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Three generous donations give a boost to the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee

I would like to provide an update on the fate of the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee. In a previous blog I explained the volunteer group's financial dilemma.  The committee is involved in a Trap, Neuter, Release and Adopt program. We rescue homeless cats. If they cannot be adopted, they are sterilized and placed back to the area where we found them. Our devoted Chair Diane Liebling has a team of feeders who keep these cats nourished year-round. There are also others who foster cats until we find them a forever home.

The committee had an annual grant of $5,000 from the city for many years. In pre-COVID years, fundraising and special events brought in more revenue. It has been tougher since then. In 2023 the city upped the contribution to $10,500. However, due to across the board cuts last winter the Cats Committe was brought back to $5,000. That and a shrinking surplus funds puts the committee's work in jeopardy.

Diane attended the last council meeting. I followed up with a blog and arranged for CTV Montreal to do this report.

Marissa Donation
Marissa Sidel, with her husband Neil Dubrofsky, presents myself and Diane Liebling with the cheque.

I am pleased to report that resident Marissa Sidel was the first person to step forward and present us with a very generous gift of $2,500. Marissa, a dog owner, told me she is allergic to cats.  "But I do love all animals in general and I feel sad that they will go hungry or sick," she said. "It’s the least I can do."

Marissa has issued a challenge, hoping that $25 people will give $100 each.   The first person to respond was her husband, Neil Dubrofsky.

So thank you Marissa. Diane and I had a nice meeting with her.

Following the CTV report, a former resident of our community who now lives in the Eastern Townships reached out and pledged $2,000. Then came a $500 cheque from a wonderful lady who lives within her means but wanted to help out.  Other cheques have started to come in as well.

We need this campaign to go well beyond the $5,500 the city cut. So I invite anyone who supports our cause to please lend a helping hand. You can send  a cheque or e-transfer to [email protected]

See this short video of a cat we trapped last night.





Stay tuned.


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