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Spotlight on Local Merchants for May 2023: Bijü – Stephane Znaty

For the Côte Saint-Luc Local Commerce Committee, the Spotlight on Local Merchants for May 2023 shines on Bijü at Quartier Cavendish. This very popular kiosk has been located across from Pharmaprix since 2009 offering jewelry and watch repair, including battery changes on the spot.

Samara Nemeroff, Stephane Znaty, his mom Mireille, the Mayor and Council.

Owner Stephane Znaty, assisted by his mother Mireille and Samara Nemeroff, always greets customers with a smile. Bijü specializes in high-end hand-crafted diamond with platinum or gold jewelry to the every day silver jewelry piece as well as fashion jewelry. From custom designs to importing / exporting hand selected jewelry, Bijü’s primary goal is always focused on quality, price and th latest trends. Stephane will even remodel jewelry, all from the comfort of his private workshop.

Bijü is open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Thursday and 10 am to 5 pm Friday through Sunday.

You can find out more at

Mai 2023: Stéphane Znaty de Bijü

Le Comité de commerce local de Côte Saint-Luc est heureux de reconnaître la bijouterie Bijü, au Quartier Cavendish pour le mois de mai 2023. Ce kiosque très populaire est situé en face de Pharmaprix depuis 2009 et offre des services de réparation de bijoux et de montres, y compris le changement de piles sur place.

Le propriétaire Stéphane Znaty, assisté de sa mère Mireille et de Samara Nemeroff, accueille toujours les clients avec le sourire. Bijü se spécialise dans les bijoux haut de gamme en diamant, en platine ou en or, ainsi que dans les bijoux en argent et les bijoux de mode. De la création sur mesure à l’importation/exportation de bijoux sélectionnés à la main, l’objectif principal de Bijü est toujours la qualité, le prix et les dernières tendances. Stéphane peut même remodeler des bijoux, le tout dans le confort de son atelier privé.

Bijü est ouvert de 10 h à 18 h du lundi au jeudi et de 10 h à 17 h du vendredi au dimanche.

Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site


CineStarz Deluxe at Quartier Cavendish continues to gain a nice following in our community

There is no question about it. The CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish, which opened last summer,  is catching on with the community.

Look no further than me. Since the pandemic hit, I have watched most movies via streaming services. Yet there is nothing like seeing a motion picture on this big screen. This past weekend I went to see two matinees, Shazam! Fury of Gods and Air.


The place is kind of addictive. Owner Bruce Gurberg inherited a gutted theatre that Cineplex Odeon had operated. It was rundown and frankly when I wanted to see a movie, I usually avoided it and headed downtown or to St. Laurent, Marché Central or LaSalle.

Gurberg installed state-of-the-art  DPX sound, laser projection, massive screens and the most comfortable  leather seats you will find anywhere, with an electronic reclining feature.

A look at the bar.


The concessions stands were busy both days and so was the full bar. Gurberg obtained a liquor license when he opened the complex a few months ago.  Now those of age can come for a drink before or after the movie.

CineStarz Deluxe also proved to be a good refuge center in recent days for many people who had no power in their homes. It is open seven days a week, day and night.

Now for the movies I saw.  I was a big fan of the original Shazam television show back in the 1970s. When the first  movie came out in 2019, I was not compelled to go see it. With the long weekend upon us, my wife and I decided to go the movies. We checked the lineup at CineStarz and saw Shazam! Fury of The Gods. So on the Friday night we watched the 2019 version on Apple TV+ and we liked it.  In this version Billy Batson is an orphan who gains special powers by shouting out the word Shazam! He is a DC super hero, with Asher Angel as the younger version and Zachary Levi as  his alter-ego and the man in the  fancy lightning suit. We get to meet his foster brothers and sisters, who by the end of the first movie become super heroes  as well. I must say it was pretty cool not to have waited four years to see the sequel. Shazam! Fury of Gods has everything from humour, action and violence to crashes, destruction,  monsters and a terrifying dragon.      

Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu play the baddies. The film is based in Philadelphia and we see Citizens Bank Park, home to baseball’s Phillies and the Ben Franklin Bridge destroyed with some great special effects.

Here is the trailer


I am so glad I did not have to wait to see Air on a streaming service. This is the behind the scenes true story of how Nike convinced the family of  the now legendary Michael Jordan to sign an endorsement deal with them – despite heavy competition from Converse and Adidas. Matt Damon,  Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman and Viola Davis play leading roles in this superb film. The theatre I was in was nearly full, with people of all ages.  At the entrance, Bernie Gurberg (Bruce's dad) told me  that young kids were heading in and showing them their “Air Jordan” shoes. It was fascinating to learn that even today Michael Jordan collects $400 million a year in royalties from that brand and he has his mom (played by Davis) to thank for it. I really loved all the retro in this film from the 80s, be it the music, the clothes, the cars and Damon’s excitement over getting a rental with a phone in it.

Here is the trailer

Business has been good lately at CineStarz, which is in my district. Bruce tells me Super Mario Brothers is really bringing in the crowds.

To see what is playing go to:


It is time for our citizens to engage on our Master Plan and shopping center proposals

In June, the  City of Côte Saint-Luc began the process of gathering feedback from the public on our proposed revision to the municipal Master Plan and Zoning By-law revision documents.  We want  to capture your values and the essence of what makes our city home to you. This is your opportunity to speak up.

Last week we held a virtual information session about the future  of our three shopping mall sites. If you missed it, log on to this video.  For residents of District 2, go to the 48 minute mark to learn more about the Quartier Cavendish. The owners seek to create a modern, accessible and sustainable mixed-use project that offers commercial spaces, retail and residential units. They envision bike paths that would allow people to take advantage of a network of pocket parks  and have ready access to surrounding community facilities. In addition, the project would integrate a new food court with an outdoor terrace. A public transportation hub is envisioned as well. It would integrate with current and future transit connections such as the Cavendish extension.

A look at what the owners of Quartier Cavendish have in mind.


A few days after the virtual information meeting, we hosted an Open House  for the Master Plan at the Aquatic and Community Centre.  

We have launched a survey that every resident should complete:



On October 26 and 27, there will be public hearings at City Hall where citizens can present briefs.

Our city now has some 35,000 residents. Despite the efforts we made to publicize our activities thus far, citizen engagement has been low.  I just want to applaud the efforts of our senior staff for making every effort to ensure the population is informed. Nobody should be coming to us and say they did not know about this.

No decisions have been made yet. In fact, what we see at the present time are merely wish lists on the part of the shopping center owners. There are many steps city council will need to follow such as  adopting an actual master plan and new zoning by-laws,  engaging in formal public consultations  and of course allowing our citizens to have the final word.

Like my constituents, I am learning more about this process  each day.  The owners of Quartier Cavendish maintain they need a major refurbishment of their property to stay in business.

When would any construction work begin? It could be as early as 2024, but might take longer. This work would be done in stages over many years. In 2023 I will be holding meetings with residents, including the owners of the Quartier Cavendish.

Please stay connected to for regular updates on this process.

Be informed about our master plan for three CSL malls; Révision du plan d’urbanisme et du règlement de zonage

I wish to advise my constituents in District 2 (particularly those living closer to Quartier Cavendish) and citizens at large to  invite you to a virtual information session on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 7pm that will focus on the redevelopment of the three shopping malls in Côte Saint-Luc. This is part of our months-long public consultations on the master plan and zoning by-law revision.


Sunday September 18th you are invited to the in-person open house at the Aquatic and Community Centre 5794 Parkhaven from 10 am to 4 pm


The information session takes place over Zoom. You must register in advance:

Please note : You will receive a zoom invitation from Lauren Vantellingen [email protected]

Your participation and questions at the information session and open house are always appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting with you


Révision du plan d’urbanisme et du règlement de zonage

Chers résidants du District 2 et CSL


Je vous écris pour vous inviter à une séance d'information virtuelle le mardi 13 septembre 2022 à 19 h qui portera sur le réaménagement des trois centres commerciaux de Côte Saint-Luc. Cela fait partie de nos consultations publiques sur le plan d’urbanisme et la révision du règlement de zonage.

De plus le dimanche le 18 Septembre vous êtes invités à participer à une journée portes ouvertes de 10 h a 16 h au Centre communautaire et aquatique 5794 Parkhaven

La séance d'information se déroule sur Zoom. Vous devez vous inscrire au préalable :

Veuillez noter : Vous recevrez votre invitation zoom de la part de Lauren Vantellingen [email protected]

Votre participation et vos questions sont toujours appréciées.

Au plaisir de vous voir bientôt



New Quartier Cavendish movie theatres could open as early as July 8

The long wait for the return of movie theatres at Quartier Cavendish is almost over.


Bruce Gurberg can't wait to open his new theatres.


History will note that Cineplex  closed the cinema more than a  year ago. At the time I speculated that Bruce Gurberg, who owns the CinéStarz chain, might fill the void. Sure enough Gurberg did step forward. He signed  a multi-year lease. Since Cineplex removed virtually everything from the interior, Gurberg  used the opportunity to do a total relaunch.

Here is a video of my chat with Gurberg:

This complex will be  called CineStarz Deluxe and could open as early as July 8. Construction work presently continues around the clock. Every theatre will be spanking new, from the most comfortable (and expensive) electronic reclining seats  I have ever experienced; new screens, speakers; new washrooms; new  carpeting and flooring and even LED strips in each room that will change colours. Not only will there be concessions stands, with the CineStarz to die for popcorn, but yes a full bar with 15 stools. “We have a liquor license and people can come for a drink before or after their movie,” Bruce told me  during a private tour of the place.

“This is the biggest investment I have ever made in my life,” Gurberg says. “I am very excited to be opening a theatre where I live.”

Gurberg hopes to see many community organizations to take advantage of this prime location and use the theatres for events and gatherings.

CinéStarz presently has locations in Côte des Neiges,  St. Leonard, Grenville in Quebec and  Orleans, Ottawa and  Burlington in Ontario.

You can go to

Here I am trying out the new comfy seats.

Reserve the date of Wednesday June 8: Virtual Meeting on CSL Master Plan

There will be a very important city-wide virtual meeting planned for Wed June 8 at 7 pm, to discuss the city's Master Plan. Please note that Councillor Andee Shuster and I had originally planned a Virtual Town Hall this week for Districts 2 and 8, but postponed it in order to focus on this important event so please forgive the original hyperlink on this e-mail.
Quartier Cavendish
The one topic all residents will be particularly interested in is the planned redevelopment of our three large malls : Quartier Cavendish, Decarie Square and the CSL Shopping Centre.

Between June and December 2022, the City of Côte Saint-Luc will be gathering feedback from the public on our revision to the municipal Master Plan and Zoning By-law revision documents. 

An image of what a new Decarie Square could look like.


The City of Côte Saint-Luc wants to capture your values and the essence of what makes Côte Saint-Luc home to you. We want to know how you imagine the future of your city.  

The CSL Shopping Centre.


From June to December 2022, we have organized different activities to help inform those who live and work in Côte Saint-Luc and to give them a chance to share their ideas. We are hosting public information sessions, an open house, and a public hearing. There will be a web page to share resources and keep you updated on the process, as well as an online survey to collect your feedback. 

Please register to participate via this link:

Take a look at the FAQ section will explain a lot.

Révision du plan directeur d’urbanisme et du règlement de zonage

Côte Saint-Luc annonce le lancement des consultations sur la révision du nouveau plan directeur d’urbanisme et du règlement de zonage   

Entre juin et décembre 2022, la ville de Côte Saint-Luc recueillera les commentaires du public sur sa révision du plan directeur municipal et du règlement de zonage.   

La Ville de Côte Saint-Luc veut connaître vos valeurs et l’essence de pourquoi Côte Saint-Luc est votre chez-vous. Nous voulons savoir comment vous imaginez l’avenir de votre ville.   

De juin à décembre 2022, des activités différentes sont prévues afin d’informer les personnes qui vivent et travaillent à Côte Saint-Luc et leur donner la possibilité de partager leurs idées. Nous organiserons des séances d’information publiques, une journée portes ouvertes et une audience publique. Il y aura une page Web pour partager les ressources et vous tenir au courant du processus, ainsi qu’un sondage en ligne pour recueillir vos commentaires.  

Le processus de consultation débutera par une séance d’information publique en ligne le 8 juin, à 19 heures.  Le processus de consultation vous sera expliqué et vous apprendrez comment y participer.

Inscrivez-vous ici

Nous enregistrerons la séance et la mettrons en ligne pour que vous puissiez la regarder à votre convenance. Nous comptons sur votre participation. Votre point de vue est important pour nous, et nous avons hâte d’entendre ce que vous avez à dire.  





New Orthodontist Clinic coming to The Avenue

City Council has approved the signage for the first tenant on the ground floor of the District 2 apartment building on The Avenue. It will nice to see the brown paper come down from the windows, although there is still another section the owners can rent out.

It has been five years since residents began occupying the building right across the street from the side entrance of Quartier Cavendish. He ground floor has always been zoned commercial and in a few weeks Nemes Ortho will set up shop there. Operated by Dr. Jordan Nemes (whose parents own J & R Kosher), this will be a nice addition to the community. Of course, at Quartier Cavendish, the legendary Dr. Marvin Steinberg continuest to make kids' teeth straight at Smile Creations.

Ortho (2)
A look at what the outside will look like.


Nemes Ortho  currently operates on the West Island and at Decarie Square. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from McGill University, Dr. Nemes received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from NYU’s College of Dentistry. Dr. Nemes then completed a multidisciplinary general practice residency program at the Jewish General Hospital (McGill University) where he received advanced dental training in various dental specialties and emergency care.

Dr. Nemes with a patient.


Following his residency, Dr. Nemes practiced dentistry in Montreal and the West Island. Dr. Nemes obtained his Master’s degree and specialty training in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the University of Manitoba and is a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in Orthodontics. During the course of his studies, Dr. Nemes earned several academic awards and honor.

Dr. Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg, who is also one of my constituents, received his dental training at McGill University in Montreal and his Orthodontic training at Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry in Boston. He holds a Certificate in Orthodontics as well as a Masters of Science in Dentistry degree. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, a Fellow of the American College of Dentists, and as well, a Fellow of the International College of  Dentists. Dr. Steinberg is a Past-President of the Federation of Dental Societies of Greater Montreal, a Past-President of Alpha Omega-Mount Royal Dental Society and Past President of the Quebec Association of Orthodontists.

Let the record show that thanks to my parents, I had braces as did my brother Chuck and sister Lisa. Our orthodontist was Dr. Eric  B. Reich, who had his office at the Kildare Medical Centre. He was such a sports fan that before each appointment he'd call me into his private office to discuss the latest news in the NHL. Everytime I smile with my straight teeth I am grateful to my parents and Dr. Reich.

New Quartier Cavendish movie theatres should be opening soon

With movie theatres now open for business, the curtains will  soon rise at the new Ciné Starz  Deluxe Cinemas at Quartier Cavendish.

Hampstead's Bruce Gurberg owns the chain, which has locations at Plaza Côte des Neiges, in St. Leonard,  Ottawa and Toronto. He tells me that he hopes to be ready to show movies by the end of March or the beginning of April.

City Council has approved this outdoor sign proposal for the new theatre.


Cineplex Odeon Theatres at Quartier Cavendish shut operations at Quartier Cavendish in November 2020. The company emptied the place out, right down to the seats, screens and concession stand. I believed that Gurberg would be the one to fill the void and he indeed stepped up.

"We will have the same eight screens," Gurberg told me. "There will be brand new seating and let's just say I have some real surprises planned."



Cineplex Odeon theatres at Cavendish close for good

The COVID-19 has claimed another victim as the Cineplex Odeon Theatres at the Quartier Cavendish have closed for good

I was surprised to see the theatres last this long. They never did a booming business, but it is nonetheless a loss for our community. Seniors in particular appreciated having a multiplex so close by. It was also great for young families. In recent years our city has held our Volunteer Appreciation Evening there.


The doors are closing.


When they first opened here about two decades ago it was a celebration. Prior to that the closest theatres were at Decarie Square (now a Dollar Cinema) and Plaza Côte des Neiges (now Cinéstarz).

The movie theatre business has taken a massive beating since COVID-19 hit last March. They did reopen for a few months, but crowds were weak.  Would Cinéstarz owner Bruce Gurberg consider stepping in and saving the Cavendish theatres or has the curtain closed for good?

I will miss this place.


A sign at the Quartier Cavendish does inform everyone that the theatres are closed permanently and to head to the Forum downtown. Cineplex Odeon also operates a cinema in  LaSalle.

The last movie I saw was at Cavendish - Academy Award winner Parasite.

A new chance for CSL adults to "engage" at Quartier Cavendish

There was a lot of enthusiasm at the Quartier Cavendish on January 15  for the grand opening of Concordia University’s engAGE Creative Living Lab. It is located right next to Scotiabank,

The engAGE Creative Living Lab is an interactive space open five days a week for older adults, university researchers and the broader community to be students and teachers for each other while experimenting and exploring materials, ideas, and digital technologies together. Officials I spoke to say they invite skill sharing, conversations and the building of a creative and inclusive community across generations and cultures. All activities are free and everyone is welcome to participate.

There is a new spot to "engage" at Quartier Cavendish.

Janis Timm-Bottos, who created the project,  says situating the lab in a familiar space like a mall is a way to create a comfortable atmosphere where older adults, especially those who may be experiencing isolation, feel supported and encouraged to interact with university researchers. “We want to know what older adults think and what they already do to promote health and wellness with their friends, families and communities,” she explains. “With this information, we can then work together to develop creative ways to share this with universities across Quebec and the public at large.”

People on hand at the opening got a chance to participate in the Media Spa,  Art Hive while engaging in new learning experiences as part of this month’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)Research Residency(January 16 to 31).


People had lots of questions.

Here is some news about the January 2020 Research Residency: “Check Your Balance, Befriend Gravity, and Dance!”: Concordia’s engAGE researcher, Karen Li, PhD (Professor of Psychology specializing in studying the impact of hearing, vision, and cognition on motor coordination), and Berkley Peterson, MA are inviting people to discover how your sensory system, especially hearing, contributes to safe winter walking. Folks will also enjoy learning a few new dance moves with Brazilian dancer, Déborah Maia de Lima (PhD student in Études et pratiques des arts (UQAM) and in Performing Arts ( UFBA); Researcher in cultural dances, Improvisational performances; Creative Dance and Somatic Education as resources for Education, Artistic Creation, Illness prevention and improvement of quality of life).
Tuesday to Friday,  from 11 am to 2 pm, you can come and test your balance at the lab.

The official hours are   Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 12-5 pm and Thursday from Noon to 8 pm.

The engAGE Creative Living Lab is a Concordia University initiative from engAGE Research Centre, made possible through funding by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ)- Santé, Plateforme de financements de la recherche intersectorielle sur le vieillissement

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and I were on hand, as well as other city reps, to speak to those on hand who also told me there will be things for youngsters to take part in.

Welcome to Côte Saint-Luc and District 2.