Businesses in CSL

Plans to reimagine the building at Cavendish and Kildare begin to take shape

Aaron Bitton has big plans for the office building at the corner of Cavendish and Kildare. Via his family’s company, Holand Leasing, he has already submitted two zoning amendment requests to city council to add a pharmacy and a café.  A public consultation meeting was held on July 11 and nobody showed up. Those changes will be formally adopted on August 14.

Aaron Bitton with me in front of the building.


Aaron, 31,  grew up in Côte Saint-Luc and his father Gad raised the family here and remains in the same house. Gad is the ultimate success story. His group of car dealerships and real estate holdings continue to grow. Aaron had been living in Israel for a decade. When he returned home with his wife  Dalia and their five children last fall he was tasked with a number of projects including this building in the heart of my District 2.

For years the building housed Police Station 9. The Royal Bank remains anchor tenant.  Aaron has his sights set on attracting medical and dental clinics, massage therapists, music studios, professionals and a daycare. While there is no present-day zoning for the latter, a trial run has been in place for months. Hebrew Academy’s daycare has been parked here temporarily after a pipe burst in its headquarters. I  accompanied Aaron to the building recently. Drop off was scattered between 7:30 am and 9 am. There is an entrance via the back parking lot, so if this comes to council a lot of the obvious questions will already have answers.

The café will have an outdoor entrance and a terrasse. Aaron hopes work can begin on this soon. I believe this will be a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood. As for the pharmacy, I did express some concern about this given the fact we have one of the best in the business across the street. Pharmaprix Cavendish is expertly run by the husband and wife team of David Banon and Sarah Ettedgui and serves the community well. Aaron has assured council he is looking to add a very small pharmacy that will there to handle prescriptions for the medical clinics he hopes to attract.

Aaron would also like to see if he can lure  clinics for blood tests and radiology. Family Physician Dr. Norman Sabin, a regular council meeting attendee who practices out of the Queen Elizabeth Health Centre, said he’d relocate to the Cavendish/Kildare building if such services would be offered.

As for parking, there are 96 indoor and 76 outdoor. Unquestionably, with thousands of people living within easy walking distance, potential medical clinics would not necessarily require people to arrive via a vehicle.

“Last year one of our major tenants left after having been here for 10 years,” Aaron explained. “That left us with a 75 percent vacancy rate. We intend to fill all of those spots in a way that the neighbourhood benefits as well.”

Is a café with a terrasse and retail commerce in the plans for Cavendish and Kildare?

A proposal will soon be coming to City Council from our Planning Advisory Committee in regard to a rezoning request for the office building at 5757 Cavendish, corner of Kildare.

The request is to allow for a restaurant and retail commerce.   Retail could include arts and crafts boutiques, a book store, antique shop, art gallery, artists or craftmen's workshops or studios, decoration shops, union or political party offices, photo studio, retail postal outlet, convenience type stores (tobacco shop or new stand), food market, natural foods, pastry shop, caterer, bakery, deli, fruit store or an interior  fruit and vegetable market and a pharmacy. I am opposed to the latter, given the fact we have one of the best pharmacies in the city across the street in pharmarcy.

A rendering of what the café would look like. It would be better placed facing Cavendish.

From the owners of the building are telling the city right now,  for the restaurant they wish to introduce a health café  which would offer salads, poke bowls, quality sandwiches and coffee and include a seasonal outdoor terrasse. This is something I would  100 percent support.

The owners wish to add the pharmacy to complement  the medical facilities in the building.

For years, 5757 has been home to an RBC bank and for some time Police Station 9 was based there. While there is parking in the rear, this is not a large lot so we need to keep that in mind when making a final decision on this propos

A longer view of a proposed improved facade.

It is unlikely that most of the retail categories mentioned above will surface in this building. However, I would like to see a fruit store.

This dossier is now in the hands of our Urban Planning Department. Before any approval takes place, there will be a public consultation.

Un café avec terrasse et commerce de détail est-il prévu à Cavendish et Kildare?

Notre Comité consultatif d'urbanisme soumettra bientôt au Conseil municipal une proposition concernant une demande de rezonage pour l'immeuble de bureaux situé au 5757 Cavendish, à l'angle de Kildare.

La demande vise à autoriser l'ouverture d'un restaurant et d'un commerce de détail. Le commerce de détail pourrait inclure des boutiques d'art et d'artisanat, une librairie, un magasin d'antiquités, une galerie d'art, des ateliers ou studios d'artistes ou d'artisans, des magasins de décoration, des bureaux de syndicats ou de partis politiques, un studio de photographie, un comptoir postal de détail, des magasins de type commodité (bureau de tabac ou nouveau stand), un marché alimentaire, des aliments naturels, une pâtisserie, un traiteur, une boulangerie, une charcuterie, un magasin de fruits ou un marché intérieur de fruits et légumes, et une pharmacie. Je suis opposé à cette dernière, étant donné que nous avons l'une des meilleures pharmacies de la ville de l'autre côté de la rue, à Pharmaprix.

D'après ce que les propriétaires du bâtiment disent à la ville en ce moment, ils souhaitent introduire pour le restaurant un café santé qui offrirait des salades, des poke bowls, des sandwichs de qualité et du café et qui comprendrait une terrasse extérieure saisonnière. C'est un projet que je soutiendrais à 100 %.

Les propriétaires souhaitent ajouter une pharmacie pour compléter les installations médicales du bâtiment.

Pendant des années, le 5757 a abrité une banque RBC et, pendant un certain temps, le commissariat de police 9 y a été installé. Bien qu'il y ait un parking à l'arrière, il ne s'agit pas d'un grand terrain et nous devons garder cela à l'esprit lorsque nous prendrons une décision finale sur cette proposition.

Il est peu probable que la plupart des catégories de commerces mentionnées ci-dessus se retrouvent dans ce bâtiment. Cependant, j'aimerais y voir un magasin de fruits.

Ce dossier est maintenant entre les mains de notre service d'urbanisme. Avant toute approbation, il y aura une consultation publique.

Traduit avec




Master Plan workshops offer citizens the opportunity to engage: Home-Based Businesses discussed in first session

Hard work continues on the party of our city to inform the public and enable citizens to participate in the full consultation process for the revision of our municipal Master Plan and Zoning By-law revision documents. 

See the recent story in The Montreal Gazette

At the present time we are organizing a series of in-person workshops at City Hall. As the councillor responsible for Local Commerce,  I took part in the one on November 2. The focus was on  Home-Based Businesses and Local Commerce 

Commercial activity is a fundamental part of any thriving city. With the three large commercial centres undergoing major transformation over the next few years and changes in the world of retail, we need to consider what kinds of commercial activity are relevant, desirable, and accessible for our residents in commercial zones and in homes. 

Home-Based Businesses have fallen into somewhat of a grey zone over the years. Officially, if you are operating a business out of your residence you are supposed to register the company with the city.

It was interesting being part of the dialogue at City Hall with senior staff and some citizens. We looked at the different categories of Home-Based Businesses: Professional (insurance, programming, medical and legal services); Personal (massage therapy, osteopathy, hairdresser, estheticians, personal trainer);  Repair (car mechanic, electronics); Animals (pet sitter, dog walker veterinarian, groomer); Artisans (sculpting, painting, tailor, photographer);  Retail (sales of items, online business); Childcare (daycare presently permitted only in detached or semi-detached dwellings); Catering; Short-term Rentals (Airbnb, Swimply -which stands for people who rent their personal pools out).


Dida Berku and Tanya Abramovitch speak at workshop.


“We will have to legislate Home-Based Businesses,” stated Deputy Mayor Dida Berku, who is the councillor responsible for the Master Plan. “We want to know what kind of businesses our citizens believe should be in homes and residential buildings; what kind of business will they support?”

Associate City Manager Tanya Abramovitch, who is quarterbacking our master plan consultations process, noted that since the pandemic Home-Based Businesses have exploded. “And that is not people working from home,” she emphasized.

It was interesting to observe the discussion that went on at the first workshop.


Tanya explained that there are pros and cons to this.  Home-Based Busineses are really local, they allow residents to make a living as well as save on rent. However, there are concerns about traffic, parking, our inability as a city to necessarily collect taxes (if we do not know they are operating); and there could be building code issues.

In the workshop we divided into three tables and engaged in dialogue with team leaders. What businesses do we need in Côte Saint-Luc? Where do you go to buy what you need day-to-day? What is Côte Saint-Luc’s mission?

Below is what’s coming up in the next few weeks. You can register here.

Workshop 2: Housing 
Date: Wednesday, November 9, 7pm 
Location: 5801 Cavendish, City Hall Council Chamber 

Housing is fundamental. It is also under tremendous strain throughout the world, including in Côte Saint-Luc. Housing costs are high and the existing housing stock does also not always suit people’s needs. With the Master Plan and Zoning By-Law Revision, we have an opportunity to diversify our housing and explore together what the needs are for today and tomorrow.

Workshop 3 – The Westminster Corridor 
Date: Wednesday, November 30, 7pm 
Location: 5555 Westminster, Suite 209 

The Westminster Corridor is one of the main arteries in Côte Saint-Luc and is the western spine of the city. It has a lot of potential, and we would like to work with local residents to establish a clear vision of what it could be in terms of land use and street design.

Workshop 4 – Mobility & Connectivity 
Date: Tuesday, December 6, 7pm 
Location: 5801 Cavendish, City Hall Council Chamber 

Mobility is a key factor in urban design. Everyone has places to go, and they need a means to get there. Each time they make a trip, they decide which mode to use. In Côte Saint-Luc people have had little choice, and so most often have had to resort to their cars, ending up stuck in traffic. With the Master Plan, the City would like to expand the options available to residents and give them a choice, connecting them to the wider Montreal area.  


Atelier 1 : Entreprises à domicile et commerce local 
Date : Mercredi 2 novembre, de 19 h à 21 h 
Lieu : 5801 Cavendish, salle du conseil de l`Hôtel de ville 

L’activité commerciale est un élément fondamental de toute ville prospère. Avec les trois grands centres commerciaux qui subiront une transformation majeure au cours des prochaines années et les changements dans le monde du commerce de détail, nous devons examiner quels types d’activité commerciale sont pertinents, souhaitables et accessibles pour nos résidents dans les zones commerciales et dans les résidences. 

Atelier 2 : Logement 
Date : Mercredi 9 novembre, 19 h 
Lieu : 5801 Cavendish, salle du conseil de l’Hôtel de ville 

 Le logement est fondamental. Il est également soumis à de fortes pressions dans le monde entier, y compris à Côte Saint-Luc. Le coût du logement est élevé et le parc immobilier existant ne répond pas toujours aux besoins des gens. Avec le plan d’urbanisme et la révision du règlement de zonage, nous avons l’occasion de diversifier nos logements et d’explorer ensemble les besoins d’aujourd’hui et de demain.  

Atelier 3 – Le corridor de Westminster 
Date : Mercredi 30 novembre, 19 h 
Lieu : 5555 Westminster, bureau 209 

Le corridor Westminster est l’une des principales artères de Côte Saint-Luc et constitue la colonne vertébrale dans l’ouest de la ville. Il a beaucoup de potentiel et nous aimerions travailler avec les résidents du quartier pour établir une vision claire de ce qu’il pourrait être en termes d’aménagement du territoire et de conception des rues.

Atelier 4 – Mobilité et connectivité 
Date : Mardi 6 décembre, 19h 
Lieu : 5801 Cavendish, salle du conseil de l’Hôtel de ville 

La mobilité est un facteur clé en matière de design urbain. Tout le monde doit se déplacer vers des endroits et a besoin d’un moyen pour y parvenir. Chaque fois que les gens effectuent un déplacement, ils décident du mode à utiliser. À Côte Saint-Luc, les gens n’ont guère le choix et doivent le plus souvent recourir à la voiture, se retrouvant ainsi coincés dans les embouteillages. Avec le plan d’urbanisme, la ville aimerait élargir les options offertes aux résidents et leur donner le choix, en les reliant à la grande région de Montréal.

Be part of the discussion on Home-Based Businesses and Local Commerce

I wish to share with constituents a series of workshops related to our Master Plan and Zoning By-law Revision. It’s about an opportunity to dig deep into important urban planning issues and share your opinion. We’re organizing four workshops including the following one next week.


Workshop 1: Home-Based Businesses and Local Commerce

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 7pm to 9pm

Location: 5801 Cavendish, City Hall Council Chamber


This related to one of my portfolios on council. Commercial activity is a fundamental part of any thriving city. With the three large commercial centres undergoing major transformation over the next few years and changes in the world of retail, we need to consider what kinds of commercial activity are relevant, desirable, and accessible for our residents in commercial zones and in homes. On the latter point, especially since the pandemic, more people are working full-time at home. As for people who run complete business operations from their residence, this has always been somewhat of a gray zone. Going forward we will make the rules more clear.


To register, complete the webform at:


The form is in the Workshops tab. Hope to see you there!




* * *


Je t'écris pour t'inviter à une série d'ateliers liés à la révision de notre plan d'urbanisme et de notre règlement de zonage. C'est l'occasion de creuser des questions d'urbanisme importantes et de partager ton opinion. Nous organisons quatre ateliers, dont le suivant la semaine prochaine.


Atelier 1 : Entreprises à domicile et commerce local

Date : Mercredi 2 novembre, de 19 h à 21 h

Lieu : 5801 Cavendish, salle du conseil de l`Hôtel de ville


L’activité commerciale est un élément fondamental de toute ville prospère. Avec les trois grands centres commerciaux qui subiront une transformation majeure au cours des prochaines années et les changements dans le monde du commerce de détail, nous devons examiner quels types d’activité commerciale sont pertinents, souhaitables et accessibles pour nos résidents dans les zones commerciales et dans les résidences.


Pour t'inscrire, remplis le formulaire web à l'adresse suivante :


Le formulaire se trouve dans l'onglet Ateliers. J'espère que tu seras là !

Spotlight on Local Merchants for May: Dr Jordan Nemes and Nemes Ortho in District 2

Dr. Jordan Nemes, a board-certified orthodontist, and his team have opened a new state-of-the- art orthodontic clinic in the heart of Côte Saint Luc, right next to the Quartier Cavendish on the ground floor of the apartment building on The Avenue.

I was pleased to present Dr. Nemes with the Spotlight on Local Merchant honours for May when I visited his new locale.  On hand were his parents  Sid and Susie (of J&R Kosher Meats), building ownership representative Emile Badea and Samonda Johnpillai and Marc Talbot from project managers Derrig Talbot.

Please click here  on this link to see our feature, photos and video on the CSL Website

The expansive and bright ground floor unit  for Nemes Ortho also has its own 16 car parking lot to make your visit as convenient and comfortable as possible.

2022-05-17 - Nemes Ortho ribbon cutting and tour 01
Officiating at the ribbon cutting.


While Dr. Nemes completed the bulk of his graduate studies outside Quebec (Dentistry at NYU and his orthodontic residency at the University of Manitoba), he always knew he would open a clinic in Cote St. Luc one day, the city he grew up in and loved.

The result is a beautiful new destination for individuals of all ages who are looking to improve their smile aesthetics and functionality.

As Dr. Nemes explains, “We have patients ranging from 7 to 70 years old. It is recommended to see an orthodontist around the age of 7-8 to provide for timely detection of potential problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment. Early detection and treatment can prevent serious problems from happening later in life. As for my older patients, sometimes orthodontic treatment was desired, but life got in the way, and they are only now able to prioritize treatment for themselves.”

2022-05-17 Nemes Ortho ribbon cutting and tour 010
Dr. Nemes, myself and the team.


Dr. Nemes offers conventional metal and clear braces as well as the virtually invisible Invisalign aligners. As one of the top Invisalign providers according to Invisalign, Dr. Nemes can treat a variety of cases and complex treatments using that technology, including extraction, surgical and early preventative cases.

Also significant to Dr. Nemes was investing in the best air filtration equipment:

“The pandemic taught us the importance of top-notch hygiene standards. It was imperative to install the highest quality central air purification system to protect my patients. We even constructed each treatment room as a separate room to offer patients maximum privacy and protection.”

New patients are welcome, and no doctor referral is necessary. To book your consult with Dr. Nemes, you can call the clinic at 514.739.1280 or email at [email protected]

Dr. Nemes and the entire Nemes Ortho team look forward to creating healthy beautiful smiles in the community for years to come.

New Orthodontist Clinic coming to The Avenue

City Council has approved the signage for the first tenant on the ground floor of the District 2 apartment building on The Avenue. It will nice to see the brown paper come down from the windows, although there is still another section the owners can rent out.

It has been five years since residents began occupying the building right across the street from the side entrance of Quartier Cavendish. He ground floor has always been zoned commercial and in a few weeks Nemes Ortho will set up shop there. Operated by Dr. Jordan Nemes (whose parents own J & R Kosher), this will be a nice addition to the community. Of course, at Quartier Cavendish, the legendary Dr. Marvin Steinberg continuest to make kids' teeth straight at Smile Creations.

Ortho (2)
A look at what the outside will look like.


Nemes Ortho  currently operates on the West Island and at Decarie Square. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from McGill University, Dr. Nemes received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from NYU’s College of Dentistry. Dr. Nemes then completed a multidisciplinary general practice residency program at the Jewish General Hospital (McGill University) where he received advanced dental training in various dental specialties and emergency care.

Dr. Nemes with a patient.


Following his residency, Dr. Nemes practiced dentistry in Montreal and the West Island. Dr. Nemes obtained his Master’s degree and specialty training in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the University of Manitoba and is a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in Orthodontics. During the course of his studies, Dr. Nemes earned several academic awards and honor.

Dr. Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg, who is also one of my constituents, received his dental training at McGill University in Montreal and his Orthodontic training at Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry in Boston. He holds a Certificate in Orthodontics as well as a Masters of Science in Dentistry degree. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, a Fellow of the American College of Dentists, and as well, a Fellow of the International College of  Dentists. Dr. Steinberg is a Past-President of the Federation of Dental Societies of Greater Montreal, a Past-President of Alpha Omega-Mount Royal Dental Society and Past President of the Quebec Association of Orthodontists.

Let the record show that thanks to my parents, I had braces as did my brother Chuck and sister Lisa. Our orthodontist was Dr. Eric  B. Reich, who had his office at the Kildare Medical Centre. He was such a sports fan that before each appointment he'd call me into his private office to discuss the latest news in the NHL. Everytime I smile with my straight teeth I am grateful to my parents and Dr. Reich.

Qualitifruits Encore is only closed for renovations

Do not despair as I did last Sunday when I drove over to Qualitifruits Encore on Westminister Avenue in Côte Saint-Luc and found the doors shut and everything  dark inside.


Qualitifruits has shut down at least twice that I know of under different ownerships, but I went by today and received assurances that they are only closed for renvovations. As the city councillor now responsible for our Local Commerce Committee, I am  keeping a closer eye on local business with the hope we can give those in need a boost when necessary.


Qualitifruits is a gem within our midst. Owner Babu and his team aim to please. They are the only store I know that will cut fresh fruit for you on demand when you show up at the store or if you call in advance. Their selection is excellent. They also have a variety of grocery items and Chef Frank, who on a daily basis creates homemade meals you need only pop in the microwave.

There was a busy crew inside the store as I watched them work from the parking lot.  According to one gentleman there will be some new bells and whistles added, including a new kosher section.




Collection Équinoxe hosts successful Holiday Market event to support local businesses

One of  my new portfolios on city council is Local Commerce, so I was very pleased to see the Équinoxe Marc Chagall present a Holiday Market  on December 12.

This was a clever initiative by the administration of the two large rental apartment buildings.The purpose of the event was to support local businesses. There were  12 exhibitors, many of whom reside at the Équinoxe.

Nathalie Päriente
Nathalie Pariente


“It was a very big success,” said Nathalie Pariente of The Équinoxe. “People found some wonderful gifts for the holidays.”

Sonia Ohayon

There was  nice variety of exhibitors.  Sonia Ohayon is a caterer who had plenty of samples to share, including her famous Moroccan cigars.  She is noted for her incredible soups, main dishes like sweet and sour meatballs, desserts and plenty of sides. She caters and does deliveries. You can reach her at 514-481-6207 and [email protected].

Robyn Goodman

Robyn Goodman, whose parents live in the building, was selling her beautiful paintings. You can reach her at [email protected].

Stephen  Orleans right and friends.

Stephen Orleans was helping a friend sell her impressive line of sunglasses.

Myriam Zagury

Myriam Zagury  showed her line of  merchandise from Arbonne, for whom she is an independent consultant and executive district manager. She had  a variety of nutrition, skincare, makeup and healthy living products for sale. Go to

Gift packages
Elizabeth and her daughter.

Elizabeth Sebbag had beautiful pre-wrapped gift packages via Ethan’s Creation. She can be reached at [email protected] if you need something ready to go for someone.

The Équinoxe has a lot of pet owners who use this service.

As an animal lover I was pleased to see that a representative from Between Hands Paws, a pet sitting and animal walking company powered by educhateur  was on hand. Go to  or call 514-647-2428.

The two reps from Groupe  De Palma.

Groupe De Palma provides concierge services to the building and they could do the same for you. Check them out at

These were just some of the vendors.

Bravo to all. I recommended to Nathalie that this type of sale be repeated in the spring or summer, perhaps even outdoors.

Caldwell Provisions to become Supermarché PA  Côte Saint-Luc next fall

Caldwell Provisions, the popular neighbourhood grocery store located on Caldwell and Kildare Road, will take over the entire strip mall by fall 2021  and be rebranded as Supermarché PA Côte Saint-Luc.

Owner George Sparagis said  the existing tenants, CSL Bagel, a drycleaner, a hairdresser and a chocolate shop, will all be integrated into the new design, which will expand to three storeys. The former Pharmaprix , bakery  and synagogue storefronts are already empty.


George and Rachel celebrate the exciting news.


Sparagis made the deal with Supermarché PA when they unsuccessfully tried to lure away his head chef Sophie and head cashier Rachel.  

By engaging in this partnership, Sophie will in fact become the executive chef for all of the Supermarché PA stores. They will also carry CSL Bagel and Le Petit Jardin  products.

“This is a dream come true,” CSL Bagel owner Seth Eliahoo told me through his glass window. Seth has employed rigid safety measures since the start of the pandemic. He does not even let his financée inside.


Seth contemplates great things ahead for his bagel empire.


Mayor Mitchell Brownstein was privately involved in the negotiations and promised to bring to Council a proposal to place a very large billboard on the roof of the building to increase visibility.

Supernarché PA will also purchase naming rights to the Samuel Moskovitch Arena. The ice surface itself will be known as the Supermarché PA Rink and that will be emblazoned on the scoreboard.

While small in size compared to the major grocery stores, Caldwell Provisions has cornered the market  on fresh ready to eat meals via Chef Sophie and some of the best cut fruit in town thanks to assistant manager Spiro and his team. Many clients do their regular grocery order here by phone and as a result Sparagis has multiple delivery trucks out at a time.

The staff are extremely friendly and they greet all regular customers by name.

Sparagis started working at the store when he attended nearby Wagar High School and eventually bought the place. He is a hands on owner who can be seen on site seven days a week.

Now this would be an absolutely excellent idea for the strip mall, but at this point I must simply say “April Fool’s Day.” However, on that note I would certainly welcome Caldwell Provisions taking over the  storefront formerly occupied by Pharmaprix so they can double in size. As for CSL Bagel, Eliahoo created a superb brand and expansion is indeed merited.

IGA Lipari at Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre going the extra mile to assist clients for Passover orders

It is hard to believe, but we are headed towards our second COVID-19 Passover and that brings with it many challenges.

Right about now, grocery stores in the Jewish communities have aisles of Passover products. Most of the non-perishables are in while we might have to wait just a little bit longer for the frozen goods.

There are still many people in our community, particularly seniors, who do not wish to physically go into a store. To avoid that they have relied upon curbside pickup or delivery the past year.  In order to do so you must register an account with IGA, Provigo or Metro and input your order several days in advance.

For Passover, though, you are not really going to see a list of items you need on the data base.

Now I have always done my Passover shopping at the IGA Lipari at the Côte Saint-Luc Shopping Centre. Owner Pete Lipari is a prince of an individual. Last summer he worked with the Nellie Philanthropy Foundation.  David Lisbona, Councillor Mitch Kujavsky, his sister Pam Kujavsky, and Melissa Margles spearheaded a group of about 200 volunteers who packed and delivered orders to seniors. Lipari let them stay after hours  and before opening in the morning to complete the task.

Peter Lipari is ready to assist.


Well, once again, Lipari is stepping up.  Beginning  Friday, March 12 people can reserve their Passover orders by sending an email to [email protected].  It is important to merely list the name of the product you want, such as egg matzvah or chocolate cake mix. Someone will call you within two days to go over the items and take your credit card. You can then arrange for it to be delivered or picked up. The last day of operation for this option will be Monday, March 22 at Noon.

This is something those of us who have elderly parents can take care of it they do not have email. Many seniors have received their first vaccines, but they do not kick in for three weeks. So it remains highly advisable for them to stay home and safe.

Here is a basic list of Passover items you can order:

  • Borch
  • Gelfilte fish
  • Matzah
  • Egg Matzah
  • Whole wheat Matzah
  • Matzah Farfel
  • Matzah meal
  • Cake meal
  • Vegetable oil
  • Sugar brown sugar
  • Passover coke/diet coke
  • White rock seltzer
  • Chicken consume
  • Matzah ball min
  • Matzah ball and soup mix
  • Jam, assorted flavors
  • Instant coffee/tea
  • Cereal
  • Passover cake mix
  • Kedem grape juice
  • Candles
  • Spices
  • Matzah crumbs
  • Passover cookies, cakes
  • And many more items including meat, cold cuts, salads, dairy, etc

If you have another item, just list it.  The phone number is 514-486-3254.