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Saint Richard's Parish marks its 60th anniversary

A recap of my annual 2024 District Meeting/Town Hall

My annual   District Meeting/ Town Hall took place on Monday, June 10, 2024. I started these sessions some 19 years ago when I was first elected as the Councillor for District 2. It is a chance to update my constituents on what is going on around the corner and within the city at large.

Here is a recording of my District 2 Meeting


Here is Glenn J. Nashen’s report on my District 2 meeting

I do walk the district several days a week with notepad in hand. I would invite you to  follow my website at, listen to my podcast and like   my Facebook page  at MikeCohenDistrict2.

I also decided to continue to hold these meetings virtually as it has been deemed far more convenient for those I polled.

 J'ai commencé à organiser ces réunions il y a 19 ans, lorsque j'ai été élu pour la première fois en tant que Covone du district 2. C'est l'occasion d'informer mes électeurs de ce qui se passe au coin de la rue et dans la ville en général. J'arpente le district plusieurs jours par semaine, un bloc-notes à la main.

Je vous invite à suivre mon site web à l'adresse   J'ai également décidé de continuer à organiser ces réunions virtuellement, car cela a été jugé beaucoup plus pratique pour les personnes que j'ai interrogées.

Police Commander Desroches

My very special guest was Commander Stéphane Desroches of Police Station 9, which covers Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Montreal West and NDG. He has been with the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) since 1997. Before arriving at Station 9 he spent two years as a commander for a special corporate section for road safety.

Le poste de police 9 couvre Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Montréal-Ouest et NDG. C'est avec plaisir que nous accueillons notre nouveau commandant, Stéphane Desroches, qui travaille au Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) depuis 1997.

Avant d'arriver au poste 9, il a occupé pendant deux ans le poste de commandant d'une section corporative spéciale en sécurité routière.

New Medical Clinic

I was pleased to share some breaking news.    The building at the corner of Kildare and Cavendish has been undergoing quite a facelift. And on June 1 a new pediatric medical clinic will be in operation.  A blood test center is expected to open there too.  Stay tuned for more details.

Le bâtiment situé à l'angle des rues Kildare et Cavendish a subi une véritable cure de jouvence. Le 19 juin, une nouvelle clinique médicale ouvrira ses portes

Master Plan and Quartier Cavendish

 For the past two years the city has been putting together a comprehensive master plan.  How will this affect District 2?  The three main shopping centres – Quartier Cavendish, Cote St Luc Shopping Centre and Decarie Square- are a major component. On Wed July 10 (7 pm) there will be an information meeting at City Hall followed by a public consultation on Mon. August 12 (8 pm). At that point we will be able to share details of what type of development might occur at Quartier Cavendish. Please watch the video recording for Councillor Dida Berku’s presentation.

Depuis deux ans, la ville élabore un plan directeur global. Mais tout d'abord, quel sera l'impact sur le district 2 ?  Les trois principaux centres commerciaux - Quartier Cavendish, Cote St Luc Shopping Centre et Decarie Square - en sont une composante majeure.Voici quelques dates importantes pour en savoir plus : Mercredi 10 juillet à 19 h à l'hôtel de ville, une séance d'information

Lundi 12 août à 20 heures : tous les détails seront dévoilés et une consultation sera lancée.

Hydro Update

District 2 in Côte Saint-Luc will be part a major electrical system upgrade of the Hydro-Québec network. It will impact homes on Merrimac Road, Marc Chagall Avenue as well as Bialik High School. The installation of towers will take place no earlier than 2027. Other work, including the construction of a new substation behind Mount Sinai Hospital, will likely commence sooner. One of the big towers- currently behind the Meadows condo near the train tracks will likely be relocated on the grounds of JPPS-Bialik. As well, the wiring will likely wind behind all the buildings on Marc Chagall, JPPS Bialik and The Meadows along the railway lines. Stay tuned. Councillor Steven Erdelyi provides detail in the recording.

Le district 2 de Côte Saint-Luc fera partie d'une importante mise à niveau du système électrique du réseau d'Hydro-Québec. Ce projet touchera les résidences du chemin Merrimac, de l'avenue Marc Chagall et de l'école secondaire Bialik. L'installation des pylônes se fera au plus tôt en 2027. D'autres travaux, notamment la construction d'une nouvelle sous-station derrière l'hôpital Mont-Sinaï, commenceront probablement plus tôt. L'un des grands pylônes, actuellement situé derrière l'immeuble « Meadows », près des voies ferrées, sera probablement déplacé sur le terrain de l'école JPPS-Bialik. De même, le câblage passera probablement derrière tous les bâtiments de Marc Chagall, JPPS Bialik et The Meadows, le long des voies ferrées. Restez à l'écoute.

Alex Look

Alex Look was a former Cote St Luc resident. He attended JPPS-Bialik. On October 7 he was in Israel and was one of the victims of the Hamas massacre. He died a hero, trying to protect others. We will honor his memory by naming a park space after him. Council will formally decide soon if it will be at the space between Beth Chabad CSL and JPPS Bialik

Alex Look était un ancien résident de Cote St Luc. Il a fréquenté JPPS-Bialik. Le 7 octobre, il était en Israël et a été l'une des victimes du massacre du Hamas. Il est mort en héros, en essayant de protéger les autres. Nous honorerons sa mémoire en donnant son nom à un parc. Le conseil municipal décidera bientôt si ce parc sera situé entre Beth Chabad CSL et JPPS Bialik.

Rembrandt Park

 I am scheduled to do another walkthrough with the foreman at Public Works. I did so towards the end of last fall. More work will be done there in the coming weeks so please stay tuned.

The Five Buildings

The latest news regarding the five buildings on Kildare Road and Sir Walter Scott is that a change of ownership may take place in the coming months. When they were purchased in the winter, I worked closely with residents – with the help of Councillor Berku – to ensure that tenants knew we were in their corner over fears of renoviction. Our building inspector has kept a close eye on the properties, and I have reached out to the management regularly on basic tenant-landlord relation as a sign we are in their corner. Last week I met with two property managers who assured me they are working at responding better to tenant needs.


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Regarding the 5 buildings: the management is not telling the truth. I have sent them several emails regarding issues I was having in my apartment and I didn’t even get one reply. One of the issues required prompt attention. I contacted the TAL and did what they suggested. Basically, I needed a service which I paid for and will be deducting this amount from my next rent cheque. This is unacceptable. They are getting away with ‘murder’. For the past three weeks, the garage door was broken and was therefore kept open for the entire time. They finally had someone repair it yesterday. This is a security issue and again, it’s not acceptable. Mike, with all do respect, you are making these people look like they’re a good management company. They are not. When you call any of the phone numbers that we were provided with, no one answers. What if there’s an emergency situation during ‘off hours” , who do we call?

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