CineStarz Cavendish

A happy first anniversary to the CineStarz Deluxe Theatre at Quartier Cavendish.

When the Cineplex Odeon closed for good on November 2, 2020, it was during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Movie theatres were closed and as a result not too many people expressed dismay. At that time I wrote a blog, expressing my personal hope that someone like Bruce Gurberg would come to the rescue. Bruce resides in the West End and owns the CineStarz chain, with locations at Côte des Neiges Plaza, in St. Leonard, Ottawa and the Greater Toronto area.


Privately, Bruce shared with me that day his desire to fill the void. Despite all of the COVID obstacles he was beyond good on his word, CineStarz Deluxe opened in July 2022 and when I walked in side to see my first movie there -Jurassic Park -the place blew me away. As the city councillor for District 2, which encompasses Quartier Cavendish, I could not be more proud.

This has become a destination theatre, with its ultra-comfortable electronically controlled leather seats, large screens and terrific sound. Bruce spared no expense. Cineplex left him with a shell. Everything had to be rebuilt from scratch. He got a liquor license and even installed a full bar, You can bring your drinks to your seats.

Recently, the theatre served as the venue for our Volunteer Appreciation Evening. Other organizations are booking it as well. And yes, it is a popular spot for kids birthday parties. While Bruce is on the road frequently to watch over his other venues, this spot already holds a special place in his heart.

I urge everyone in our community to visit the theatre. We do not see that many blockbuster movie releases these days. There have been a few. We have those that attract young families. This month, CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish is showing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning -Part One. Now I must admit I do not see as many movies as I used to, but these two collections have been part of my personal theatre-going history for decades. I first saw Harrison Ford in the lead role of Indy back in 1981 for Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was at the old Imperial Theatre. Wow, I was a year out of high school. If anyone had told me that Ford would reprise the same role 40 years later I’d say they were crazy. Tom Cruise debuted his first Mission Impossible film back in 1996. Again, it is remarkable to see him back at it again with another on the way.

Bruce Gurberg

“I am grateful for the outpouring of support,” Bruce told me. “I am so happy people are enjoying the labour of love I put into this place. I certainly hope people continue to visit our state of the art complex.”

Metropolitain Opera returns to Cavendish Theatres with first of three showings

The incredibly popular Metropolitan Opera is back at CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish for three special shows in April and May.

Premiering on Saturday, April 29 at 12:55 PM, CineStarz will be live-streaming Terence Blanchard’s Champion in crystal clear HD to audiences at Quartier Cavendish.

As I've written about in the past, CineStarz at Quartier Cavendish is home to the best theatre experience in Montreal. With brand-new reclining seats and a fully-stocked bar, guests can enjoy the opera - or the latest Hollywood blockbuster - in style and without having to struggle for parking or fight traffic to go downtown. 

16-23 - CineStarz 4x87[21]

In Champion, Bass-baritone Ryan Speedo Green stars as Emile Griffith, the closeted young prize fighter who rises from obscurity to become world champion and, in one of the great tragedies in sports history, kills his homophobic archrival in the ring.

As this is a one-off show, seats are limited. Reserve today at

Following Champion, on May 23, CineStarz will be streaming Mozart’s tragicomedy Don Giovanni and on June 3, the theatre will be streaming Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte.Tickets will be available closer to the date. 

Since 2006, The Metropolitan Opera has been streaming operas to audiences around the world, selling more than 29.4 million tickets and allowing opera fans to experience the incredible performances from the comfort of their local theatres.


CineStarz Deluxe at Quartier Cavendish continues to gain a nice following in our community

There is no question about it. The CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish, which opened last summer,  is catching on with the community.

Look no further than me. Since the pandemic hit, I have watched most movies via streaming services. Yet there is nothing like seeing a motion picture on this big screen. This past weekend I went to see two matinees, Shazam! Fury of Gods and Air.


The place is kind of addictive. Owner Bruce Gurberg inherited a gutted theatre that Cineplex Odeon had operated. It was rundown and frankly when I wanted to see a movie, I usually avoided it and headed downtown or to St. Laurent, Marché Central or LaSalle.

Gurberg installed state-of-the-art  DPX sound, laser projection, massive screens and the most comfortable  leather seats you will find anywhere, with an electronic reclining feature.

A look at the bar.


The concessions stands were busy both days and so was the full bar. Gurberg obtained a liquor license when he opened the complex a few months ago.  Now those of age can come for a drink before or after the movie.

CineStarz Deluxe also proved to be a good refuge center in recent days for many people who had no power in their homes. It is open seven days a week, day and night.

Now for the movies I saw.  I was a big fan of the original Shazam television show back in the 1970s. When the first  movie came out in 2019, I was not compelled to go see it. With the long weekend upon us, my wife and I decided to go the movies. We checked the lineup at CineStarz and saw Shazam! Fury of The Gods. So on the Friday night we watched the 2019 version on Apple TV+ and we liked it.  In this version Billy Batson is an orphan who gains special powers by shouting out the word Shazam! He is a DC super hero, with Asher Angel as the younger version and Zachary Levi as  his alter-ego and the man in the  fancy lightning suit. We get to meet his foster brothers and sisters, who by the end of the first movie become super heroes  as well. I must say it was pretty cool not to have waited four years to see the sequel. Shazam! Fury of Gods has everything from humour, action and violence to crashes, destruction,  monsters and a terrifying dragon.      

Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu play the baddies. The film is based in Philadelphia and we see Citizens Bank Park, home to baseball’s Phillies and the Ben Franklin Bridge destroyed with some great special effects.

Here is the trailer


I am so glad I did not have to wait to see Air on a streaming service. This is the behind the scenes true story of how Nike convinced the family of  the now legendary Michael Jordan to sign an endorsement deal with them – despite heavy competition from Converse and Adidas. Matt Damon,  Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman and Viola Davis play leading roles in this superb film. The theatre I was in was nearly full, with people of all ages.  At the entrance, Bernie Gurberg (Bruce's dad) told me  that young kids were heading in and showing them their “Air Jordan” shoes. It was fascinating to learn that even today Michael Jordan collects $400 million a year in royalties from that brand and he has his mom (played by Davis) to thank for it. I really loved all the retro in this film from the 80s, be it the music, the clothes, the cars and Damon’s excitement over getting a rental with a phone in it.

Here is the trailer

Business has been good lately at CineStarz, which is in my district. Bruce tells me Super Mario Brothers is really bringing in the crowds.

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