Cities Challenge has given us the opportunity to brainstorm and to exchange in our city new ideas and new ways of doing things,” Councillor Berku said. “As cities, we don’t often get the chance to talk to researchers and people who are involved in seniors issues and really understand what we are trying to accomplish.”
In addition to the Smart City and IoT Expo on October 10, Côte Saint-Luc has also attended the Conference on Caregiving in Montreal on October 13, and held numerous meetings with researchers, people in industry and academia.
The next step is to launch a pilot project with seniors. The city will outfit their homes with sensors and smart devices in order to test and refine the ideas it believes can help isolated seniors live independent lives and stay at home longer. Participants must be age 65 or older, live autonomously, and have little or no caregiver support. To learn more or to participate in the pilot project, email or call 514-485-6800 ext. 5539.

Canada Day festivities for Sunday postponed due to extreme heat advisory

Due to the extreme heat and its potential impact on staff, voluntee​rs, and the public, Canada Day festivities will be postponed this Sunday July 1. Here is the official announcement from the city.
Cupcakes will have to wait until July 8 or later.
It is our hope to reschedule all activities to another date this summer.   We believe we are doing the responsible thing for residents and staff and we will choose  a date where more people will come out and enjoy the festivities.   
How else are we preparing for the heat wave?
City Facilities 
  • ​The library will be  open  from 10 am  to 6 pm on Sunday, and 10 am to 10 pm on Monday. We are looking into extending the library hours from 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday. The library will be showing movies Saturday, Monday, and we will try for Sunday as well. 
  • The ACC is open Sunday  from 8 am to 9:45 pm, and Monday from 6 am  to 11 pm. 
  • The outdoor pool is open from 10 am to 8 pm both days.
  • The gym will be open for "open-play" activities.
  • All splash pads are functioning, and all bathrooms in chalets are open and functional except Fyon Park (due to vandalism).

This is the first time I can remember Canada Day being called off for something other than rain.


Plunge4Mosh raises $65,000

On March 4, a crowd gathered at the Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem Synagogue   in Cote Saint-Luc and at Woodbine Beach on Lake Ontario to watch 36 brave volunteers plunge into freezing cold water at the second annual Plunge4Mosh event to raise money for the Camp Moshava Ennismore.

Taking the plunge.

This event raised $65,000.  Over $170,000 is given every summer to the following projects- The Moshava Scholarship Fund, that enables every deserving child a chance to experience a wonderful summer camp experience regardless of financial means, To the Moshava partnership with YACHAD, to enable special needs staff to work at Moshava, and to the One Family Fund, to bring children that are victims of terror in Israel.

Councillor Tordjman (in the Superman suit) with some of the other participants.

Among the participants was Councillor David Tordjman. "It was warm  getting in, but cold getting out," he said.

For more information

Another successful CSL Winter Carnival

Congratulations to the Parks and Recreation staff of the City of Côte Saint-Luc, our Volunteer Citizens on Patrol, Public Works and everyone else who worked so hard for our 2018 Winter Carnival. Activities kicked off at the Aquatic and Community Centre on Feb. 10 with the annual Valentine’s Dance. On Sunday, Feb. 18 weather conditions were ideal for a day of fun outdoors at Trudeau Park.

Ice sculptures in the snow.

There was a pancake breakfast sponsored by McDonald’s, horse drawn carriage rides, taffy on snow, face painting, ice sculpture activities, public skating, hockey games, a figure-skating exhibition, and more.

There were all kinds of games to play.

It was wonderful to see so many young families enjoying our wonderful activities. Rookie City Councillors Oren Sebag and Mitch Kujavsky were co-chairs of the event.

Our presentation of a $10,000 cheque.

Mayor Brownstein, members of council and Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather were pleased to preside over a ceremony in the arena at which time we presented a cheque of $10,000 for Ronald McDonald House,, a temporary home away from home for out-of-town (more than 70 km) families of children with critical illnesses who must travel here for medical treatments. Côte Saint-Luc funded a room there.

The very tall ice princess greets me.

There was lots of action outside, including a very tall ice princess, the team from The Beat 92.5 FM playing music, a marshmallow roasting corner, tobogganing on the hill and much more. It brought back such nice memories when my daughter was little and we would take her there.

I enjoyed some of those McDonald’s pancakes, with syrop. Reuben Goodman was serving up warm hot chocolate while just outside the Lawrence Bergman Chalet was reliable Mark Bessner making cotton candy for the kids.

The pumps may be gone at Shell, but Raffi Abikian insists he is not going anywhere

For the past 25 years, Raffi Abikian has become an iconic figure in Côte Saint-Luc. His Shell Service Station on Westminster Avenue has a loyal clientele.

In the recent past our community the then full Cavendish Mall had Pneus Experts and Canadian Tire, which serviced cars while there was also Bernie’s on Côte Saint-Luc Road. The first two shut down and last fall Bernie’s relocated to Lachine.

Raffi Abikian

When Shell opened a self-serve gas station, complete with a car wash and a Boni-Soir the future of Raffi’s was questioned. He does not own the land. His service bays are always busy.  The man is a genius. He remembers the history of every car in his computer. We are not talking laptop here. “The computer in my head,” he laughs.

I am writing this story because Raffi wants to assure all of his customers that he is not going anywhere.  People are wondering because there are no more gas pumps. These were removed. The next step is for Raffi to buy the land and focus exclusively on fixing vehicles. He has already started negotiations with Shell.  Once a deal is complete, he intends to completely renovate and expand.

Raffi already owns a repair and body shop in NDG.  Had Shell forced him out completely, he would have been left with no alternative but to house all of his business there.

Originally Raffi owned a station further down Westminster, closer to Montreal West,

“We started from scratch when we opened our first garage and built our client list,” says Raffi. “Then, we had the opportunity to get this location, so we took it.”

Raffi’s son Ari, a very polite young man, is part of his talented and devoted team of mechanics.

Côte Saint-Luc needs at least one service station and who could ask for anyone better than Raffi? He will only have to make one adjustment and not answer the phone with the word “Shell!”

Local Polar Plunge raises funds for Camp Moshava

Camp Moshava is the only co-ed modern Orthodox Jewish camp in Canada. It was established in 1959 and is situated in Ontario.

The camp draws 45 percent of its population from Toronto, 35 percent from Montreal and the balance from Israel and the US. Moshava has played an integral part in forming Jewish identity in Canada with it’s over 10,000 alumni.

In recent years, Camp Moshava has partnered with both YACHAD and One Family Fund to provide individuals with disabilities and children who are victims of terror in Israel an enjoyable summer of full integration in our camp. “We also provide over 50 children financial aid so that their parents can make sure they aren’t denied this amazing summer environment,” says Director Vicky Shizgal, a resident of District 2.

The total amount of financial assistance for these programs is $170,000 annually. In order to continuing providing the same services, Camp Moshava needs to find creative fundraising ideas.

Montreal plunge1
The plungers towel off.

This year marked the first ever Polar Plunge in Montreal and in Toronto (and in Israel). On March 19, volunteers jumped into freezing water after raising money on our online site  . Locally, this took place in an above ground pool at the Beth Israel Beth Aaron Congregation on Mackle Road.

Montreal plunge2
A brave man gets ready to chill.

A total of $65,000 was raised as folks like Vicky’s husband Jimmy braved the frigid conditions.

Bravo to all!

For more information log on to, email or call 514.488.4741.

Montreal plunge3
It's Super Plunger!


In Côte Saint-Luc we are very proud about how we handled snow clearing

As we continue to dig out from the biggest snow storm the Montreal area has seen in years, I would like to applaud the work done by the City of Côte Saint-Luc`s Public Works Department.


I have received a great deal of kind comments from residents in regards to how well  we  handled the snow clearing.  In fact, most of the Montreal media praised the work we did on the main roads. Please understand that this is a very difficult task and I was among the motorists on the Thursday morning stuck trying to get past the underpass on Cavendish. It was unavoidable and inconvenient, but later in the day all cleared up

“It was an emotional day for many residents,”  Public Works Director Beatrice Newman reported to city council. "Please help us help your residents understand why things appear to be a certain way while in the background, the city is working fervently to provide safe passage-ways in the city.”

The light on Guelph Road broke Thursday morning and stayed green. This meant that Westminster stayed on a red light. Traffic began to build up, employees rushed to help traffic. Public Security  directed traffic and electricians worked on determining and fixing the light. “Things like this happens when there are drastic changes in weather,” Ms. Newman said.

Cavendish Boulevard was congested, southbound. Our snow removal operations provided clear roads for our residents, but unfortunately once they hit CSL Road and Cavendish, they were faced with congestion. NDG kept their side of Cavendish at one lane. Therefore, our three lanes had to squeeze into their one lane. “Et voilà, major traffic accumulation on Cavendish and  CSL,”  Ms. Newman explained.

Fleet was at one lane from our city right through Hampstead. The objective at first is to clear the road with one lane for access. Then approximately 24 hours later, the blowing began. “We cannot start our operations earlier in the morning or traffic issues would be inevitable,” said Ms. Newman. “Only one lane would still be available in this case. We must consider the safety concerns first. This was not a regular snow storm. This was a blizzard with white out conditions, dangerous road conditions and more. We must have patience. Close to 40 centimeters fell and the process to remove it all will not be quick, we must work efficiently​and safely.”

We had five  teams working all day Thursday, five sidewalk cleaners, five loader/blowers, five 10 wheelers, five walkers and two salt trucks remained to follow the contractors as they salted the roads once the contractor blew the snow. Once snow falls on the asphalt  we secure it with abrasives.

Our snow dump after the storm.

Two teams worked at the municipal buildings and one  worked on our special calls such as  snow blown accidentally on personal walkways, emptying public garbage, etc. One  employee was stationed at the snow dump on Marc Chagall in District 2, which now looks like an Olympic ski hill.

The balance of the areas around Yavne, Merton and Maimonides schools were done on Friday.   

We are working hard to do our best in operations and customer service.  

“In Public Security, our agents have seen their call volume go up by a factor of 2.5,” explained Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson. “Our agents have responded with professionalism and tact despite trying circumstances, horrible road conditions and lots and lots of snow. They have always kept the safety of our residents at the forefront and I have been impressed by their ingenuity and dedication.

“Our Dispatch Centre has been flooded with calls and complaints about everything from traffic to snow removal to cars blocking driveways. Despite being screamed and sworn at, they have maintained their composure and professionalism.”

Mr. Reichson noted that while  we did not activate our emergency plan, we kept it close at hand. We ensured that our evacuation routes remained as accessible as possible and were prepared to activate elements of the plan as required. “Despite what some residents have posted online, our response has been as strong and efficient as it can be,” he said. “ This was not just another storm, but rather an opportunity for our employees to shine and from what I have seen, all have risen to the occasion.

Warm weather brings out large crowds for 2017 Winter Carnival


With Bonhomme, Mayor Brownstein, the Snow Queen, Sidney Benizri and Anthony Housefather

When it comes to the annual Winter Carnival in Côte Saint-Luc, my memories shoot back to when I was a mere toddler. I lived on Wentworth Avenue and at the time the park behind my house was the hub for all activities. My parents would take my brother and sister and I to enjoy some hot chocolate, take part in all kinds of fun games and most importantly take my photo next to Bonhomme Carnival.

As a city councillor for the past 12 years, I have had the good fortune of taking part in the planning of the event. It all kicks off with the wildly successful Valentine`s Day Dance, continues with a PeeWee “A” Outdoor Hockey Tournament and concludes the following Sunday with a wide array of programming.

With Jacqueline Mallet, Pierre Brunet and Ronald McDonald.

I was so happy to see our good friend Pierre Brunet, franchisee of nearly 20 McDonald’s restaurants, including the two in Côte Saint-Luc and Jacqueline Mallet from Manoir Ronald McDonald at the Samuel Moskovitch Arena. I joined Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, Councillors Allan J. Levine, Ruth Kovac and Sidney Benizri, along with Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather and D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum, in presenting a cheque of $10,000 to Manoir Ronald McDonald. This was a record breaking year for us, bringing our grand total to $59,000 for this wonderful cause.

Presenting our cheque for $10,000 to Manoir Ronald McDonald.

Manoir Ronald McDonald is a temporary home away from home for out-of-town (more than 55 km) families of children with critical illnesses who must travel to Montreal for medical treatments. It is located on Hudson Avenue in Côte des Neiges, around the corner from the Centre Hospitalier Ste. Justine.

Presenting a trophy.

We made the cheque presentation prior to another annual tradition: the awards for the CSL Figure Skating Club. That was followed by a nice show on the ice.

Petting Maggie the horse.

It was five degrees Celsius this year and with the sun beating down it seemed warmer. This represented a mixed bag. It was extremely pleasant to walk around and the crowd was fairly large. I remember days when it was so bitterly cold nobody wanted to be outdoors. With the warmth came a lot of slush and some of our ice sculptures and other snow attractions were melting.

Serving up the pancakes.

In the Lawrence Bergman Chalet, Pierre Brunet’s team was serving up 1,300 McDonald’s pancakes. People were asked to make voluntary donations to the Manoir. Members of the Côte Saint-Luc Dramatic Society presented a preview song from their new show Fancy Nancy, about to debut at the Segal Centre  for three to nine year olds.

There was a dog sled, horse-drawn carriage rides, and taffy on the snow, tobogganing on the hill, face painting, snow games, public skating and more hockey games. It was so nice to see all of the young families enjoying the experience.

Congratulations to our Parks and Recreation staff for the fabulous work they did planning this event, which included signing up many sponsors.

Celebrating the Château B’nai Brith Groundbreaking in CSL

B'nai Brith Canada held its official groundbreaking ceremony November 28  for a much anticipated $26-million, 129-unit subsidized seniors’ residence.


Harvey Levine, Regional Director of B’nai Brith in Quebec, Lynn Weinstein and Eric Bissell at the groundbreaking of Château B’nai Brith in Montreal (Credit: Mike Cohen)

The Bissell Family Foundation Château B’nai Brith will be located next to the  Côte Saint-Luc Shopping Centre, only a short walk from Maison B’nai Brith (B’nai Brith House), another B’nai Brith subsidized seniors’ residence. The latter recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Construction on the residence began the following day, with a projected opening of Spring, 2018.

Ted Greenfield, long-time B’nai Brith Canada activist – former president of both B'nai Brith Canada and B’nai Brith Residences – served as the emcee for the ceremony. He lamented the absence of stalwart Gerry Weinstein, another former B’nai Brith president, who passed away last May. Weinstein is considered the “father” of B’nai Brith House and he worked tirelessly to make Château B’nai Brith a reality. His wife, Lynn, was on hand, who also spoke about her late husband. “Gerry is up there looking down on us with a smile. He’d be so happy,” she said.

“On Nov. 25, 2004,  a similar ceremony was held to start the construction for B’nai Brith House,” Greenfield said. “This one is only three days apart and 12 years in between. The two buildings represent models for affordable housing – a home, a lifestyle, a family environment for seniors. Some are Holocaust survivors; some are frail and elderly; and some are isolated. This was Gerry Weinstein’s wish and there will be no compromise. He said that we have to save those who fall between the cracks.”

Greenfield thanked Eric Bissell, son Marc and their family for the generous $1-million donation they made to the project.

Project manager Noam Schnitzer said the new building will be state of the art, “brighter, with taller ceilings, larger windows and energy efficient.”

Bonnie Feigenbaum, speaking on behalf of Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, who was in Ottawa, put the day into perspective.

“Cold hands, cold feet, but warm hearts,” she said.

Liberal MNA David Birnbaum noted that he has had the pleasure of making a number of visits to B’nai Brith House.

“I can see what the fruits of your labour have been,” he said. “You have changed lives.”

Côte Saint-Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein recognized the presence of former Liberal MNAs Herbert Marx and Lawrence Bergman as well as Robert Libman, former B’nai Brith Quebec Executive Director and former Côte Saint-Luc Mayor.

“I am looking to live in a community where we do well,” he said, reacting to comments from Schnitzer regarding the cooperation B’nai Brith received from the city.

Marc Bissell, speaking on behalf of his father Eric, mother Naomi and siblings Brian, Steven and Joanna, said that Chateau B’nai Brith will mean a continuity of trying to serve the senior community.

“My dad started off with B’nai Brith 20 years ago through its golf tournament and went on to raise funds,” Marc said. “I asked him how he did it. He told me how his message was this is not for me, it is for people who need it. He fled Europe in 1943. Montreal has given us more than we could really hope for.”

B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn also was in attendance and spoke about the four affordable housing buildings in Toronto and now a second going up in Montreal.

“They are all very different,” he said. “This one is going to be unique. It is a real lifeline for our seniors.”

A surprise celebrity guest on hand, and seated next to Mostyn, was comedian and impressionist Andre-Philippe Gagnon, who performed at a Chateau B’nai Brith event in the past.

Andre-Philippe Gagnon and Michael Mostyn, B'nai Brith Canada CEO (Credit: Mike Cohen)

Harvey Levine, Regional Director of B’nai Brith in Quebec, was recognized for his hard work behind the scenes. He in turn, thanked coworker Janna Minikovich and B’nai Brith House director Eileen Katz for their valuable contributions.

A Chateau B’nai Brith brochure notes that seniors now represent nearly 35 per cent of our entire Montreal population – the highest of any community, in any city - in all of Canada. Although many of us have become acutely aware of this fact, what most are not familiar with is that a growing number of our seniors are without the financial means necessary to support their daily needs. Twenty per cent of all our Montreal community members are living below the poverty line - a number that is, most unfortunately, again the highest for any population in the country.

For these individuals, life is very difficult, even more so when they are among the frail and elderly.

With the responsibility of providing essential services being progressively offloaded from governmental institutions onto community organizations, the onus of caring for these individuals in the twilight of their lives, rests with us all. It is for this reason that a new approach to the providing of specialized social services is needed. B’nai Brith has answered this call in conjunction with the generous assistance of all three levels of government.

Recognizing the demand for a more specific support system, one that can cater to the unique needs of our seniors, B’nai Brith has redefined the concept of autonomous senior residences. The goal being to provide the aging population, specifically those who can no longer afford the cost of living, with a communal multi-resident content rich alternative that has been conceptualized specifically for their needs. 

This unique concept – aimed at addressing today's community based needs in a manner that will allow for long term relevance – has been designed specifically so as to reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the impact on the environment. The benefits to the individuals residing within and the community at large will be recognized for years to come.

With a focus on meaningful relevant architecture, creative design, the integration of eco-technologies and this reciprocal approach to responsible development, Château B`nai Brith will not only enhance the quality of life for all the seniors it will house, but also enhance the community within which it will be located.

This seven-storey facility centers on the common ground floor pavilion. This bright, airy, glass-walled space will encompass a large entry hall that will double as a spectacular event venue, several multi-function rooms that will allow for the provision of diverse programming such as lectures, theater, games etc., the elevator lobby, and an expansive dining hall.

As the integration of this facility within the surrounding exterior space is of prime importance, mainly so as to increase the accessibility our seniors will have to the outdoors, the dining hall will connect directly with a large terrace garden area at the rear of the property. Moreover, with the height of the windows at this level, the outdoor garden will also form a large part of the indoor experience regardless of the season. 

The six residential levels above will house 129 individual apartment units comprised of both one and two bedroom sizes. While these units will provide for all the typical elements of daily life, in a manner quite different from other developments of this type, as noted by Schnitzer the units will have high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. This unique design element will greatly improve upon the standards applicable to affordable residences. The units will be brighter, more comfortable, more livable, and most importantly, more enjoyable. Following with the concept of increasing the accessibility all residents will have to the outdoors, each unit will provide access to private loggia space. Unlike projected balconies, these mini terraces are recessed within the structure of the building and therefore are more protected, safer and more inviting.

Over and above the architecture and in addition to the long term relevance that this modern sophisticated design will have, the facility will make use of the most durable materials that require the least possible amount of maintenance. With eco based initiatives for the management of energy and the incorporation of supplemental energy compliments the building will change the way affordable residences are developed and how social services will be provided for years to come.

By virtue of the exceptional programming offered, as well as the nourishing meals and ongoing attention to the security and well-being of residents, the atmosphere will be one of family of home and warmth and will enhance the lives of all the seniors it will house. Moreover, this approach will also enhance the entire community by expanding on the foundation for the support, enrichment, and involvement of all our seniors.

For more information about Chateau B'nai Brith, contact Harvey Levine at 514-733-5377 x127 or

Côte Saint-Luc recognizes its volunteers at special movie night

The City of Côte Saint-Luc recognized  its volunteers on Thursday evening, November 3 with a different kind of event than in years past. Everyone was invited to the Cineplex Theatres at the Quartier Cavendish where they were ushered into one of two cinemas, given a choice of drinks and snacks and treated to a screening of the comedy motion picture Keeping Up With the Jones`.

Roy Salomon


This year`s award winners were showcased via video on the big screen. Technical difficulties in one  of the rooms caused somewhat of a glitch. But here is the video and a detailed summary of the award winners.

Community Services Award - Recognizes a volunteer couple for exceptional contribution to the community special events programs;

2016 Bernie & Joan King

Bernie and Joan were longtime residents of CSL and were extremely active on many committees. Although they moved to neighboring NDG right on the border of CSL they continue being active on Special Events. During the past 20 some odd years they have been dedicated judges on the Maisons Fleuries Contest. Their dependability, integrity and willingness have been of major service to this Special Event. What may sound easy the judging of homes for floral display is not so easy? Going out for hours at a time for several days in 30° plus July heat is not an easy task. They are often because of their impartiality called upon to judge several districts and to final judge when there are tie scores in other districts. In short most deserving of this award,

William E Kesler Memorial Trophy – Recognizes a volunteer for their exceptional contribution to the Parks and Recreation special events programs;

2016 Steven Monk

Steven has been a volunteer member of the Côte Saint-Luc Minor Hockey Association for well over a decade. Aside from many years spent coaching, Steven has served in the capacity of coaching coordinator on the executive for many years where he was a liaison with the associations coaches and was always available to assist the coaches with any issues that arose. Steven has also worked with the associations developers to act as a liaison with the coaches, as well as establish a plan for the overall development of the players in the hockey program. Even after his own children graduated from the program, Steven continues to remain involved in these capacities.

Royal Canadian Legion Brigadier Frederick Kisch, Branch # 97 Award, Recognizes the Youth Volunteer of the Year , a “leader of tomorrow”, for outstanding efforts in making a difference in Cote Saint-Luc through volunteer activities.

2016 Alison Levine

Alison was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and is 26 years old. She is an athlete in the sport of boccia. Boccia is a Paralympic sport of precision, concentration, and muscle control. She plays in the BC4 category which is for athletes with severe disabilities affecting the whole body, other than cerebral palsy. She has played many adapted sports in the past from wheelchair rugby but now concentrate on boccia as it is physically the only sport suited for her level of disability. If it were not for her disability she feels she would probably never have had the opportunity or honor to represent her country or get to spend her days playing a sport she loves. Paralympic sport requires her to push through barriers to achieve her goals, allows her to be proud of who she is no matter how she looks, and gives her the courage to be the best that she can be. She has won in 2016 the European World Open (Portugal) Doubles = Silver, American World Open (Montreal) Doubles = Silver and the American World Open (Montreal) Individuals = Bronze. In 2015 she won the Parapan American Games (Toronto) Doubles = Silver, World Open Championships (Poland) Doubles = Silver, World Open Championships (Poland) Individual = Silver and Americas Team and Pair Championships Doubles = Gold. In 2014 she won the Boccia Masters Portugal Doubles = Bronze.

Socio-Cultural Award, Recognizes a volunteer for their exceptional contribution to the City’s socio-cultural programs;

2016 Mark Cohen

The Library would like to nominate Mark Cohen who has founded and been running the weekly adult chess program since February 2014. This program has been very successful. Mark facilitates sanctioned tournaments and is an excellent instructor devoting many hours to the community. Since its inception, children’s chess has become very popular at the Library as well.

Special Recognition Award

2016 Isabella Pucciarelli

Isabella has already worn a few hats during her time as a volunteer in the Children’s Department at the Côte Saint-Luc Library. She began volunteering with us when she was 12 years old and consistently impressed the staff with her dedication to the program and her sunny disposition. Isabella is always seeking out more opportunities to help. When she was just a few weeks away from turning 13, she took the initiative to ask if she could graduate from Early Volunteering Program to become a Reading Buddy. In a short period of time, Isabella has already helped several elementary school students become more confident readers. Her enthusiasm and passion for reading are infectious. She is a natural mentor, and never fails to inspire her Reading Buddies. It is clear that Isabella will be an advocate for libraries and will be giving back to her community for years to come.

 Hazel Lipes Award - Recognizes a volunteer for their exceptional contribution to the Community Services Programs.

2016 Philip Goldberg

Phil Goldberg has been the art teacher for the Côte Saint-Luc Men’s Club for nearly 12 years. Meeting every Wednesday morning with his beginners’ class, and Friday mornings with his more experienced participants, Phil has put his heart, soul, and immense talent into turning out gifted painters. Phil creates a sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm among his devoted students. 

 EMS Award – Excellence in operations

2016 Or Hilzenrat

The EMS Excellence in Operations award goes to Or Hilzenrat. Since being promoted to Lieutenant of Logistics last year, Or continues to excel in this branch. He has taken ownership of our equipment and logistics and is always stepping forward with new ideas to improve our systems and processes. Often working behind the scenes, Or is a great member of the EMS team.

EMS Award – Excellence in training

2016 Mark Metivier

The EMS Excellence in Training award goes to Mark Metivier. Mark was recently named Captain of Training, after having served as the Lieutenant for a number of years. Under Mark's leadership and instruction, we have streamlined our training, recruiting, coaching and quality assurance processes for our members. Now, we are able to better track our members from new recruit to seasoned vet, ensuring that they remain up-to-date with their clinical, training and quality assurance requirements.

EMS AWARD – Rookie of the Year

2016 Bev Mitelman

Our Rookie of the Year award goes to Bev Mitelman, in recognition of her contributions to EMS within the first year of service. In addition to getting fully immersed as a new EMS medic, Bev is actively involved in our community outreach and fundraising strategies, bringing her professional experience and her engaging personality to the benefit of EMS.

 vCOP Award

2016 Bert Rabinovitch 

The vCOP Award is given to Bert Rabinovitch in recognition of his on-going efforts with the vCOP smoke detector brigade program. Bert has been instrumental in developing this program, getting it off the ground and continues to lead this team of volunteers that goes door-to-door checking residents' smoke detectors and replacing batteries, helping in a tangible way to reduce the number of fire-related damages and deaths.

Eco Award, Recognizes a volunteer who has demonstrated leadership in the promotion of environmental advocacy and action within the community. (Missing Inscription)

2016 Dr. Mandie Aaron 

Dr. Mandie Aaron, the unofficial den mother to about 75 gardeners is the dedicated president and coordinator of the volunteer-run Côte Saint-Luc Seniors'Community Garden.  She came to know the garden by helping her mother, who has had an allotment for more than 20 years. As her involvement with the garden grew, she began to help other gardeners, too, four years ago she was elected garden president and coordinator. Today Mandie gardens in two allotments — her own and one she grows for MADA, a community organization that helps to feed those in need.

Sports Award, Recognizes a volunteer for exceptional contributions to the community sports programs;

2016 Darin Barney

Darin is a dedicated parent who has embraced the idea of volunteering for the good of the Côte Saint-Luc swim team. Over the last few years Darin has dedicated himself to become a fully qualified official and has spent countless evenings in seminars learning the intricacies of the various positions needed during a competition.  Darin does not only volunteer at home competitions, but also represents CSLA at all our competitions, weather they are local or out of town. Darin represented our organization at the Canadian Age Group Nationals in Calgary, as well as the Québec Games in Montreal. A respected official, Darin provides a positive image for the City and shows, through his actions, the unbiased professionalism that volunteer officials aspire to attain.

Stewart Mankofsky Memorial Trophy, presented to the athlete / volunteer who best exemplifies the qualities of dedication, sportsmanship, and love of competition.

2016 Jordan Glazer

Jordan, a Côte Saint –Luc resident, is a dedicated athlete to the game of baseball. Jordan played a number of years in the intercommunity Baseball league and was a dominant player. Jordan also played with NDG Baseball for over 10 years and was a member of 10 NDG All-Star teams, won four Provincial Championships and appeared in three Canadian National Tournaments. Jordan has won numerous individual awards including being named NDG Baseball’s Borough Athlete of the year in 2009 and at the 2013 Junior League Canadian Nationals. Jordan finished the tournament with the 6th best batting average amongst all tournament players. For the past two seasons, Jordan has been a member of the Midget AAA baseball program where he has been one of the team’s top hitters and pitchers. In addition to his playing career, Jordan has spent time doing charity work with the Montreal Torah Center for helping to feed the needy in the community. He has also volunteered time to help build homes in Africa.

Gerry Weinstein Ambassador of the Year, Honours the Cote Saint-Luc citizen best portraying charitable qualities and serving the community at large

2016 Roy Salomon

Roy has received numerous awards for his volunteer contribution to the sports community. He has served as Honorary Co-President of the Maccabiah Games in Israel in July of 2013. He has also been Vice-President and Honorary President of the YM-YWHA and received the Norah and Joe Rubin Leadership Award for 50 years of involvement with the organization. From 1981-85, Roy served as National Athletic Chair promoting Canadian Jewish athletes. Roy began an eight year term as President of Macabbi Canada in 1990. In 1995, Roy was inducted into the Montreal Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. In 2001 Roy was recipient of the prestigious Yakir Maccabi Award.  In 2013, Roy was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, marking the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II accession to the Throne, for giving selflessly in service of his community. Roy is an exceptional human being and is a true Ambassador making all of us extremely proud to have him call Côte Saint-Luc his home.

Volunteer of the Year – Aquatics Program

2016 Michèle Castonguay

Having been a pivotal linchpin to the success of the swim team at Cote Saint-Luc Michele Castonguay has given tirelessly since the inception in 2011. During the year of 2015-2016 the competitions held at Cote Saint-Luc have operated flawlessly under her guidance and preparation of officials and presence. She has led and mentored over 100 other volunteers over the course of the year to achieve qualifications in officiating and has been instrumental in creating a volunteer culture at Cote Saint-Luc aquatics! While this last season has been Michele's final season leading the officials we are confident that the charges she has developed will continue her high standards and quality of leadership. Michele is always welcome to Cote saint-Luc and we wish her the very best!

Edward J. Kirwan Award – Honours the Volunteer of the Year for exceptional contribution to the community Parks and Recreation programs;

2016 Rhonda Shechtman

A volunteer at the Côte Saint-Luc Tennis Club for over 20 years, Rhonda has served in various capacities on the executive since 2006 (President from 2013-2015) Rhonda has been instrumental in assisting the City in determining the best avenue for achieving the long term sustainability at the club. Her roles include marketing coordinator (social media, newsletter/ application form/ event posters), secretary and her contributions to the development of the club's business plan. Her commitment and dedication has been truly admirable. 

Lifetime Achievement

2016 Joseph Panunto

Ever since he moved to Côte Saint-Luc in 1978 Joe Panunto has been actively involved in the community in various social, educational, religious, cultural, political, and sports related activities.  He served as City Counsellor from 1994-1998 and served on the planning and financial committees. He currently heads and plays recreational volleyball.  He proposed and actively participated in the setting up of the very successful soccer program here in Côte Saint-Luc. As a parishioner of St. Richard’s Catholic Church, he has served as Warden, sat on the Parish Council, was the President the Men’s Club, organized yearly barbeques at St. Patrick’s Square, has overseen renovations in the church, and organized many fund raising events over the past 38 years.  He is currently a Eucharistic minister, usher, and reader in the parish, and has acted as liaison between the City Council and the Parish.  As an involved member of the community he served as a committee member of the Côte Saint-Luc Wine-making Contest (which he won prizes in 2008 and 2009, and last year he was the winner of the Maison Fleuries contest in District 7.  On the political scene, he has been very active in the D’Arcy McGee Quebec Liberal Party Riding Association and has held the position of ethnic Councillor since 1998.   Joe has been married to Brenda for 47 years, has 2 children Stephen and Sarah, and is the very proud grandfather of Aurora and Brennan.  A fervent believer in volunteerism and the altruism of “do unto other as you would have them do unto you” and “where there is a will there is a way”, he continues to be involved and encourage others to become involved in the very vibrant community that is Côte Saint-Luc.

Lauréats des prix de bénévolat 2016

Les lauréats des prix de bénévolat de Côte Saint-Luc 2009 sont énumérés ci-dessous. Félicitations à tous les récipiendaires et merci à tous ceux offrent de leur temps à notre communauté.

  • Prix de l’ambassadeur de l’année Gerry Weinstein : Honore un citoyen de Côte Saint-Luc illustrant le mieux les qualités charitables du service à l’ensemble de la communauté. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Roy Salomon.
  • Prix des événement spéciaux communautaires : En reconnaissance de la contribution exceptionnelle d’un bénévole aux programmes communautaires d’événements spéciaux. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Bernie & Joan King.
  • Trophée Mémorial William E Kesler : En reconnaissance de la contribution exceptionnelle d’un bénévole aux programmes d’événements spéciaux des Loisirs et des parcs. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Steven Monk.
  • Prix de la légion royale canadienne Brigadier Frederick Kisch, filiale #97 : En reconnaissance des efforts exceptionnels du jeune bénévole de l’année, un « leader de demain » visant à faire la différence à Côte Saint-Luc par ses activités bénévoles. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Alison Levine.
  • Prix socioculturel : En reconnaissance de la contribution exceptionnelle d’un bénévole aux programmes socioculturels des Loisirs et des parcs. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Mark Cohen.
  • Prix spécial de reconnaissance : Honore un bénévole pour sa contribution significative aux activités récréatives des Loisirs et des parcs pendant plusieurs années. Ce prix reconnaît les accomplissements spéciaux au niveau communautaire. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Isabella Pucciarelli.
  • Prix Hazel Lipes : En reconnaissance de la contribution exceptionnelle d’un bénévole aux programmes des Services communautaires. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Philip Goldberg.
  • Prix des services médicaux d’urgence : En reconnaissance de la contribution exceptionnelle, de la conscience professionnelle et des qualités de leadership d’un bénévole des Services médicaux d’urgence. Le premier prix d'excellence en gestion des SMU est décerné à Or Hilzenrat. Le deuxième prix d'excellence en excellence enseignement des SMU est décerné à Mark Metivier. Le troisième prix des SMU pour la recrue de l'année est décerné à Bev Mitelman. 
  • Prix vCOP :  En reconnaissance de la contribution exceptionnelle d’un bénévole en tant que leader de la promotion de la sécurité dans la communauté. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Bert Rabinovitch.
  • Prix ECO : En reconnaissance d’un bénévole ayant fait preuve de leadership dans la défense et la promotion de l’action environnementale dans la communauté. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Mandie Aaron.
  • Prix sportif : En reconnaissance de la contribution exceptionnelle d’un bénévole aux programmes de sports communautaires. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Darin Barney.
  • Trophée Mémorial Stewart Mankofsky : Honore un athlète/bénévole qui personnifie des qualités de dévouement, d'esprit sportif, et une passion pour la compétition. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Matthew Zeitz.
  • Prix Edward J. Kirwan : Honore le bénévole de l’année pour sa contribution exceptionnelle aux programmes communautaires des Loisirs et des parcs. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Rhonda Shechtman.
  • Prix d’excellence pour l’oeuvre de toute une vie en reconnaissance d'une contribution et d’un dévouement exceptionnel. Le prix de cette année est décerné à Joseph Panunto.