A welcomed addition to District 2: Le Montefiore starts to fill up

It was more than five years ago when the Manoir Montefiore seniors residence on Mackle Road near Cavendish shut its doors. It sat empty for a while until Jadco Real Estate, the company behind the Equinoxe towers on Marc Chagall Avenue, purchased the property and completely gutted the interior to introduce a luxury rental apartment building nicely redubbed as Le Montefiore.


The lobby.


With the arrival of the second Equinoxe in November and Le Montefiore, I now welcome new District 2 constituents in three buildings since  the last election.

Oren Elbaz

Rising nine stories and consisting of 94 residences, unit sizes  at   Le Montefiore range from 440 square foot studios to 1600 square foot penthouses.  Oren Elbaz, the manager of the Equinoxe handles similar duties here. In order to accommodate  the additional cars, a second indoor parking lot was constructed where the Manoir Montefiore dining hall used to sit.

Residents began moving in towards the end of June. It is now 60 percent occupied. A leasing manager is  available each day to showcase  units, which come with brand new appliances. Someone I  know who just signed a lease was sold  on the idea when she saw there was a washer and dryer in each unit. There is an outdoor terrasse, which will soon have barbeques and a reception room  for private events on the main floor. Pets are welcomed.

For more information go to or call  514-547-1234.

A look at the interior.



The view from a penthouse balcony.


Construction to resume Monday at the Equinoxe and Le Montefiore

The Quebec government announced last week that it will allow some residential construction to resume as an essential service. Premier François Legault said the government is allowing the building of new homes so a housing crisis is not added on top of the current public health crisis. Construction and renovation work on housing units that had been slated for completion by July 31 will be allowed to resume on Monday. Building inspections and land surveying for residential construction will also be permitted, and the necessary supply chains will be reopened.

The Equinoxe Phase 2 under construction.


While it is the Quebec government that oversees these situations, Côte Saint-Luc nonetheless sought guidance from the province as to whether The Equinoxe qualifies. Our records show that   the original building permit issued has occupancy listed as “July 1.”  The developers insist that their plan remains to open part of the building for tenants before July 31, with the project being fully completed by next fall –or at this point early winter.  We have been advised that the Equinoxes does indeed qualify. In addition, Le Montefiore is expected to be ready for occupancy in about six weeks, so the continuation of work therefore is an automatic.

Le Montefiore.


On Thursday work crews visited both sites to install washing stations. Social distancing will not be simple on construction sites, but I spoke to the developers of these two buildings and they insist that they will follow the rules.

It was three years ago that we first learned that the Equinoxe rental buildings would be constructed on a vacant lot on Marc Chagall Avenue. Three decades earlier the then city council had approved the zoning for two 19 storey buildings. It was a clear lack of vision on their part.  Soon after I was elected I asked if that zoning could be reversed. Legally, our only option turned out to be lowering the levels to 12 storeys each.

As for Le Montefiore, work to transform the former Manoire Montefiore seniors residence on Mackle Road is near completion. This will be a rental as well.

The Zoom participants.


Earlier this week I held a Zoom video call with representatives from the five condos on Marc Chagall and Mackle, with one resident as well from the Equinoxe. On the table for discussion was to get some feedback before development resumes. This will include work on Saturdays, which under our by-laws is permitted if it is interior-based. They can only begin work at 9 am. Some tolerances (special permission) will be given for exterior work via our Urban Planning Department. These privileges will be revoked if they abuse this option. Most of the reps agreed that if it speeds up work and gets this project finished sooner, then the answer would be yes with some strict guidelines. Others were not so enthusiastic.

Our noise by-law reads as follows:

Article 12.1 ( Construction hours) It shall be unlawful to create or allow any noise related to the construction, demolition, renovation, alteration or repair of a Property, building, structure, vehicle, engine or machine, before 7 AM or after 7 PM, from Monday to Friday.

On Saturday, Sunday or statutory holidays, the restrictions of the first paragraph are applicable before 9 AM or after 7 PM.    This is only for interior work. A special permission would have to be given for exterior work. See article 12.3.

Article 12.3  - Exterior work related to the construction, demolition, renovation, alteration or repair of a Building or structure is prohibited before 7 AM or after 7 PM from Monday to Friday and is not permitted on Saturday, Sunday or statutory holidays.  The provisions of the previous paragraph shall not apply to an accessory building or structure, as defined in the zoning by-laws of the City, such as a shed, car shelter or similar. 

Public Security will be omnipresent to ensure there are infractions for starting earlier than permitted.  We have also asked the developers to clean up the piles of stones they left on the street before work was stopped a few weeks ago.

The Montreal Gazette published a featured article about Le Montefiore:  Download Montreal Gazette Story April 192020

Work on the Equinoxe and Le Montefiore grinds to a halt due to COVID-19 measures

When Premier Francois Legault pressed the pause button on non-essential businesses  on Monday for a at least a three-week period because of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the construction industry  was among the casualties.

For  District 2 in Côte Saint-Luc this  means that all work stops  on the second tower  of the Equinoxe on Marc Chagall Avenue as well as Le  Montefiore on Mackle Road.

Work on the Equinoxe was already well behind schedule. Originally they had planned for a July 1 completion. When I last  spoke to officials there, they  pushed the date back to October 1 to deliver the final product. If crews are allowed to return to work on April 13 perhaps  they can finish up by November or December. Partial occupancy is still the goal for July. They have just started to market this  tower  and sign leases.

Phase 2 of the Equinoxe is coming along.


The fact that July 1 was not going to happen regrettably means that the former greenspace on Marc  Chagall must remain as a parking lot/storage space for another summer. The developers must return that to greenspace when the work is done. We were caught between a rock and a hard place here, with insufficient parking spaces on the street for all of the workers and many of their building materials.


Le Montefiore, like the Equinoxe, will be an upscale residential rental building. The transformation of the  former seniors residence was supposed to be ready last fall, but unforeseen issues  with the brickwork necessitated some major work  on the structure. They have also  converted the former first floor dining hall to an additional indoor lot. They are just embarking upon a marketing campaign for leases   and a late spring opening is still likely.

I wish all of my constituents well as we try to cope with this nightmare situation. Your council is meeting six days a week by video conference and keeping an extremely close  eye on the goings on in our city. Today I even took a walkabout in the district and carefully keeping six feet away from constituents who approached me to talk.

Bellagio condo holds its own art exhibit

Some of the beautiful paintings.
Bravo to the residents of the  Bellagio Condominium  building on Marc Chagall Avenue who recently contributed to a vernissage.
"The condo lived up to our namesake," said  Allan Familiant.
The Bellagio resembled a museum.
When the building organized an art exhibit  last week, eight resident artists and/or sculptors responded, an extremely high proportion for a relatively small building.
The artists were:  Maxine Bloom, Shalom Bloom Shirlee Rosen, Dale Dobrovsky, Debbie Dworkin, Jacqueline Familiant, Al Garellek, the late Yetta Garellek, Mala Raducanu, Linda Saks and Laura Winerman.



Parkhaven Towers is the latest luxury rental to arrive in Côte Saint-Luc

 Ron Basal knows how to throw a party!

Following the construction of The Equinoxe Phase 1 on Marc Chagall  and 6700 The Avenue, billed as luxury rentals, Parkhaven Towers is the latest to share that category in Côte Saint-Luc.

This 112 unit high-rise project was conceived by builder Ron Basal. Construction and management of the facility is being carried out by renowned Gestion Elm Developments of Toronto.c

Judith Basal and Ron Basal.

As for the party, well on August 18 Parkhaven Towers formally unveiled its new sales office at Quartier Cavendish. Champagne was flowing and a decadent sweet table (including to die for Sfingy’s donuts) was parked right next to the brochures promoting the development. Occupancy is expected by November. History will note this is on the land that housed the Griffith McConnell Seniors Residences.  Basal  recently collaborated on a stacked town house development next door.

An artistic rendering of the new high-rise.

The high rise  is  a pet friendly building (I am always happy to hear that)  strategically located right next door to our renowned Aquatic and Community Centre and the Wagar Adult Education Centre. It is within walking distance to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park,  the Caldwell Strip Mall and Medical Centre, Quartier Cavendish and the  Samuel Moskovitch Hockey Arena.

Each unit is designed like a condo, offering you your own washer / dryer, beautiful greenery, spectacular views and  professionally designed kitchen and bathrooms, with  an open concept floor plan. There are  ceramic floors throughout, private balconies and stainless steel appliances all included.  There is easy access to shopping/dining/transit,an in-house concierge, 24 hour security and doorman, underground parking, a Shabbat elevator,  a gym and a party room. There is easy access to many parks and recreational facilities that caters to all different lifestyles. 

I noticed a number of my constituents in the sales office, some them the owners of condos and others living in rental properties. Irving Schok, the noted Leopard of Louvain, was also on the scene. The personable Century 21 Vision real estate broker might have some clients to steer this way as well.

For  more information log on to .   

Cheers to another development in Côte Saint-Luc.

Actions by rogue cement truck sub-contractors on Marc Chagall was unacceptable

It has been over two years now since construction began on the first phase of the Equinoxe luxury apartment complex. While the ownership have been on board from day one to be good corporate partners, the same cannot be said for their sub-contractors. A significant amount of my time and ergo our senior management has been spent babysitting this project over frequent violations of our bylaws. 

Phase 1 concluded last October and  the first tower is full of new tenants. I have said this before  and it merits repeating. It was the administration of Mayor Bernard Lang which granted the zoning for this project over 30 years ago at a time when he and his council had to know how crowded this street could some day become. We got lucky and the land remained vacant for decades. All good things come to an end and developers finally did buy the property. One large building was bad enough, but this land was zoned for two. Our council did lower the maximum height.

As work on Phase 1 continued, we managed to resolve issues on an almost daily basis with the developers. But it involved so much work for our staff. I established an ad hoc committee of condo building reps and we convened when necessary with the developers.

Cement trucks block the driveway of The Rothchild II.

Work on Phase 2 began a few months ago and all seemed to be going well until  Tuesday evening, June 11. I was in a Council meeting when I began getting emails from constituents that the work of pouring cement was going well beyond the 7 pm shutdown period. We have always allowed them to go a bit over, but on this occasion they refused to stop. Public Safety officer and police were on the scene, but these rogue operators simply took the tickets and kept working. Whose fault really was it? Clearly someone up top greatly underestimated the time required to pour cement. The last truck left at 1 am. This was absolutely unacceptable  and as a result our senior management team convened Wednesday morning.The police were involved in the dialogue as well.  This will not be tolerated! Extreme measures will be taken if this crew tries to do anything like this again. They have stretched  our patience and damaged a lot of the goodwill the developers have tried to establish. Young children were woken up. People had trouble getting to sleep.

I want to thank our staff for their immediate response to this issue. I spoke to dozens of residents by phone and email today to let them know how their complaints were warranted. Work on the site ended earlier than usual Wednesday. Since I did not hear back from the developers Wednesday, I can only hope they got the message!






Facilitating another meeting between condo reps from Marc Chagall with the administration of the Equinoxe

Soon after developers announced they planned to construct two high rise rental buildings on Marc Chagall Avenue I established an ad hoc committee, consisting of  representatives from the four  condominum complexes on the street (Le Cours Marc Chagall, La  Marquise, The Bellagio, Rothchild II and on Mackle Road the Rothchild I).  We began meeting immediately and a lot of issues were resolved as the new Equinoxe became a reality,

I always begin my stories  on the Equinoxe with the historical note that the zoning to allow for this facility was adopted by a previous city council more than 30 years ago.

On April 29,  I convened another meeting. This time we gathered at the Equinoxe, which everyone on hand agreed closely resembles a five star hotel.

A picture of our group with André Doudak (left) at the Equinoxe.

Present was  André Doudak,  the president of lead developer Jadco and Philippe Mourani who oversees the new building.  Representing the condos were: Lyon Kunin and Albert Aaron (Rothchild II); Eddie Bornstein (Rothchild I);  Sheldon Lang (resident, Equinoxe);  Sid Margles and Mike Cuplowsky (Marquise); Syd Rosen and Allan Familiant (Bellagio); and  Jason Ullman (Les Cours Marc Chagall).à


André Doudak reported that all but two of Phase One’s 170 units are occupied. Excavation is nearly complete and a crane will be installed next week to begin the construction phase for the second tower, which will number 116 units. It is scheduled for completion for spring 2020, with move in date likely in July 2020. The bulk of the “messy” excavation was done during the winter when most people were away. There is no weekend construction for this phase. Only certain weeknights will they work late for the pouring of cement.

Everyone agreed that thus far efforts by the construction crew to keep the street clean have been successful. It is hoped this will continue. Ditto for the presence of a crew member to direct traffic when needed- a valuable safety measure,

Condo reps were  then given the floor to air any concerns.

Rothchild II

Cement trucks will be present soon for a six month period. Mr. Kunin and Mr. Aaron alluded to Phase One when these trucks parked on Lismer and they were cleaned, leaving behind  a very large mess. They asked that this not be repeated. Mr, Doudak took note.

Rothchild I

The presence of the generator at the side of the building resulted in a winter of misery for  many Rothchild I residents. The Equinoxe did not have a full Hydo-Québec hookup until April 14, so the generator was regrettably necessary to power their building. Efforts  were made to baffle the sound,  but this was not completely successful. Eddie Bornstein asked if the generator could be moved inside the building. Mr. Doudak said this is not possible, but he made it clear that that the generator will not cause the neighbours any more problem. It will be tested once a week for a few minutes, likely mid-morning during a weekday. The only time it will ever be used again is in the event of a power failure. Should such an event occur, the Rothchild I will be in the same boat.


Mike Cuplowsky suggested that a temporary fence be erected near the excavation area as a safety precaution. He also asked that attention be given to a generator placed in the back of the building and whether it is necessary.

Les Cours Marc Chagall

Jason Ullmann asked about the makeshift parking lot next door. Mr. Doudak said his workers will be using it this summer. Councillor Cohen noted that it will be returned to greenspace after the construction concludes in the summer of 2020. It is his hope and mine for this to become some kind of parkland.

The Bellagio

Syd Rosen expressed his appreciation for the cleaning efforts thus far. He was also pleased  to hear workers will park in the lot and not take up spaces on the street. Dust does tend to come from the construction  and effect the air conditioning units of some residents.

The Montefiore

Mr. Doudak shared with the group this company purchased the former Manoire Montefiore seniors home at  Mackle and Cavendish last year. They are gutting the inside and building about 100 new rental apartment units. They will also be repurposing the main floor for additional garage spots. More news to come on a name and potential opening date.























Decarie Square is sold and $400 million mixed use project is expected to be proposed

Alex Bouhadana, one of the partners in the Equinoxe project on Marc Chagall Avenue, is reported to be part of a group that has purchased Decarie Square. All of the details are  in this La Presse article. The owners say they want to revitalize the property with a $400 million project, which could include  up to 750 residential units. City Council will be discussing this in great detail as proposals come our way.

Here is a translation of the La Presse article and the original French version below.

 A group of Quebec businessmen have just got their hands on the Carré Décarie Shopping Centre for $42 million. Their ambition: to invest an additional  $300 to $350 million to replace it with 14-storey towers,  housing 700 homes, commercial spaces and a medical tower.

 However, this new project will have to be analysed by the municipal authorities in the context of the already very heavy road traffic in the area. According to the deed of purchase dated October 24, the shopping centre belonged to the Azrieli Foundation, created by the late Quebec billionaire David J. Azrieli.

The new owner is officially the Carré Décarie Shopping Centre Limited Partnership, created specifically for this transaction. It is owned by the company 2bd (formerly Trätor Realty), which has four shareholders: Daniel Assouline, Daniel Benchtrit, Alexandre Bouhadana and Albert Lévy.

The 350,000 square foot building is valued at 28.2 million square feet, including land. Built in 1976, it includes some thirty stores, including Dollarama, Winners-HomeSense, Rubino and Proxim. There is also a dental clinic, a medical centre, offices of the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, a cinema and a car wash, among others. The investor group aims to reduce the amount of retail space (from 550,000 square feet to 250,000 square feet) and improve its quality. In addition, it will focus more on medical and residential uses.
Global transformation

"We are thinking of destroying the centre as it is and rebuilding it from A to Z. We are talking about a global change of location. We're not very proud of what we bought, but we have a very beautiful lot and we're going to make it something very beautiful," said Daniel Assouline, one of the four owners.

More precisely, the quartet wants to build three towers comprising "between 650 and 750 units," after having erected another one essentially for medical purposes. The clinic, which currently leases 40,000 square feet, would double its size.

Some merchants will remain in the project. "Winners absolutely wants to stay and we absolutely want to keep them, so we'll accommodate them," says Mr. Assouline.

Work should be able to begin quickly, in "12 to 18 months," according to Mr. Assouline, since "we are not asking for any zoning changes. All projects meet the standards as they are today." However, in the City of Côte-Saint-Luc, the urban development department states that "no residential use is planned within Zone IN-1," in which Carré Décarie is located.

 The very idea of densifying the neighbourhood is "commendable," says Councillor Dida Berku, who is also chair of the Urban Planning Advisory Committee. But the elected official believes that solutions must first be found to reduce traffic congestion "in the Décarie corridor", where there are "thousands of housing units under construction at the moment", including the Westbury. In her opinion, the current situation is already catastrophic, and there are plans to build the Royalmount and fill the racetrack grounds.

"The corridor is congested seven days a week, 24 hours a day! I have brought together mayors from all cities and boroughs to discuss how to cross Décarie. This has made it a major challenge. Sometimes it takes four or five lights before it can pass! It is certain that the Decarie Square project will not be completed until we have a transportation plan that allows for rapid mobility. We are landlocked, crossing or boarding on Décarie is a major obstacle, and there is no solution in sight. We will be responsible before saying yes to major projects. »

Two other residential projects

In parallel with the revitalization of Carré Décarie, 2bd will build the second tower of its Equinox project of "rental condos" on Marc-Chagall Street, also in Côte-Saint-Luc. It has 310 housing units. The first sod-turning is due in a week. "It's a top-of-the-range product[...] It's still what we build. This is our business philosophy," says Mr. Assouline, whose other towers of this kind are located in Laval.

The company also plans to start building 650 units on land it owns near the Place Vertu shopping centre, at the southeast corner of Cavendish and Thimens streets.

The Borough of Saint-Laurent confirmed that the project had been approved, but "the permit was not granted, because there is still a technical problem with the groundwater table". According to Mr. Assouline, the work should start in a month.

Translated with


Un projet immobilier de 400 millions près de l'hippodrome

Un groupe d'hommes d'affaires québécois vient de mettre la main sur le centre commercial défraîchi Carré Décarie pour la somme de 42 millions. Leur ambition : investir de 300 à 350 millions supplémentaires pour le remplacer par des tours de 14 étages abritant 700 logements, des espaces commerciaux et une tour à vocation médicale.
Alexandre Bouhadana... (Photo tirée du compte LinkedIn) - image 1.0


Alexandre Bouhadana


Daniel Benchtrit... (Photo tirée du compte LinkedIn) - image 1.1

Daniel Benchtrit


Ce nouveau projet devra toutefois être analysé par les autorités municipales dans le contexte d'une circulation routière déjà très dense dans le secteur.

Selon l'acte d'achat daté du 24 octobre, le centre commercial appartenait à la Fondation Azrieli, créée par le milliardaire québécois David J. Azrieli, maintenant décédé.

Le nouveau propriétaire est officiellement la Société en commandite centre commercial Carré Décarie, créée expressément pour cette transaction.


Celle-ci est détenue par l'entreprise 2bd (ex-Trantor Realty), qui regroupe quatre actionnaires : Daniel Assouline, Daniel Benchtrit, Alexandre Bouhadana et Albert Lévy.

L'immeuble de 350 000 pieds carrés est évalué à 28,2 millions, terrain compris.

Construit en 1976, il regroupe une trentaine de magasins, dont Dollarama, Winners-HomeSense, Rubino et Proxim. On y retrouve aussi une clinique dentaire, un centre médical, des bureaux de la Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, un cinéma et un lave-auto, entre autres.

Le groupe d'investisseurs ambitionne de réduire la superficie consacrée aux commerces (de 550 000 pieds carrés à 250 000) et d'en améliorer la qualité. De plus, il misera davantage sur les usages médicaux et résidentiels.

Transformation globale

« Nous pensons détruire le centre tel qu'il est et le reconstruire de A à Z. Nous parlons d'un changement global de l'endroit. On n'est pas très fiers de ce qu'on a acheté, mais on a un très beau terrain et on va en faire quelque chose de très beau », a confié à La PresseDaniel Assouline, l'un des quatre propriétaires de l'endroit.

Plus précisément, le quatuor veut construire trois tours comprenant « entre 650 et 750 unités », après en avoir érigé une autre essentiellement à vocation médicale. La clinique, qui loue actuellement 40 000 pieds carrés, doublerait ainsi sa superficie.

Certains commerçants demeureront dans le projet. « Winners veut absolument rester et nous voulons absolument les garder, alors on va les accommoder », souligne M. Assouline.

Les travaux devraient pouvoir commencer rapidement, soit dans « 12 à 18 mois » selon M. Assouline, étant donné que « nous ne demandons aucun changement de zonage. Tous les projets remplissent les normes telles qu'elles sont aujourd'hui ».

À la Ville de Côte-Saint-Luc, le service de l'aménagement urbain affirme toutefois qu'« aucun usage résidentiel n'est prévu à l'intérieur de la zone IN-1 », dans laquelle est situé le Carré Décarie.

Criants besoins en transport

L'idée même de densifier le quartier est « louable », croit la conseillère municipale Dida Berku, qui est également présidente du comité consultatif d'urbanisme.

Mais l'élue estime qu'il faut d'abord trouver des solutions pour réduire la congestion routière « dans le corridor Décarie », où il y a « des milliers de logements en construction en ce moment », dont le Westbury. À son avis, la situation actuelle est déjà catastrophique, et on prévoit en plus construire le Royalmount et remplir le terrain de l'hippodrome.

« Le corridor est congestionné sept jours sur sept, 24 heures sur 24 ! J'ai réuni les maires de toutes les villes et tous les arrondissements pour discuter de comment faire pour traverser Décarie. C'est rendu un défi majeur. Dès fois ça prend quatre ou cinq lumières avant de pouvoir passer !

« C'est sûr que le projet du Carré Décarie ne pourra pas être réalisé tant qu'on n'aura pas un plan de transport qui permet une mobilité rapide. On est enclavés, traverser ou embarquer sur Décarie est un obstacle majeur, et il n'y a pas de solution en vue. [...] On va être responsables avant de dire oui à des projets majeurs. »

Deux autres projets résidentiels

Parallèlement à la revitalisation du Carré Décarie, 2bd construira la seconde tour de son projet Équinoxe de « condos locatifs », rue Marc-Chagall, toujours dans Côte-Saint-Luc. Il compte 310 logements. La première pelletée de terre doit se faire dans une semaine. « C'est un produit haut de gamme [...] C'est toujours ce que nous construisons. C'est notre philosophie d'affaires », mentionne M. Assouline, dont les autres tours du genre se trouvent à Laval.

L'entreprise prévoit aussi commencer à bâtir 650 logements sur un terrain qui lui appartient à proximité du centre commercial Place Vertu, à l'angle sud-est des rues Cavendish et Thimens.

L'arrondissement de Saint-Laurent nous a confirmé que le projet avait été approuvé, mais « le permis n'a pas été octroyé, car il y a encore une problématique technique avec la nappe phréatique ». Selon M. Assouline, les travaux doivent commencer dans un mois.

Albert Levy... (Photo tirée du compte LinkedIn) - image 2.0

Albert Levy


Daniel Assouline... (Photo tirée du compte LinkedIn) - image 2.1

Daniel Assouline

Qui sont les investisseurs ?

Daniel Assouline est surtout connu dans le domaine informatique. Mais il effectue en parallèle des investissements dans le secteur immobilier depuis 2008 aux États-Unis. Il raconte avoir ainsi profité de la crise. Avec d'autres Québécois, il a acquis des tours de logements à Atlanta et à Detroit. « Ç'a été une belle opération pour nous », note M. Assouline, laissant entendre que l'investissement avait bien profité depuis. Avec ses partenaires Daniel Benchtrit et Alexandre Bouhadana, il a ensuite « monté une structure à Montréal pour supporter des projets » locaux. Et Albert Lévy s'est joint à eux pour le Carré Décarie. Leur entreprise Trantor Realty vient d'être rebaptisée 2bd (un site web sera prochainement lancé).

Daniel Assouline

Fondateur des entreprises du secteur informatique Upclick, LULU Software et Adware. Il en a cédé le contrôle au printemps dernier à la société française Avanquest (filiale du géant Claranova) pour une somme non dévoilée. Il avait auparavant travaillé pour Dell.

Daniel Benchtrit

Président de l'entreprise Ove Decors. Fondée en 2004, cette entreprise familiale est spécialisée dans les domaines du bain, de l'éclairage et du mobilier d'extérieur. Sa collection OVE est offerte chez de grands détaillants tels que Costco, Home Depot, Lowe's, Amazon et Wayfair, mentionne son site web.

Alexandre Bouhadana

Sur son profil LinkedIn, l'homme d'affaires se présente comme « Senior VP Finance, Real Estate Executive ». Sur le site de Trantor Realty (2bd), il est désigné comme « associé directeur ». M. Bouhadana a auparavant travaillé pour la société immobilière SIDEV pendant plus de 18 ans, notamment comme vice-président aux finances.

Albert Levy

Cofondateur avec son frère Jimmy de la chaîne de magasins Clair de Lune, qui vendait surtout des bougies à ses débuts en 1996. La gamme s'est depuis élargie pour inclure des articles de décoration. Le détaillant compte 60 points de vente selon son site web, un peu partout au Canada, ainsi qu'à Hawaii.

- Avec la collaboration d'André Dubuc, La Presse

«Les nouveaux propriétaires du centre commercial Carré Décarie souhaitent le démolir pour construire entre autres des tours abritant 700 logements.»


Carré Décarie [6900 Décarie]

Entre 350 et 400 millions de dollars

3 tours totalisant 650-700 logements

1 tour « médicale » + locaux pour bureaux

Centre commercial de 250 000 pieds carrés

Équinoxe Marc Chagall

95 millions de dollars

315 logements au total sur 14 étages

La phase 1 est terminée. La phase 2 est imminente.

Cavendish & Thimens

200 millions de dollars

4 immeubles au total (3 de 14 étages et 1 de 8 étages)

650 logements




Coping with parking issues on Marc Chagall Avenue

The past 16 months have not been easy for anyone residing on or near Marc Chagall Avenue with construction of the condo living highrise project called The Equinoxe.   The first of two buildings will be completed by early fall and tenants have already moved in to the first few floors. It is more than 80 percent rented, I am told. Excavation on the second building will begin in August.

When the project was announced I formed a committee of representatives from the local condo associations and the developers. We have met several times and line of communication is open. We have made progress on many issues, but the reality is nobody will be completely happy until the second facility is completed. That is probably at least 18 months away as we no longer allow outdoor construction on weekends, something that was realized upon the insistence of the condo reps. Interestingly enough there are many former Marc Chagall Avenue condo residents who have sold their units and moved to The Equinoxe.

The Equinoxe

Right now we have a serious issue with parking. For starters,  at the Equinoxe their driveway and rear parking lot will be used for tenant parking starting  on July 23. The developers are painting lines temporarily  and assigning spots to ensure it remains organized.We have asked then to use the city lot and their front entrance drop off areas as a last resort. They have plenty of space to accommodate all their current tenants, but there is nothing stopping them from parking on the public street as well, just like all neighbouring building occupants may also park on the street free. Access to the garage should be open in early September. The garage is ready inside, but the driveway just needs to be leveled, compacted and paved. The sidewalks on the property and concrete borders are complete.

Complicating matters is news that the Rothchild II at 5850 Marc Chagall will be commencing garage work that can no longer be delayed as of August 13. The work should take between five and six weeks. Residents of the Rothchild II will have to be displaced and park on the street. The Rothchild II has about 12 parking spots that will be used for the priority condo owners who are handicapped, but the condo requires an addititional five handicapped designated spaces on the street. Our Public Security  Department is working with building management on this matter, but the fact remains this still leaves about another 83 owners who will have to park their vehicles on the streets around the condo. Let's not forget that the large number of workers on the Equinoxe take up spots too. We leased them land across from the Marquise. In spring and summer the land was too soft for cars to park, but it seems fine now and we will urge them to use this space.

I want to assure everyone that our senior staff in Public Security and Urban Development are working diligently on what is by no means an easy situation to resolve. Thanks to City Manager Tanya Abramovitch, Co-City Manager Jonathan Shecter , Urban Development Director Charles Senekal, Urban Planning Manager Jeff Davey  and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein for their tireless efforts and support.


Équinoxe Condo Apartments open their doors with successful sneak peek open house

Phase One of the Équinoxe Condo Apartments on Marc Chagall Avenue in District 2 will welcome their first residents in early July. Eighty-five percent of the building has already been leased. Excavation for Phase Two is expected to commence in August, with the completion of the entire project likely to take 18 to 24 months.

A look at the facade of Phase One.

For residents of the five neighbouring condominiums (four high rise and one town house complex) this is probably not the greatest news. There will be more dirt and noise to deal with. We have had a good dialogue with the developers from day one  and we will reset the clock before Phase Two startsBenGlassmanBev

New residents Bev  and Ben Glassman.

It was very interesting to confirm in person what I already heard via word of mouth for some time now. A strong percentage of the new tenants not only presently reside in Côte Saint-Luc, but  when I attended a special cocktail dînatoire on June 7 in the magnificent and gigantic lobby of The Équinoxe I saw a number of present-day Marc Chagall Avenue residents who intend to move in. And there were others who dropped by, liked what they saw, and now plan to call a real estate agent.

The red carpet was out for invited guests.

“I am 86 years old,” one long-time Marc Chagall Avenue resident told me. “It  makes a lot more sense for me to sell my condo and move in here. Now I just have to convince my wife.”

Said a woman who resides in the same building. “I want to sell my place tomorrow, but it is not so easy.”

Someone who I know very well sold his condo a few weeks ago and can’t wait to move in. “You will still be my city councillor,” he said. “The movers do not even need a truck. They can carry my furniture across the street. But seriously, for the amount of money I will get for my condo I am moving to the same street. It is a luxurious building, condo-style living. Just makes sense.”

I met Lionel Teitelbaum, who told me he and his wife have lived in the same Côte Saint-Luc home for 48 years. “We took a lease here and our home is not even sold yet,” he said.

Real estate superstar Anita Benabou Rozenblat was spotted at the open house. In the ultimate ringing endorsement, she helped her mom sell her home and chose The Équinoxe for her to live.

With Ron Robins and Arlene Blumer.

Ron Robins and Arlene Blumer are leaving their rental on Côte Saint-Luc Road to come here with their dog. They are thrilled. One woman told me she now lives at 1 Wood Avenue in condos fetching about $1 million on the market. “Can you believe  I am moving from Westmount after 21 years back to Côte Saint-Luc?” she asked me. “But this is where we want to be. Close to our kids. My husband is a member of the Men’s Club. It was the right decision.”

While the open house was meant primarily for those who have signed leases to get a sneak peek of the facility, manager Robin Slutsken also invited many people who merely visited her rental office. It was a good strategy for the browsers will soon become tenants, if not for the few remaining spots in Phase One but Phase Two.

With Alex Bouhadana, André Doudak and Carole Doudak.

Developers André and Carole Doudak and Alex Bouhadana were the perfect hosts. Kosher caterers were hired. Guests enjoyed barbequed hamburgers, brochettes and French Fries on the patio along with an array of hors d’ouevres and later desserts. With a small band playing and shoe shine man working hard, there were also two open bars, wine and   a chance to see some of the apartments on the first floor, the weight room and meeting/party rooms. The exquisite lobby will connect for people in both phases.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillors David Tordjman and Sidney Benizri also dropped by to tour the facility.

The band plays on in the front lobby.

I did take the time to meet  again with the developers and reiterate to them concerns being presented by neighbouring residents. I also had a chance to be introduced to their on the site foreman, which will be helpful to resolve future issues.

A look at one of the living room areas.

Work on Phase One only began in April 2017. The progress they have made during that time is quite remarkable.

There is even a kids playroom.