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Are the five buildings on Kildare Road and Sir Walter Scott about to be sold again?

The new ownership of  five residential apartment buildings on Kildare Road and Sir Walter Scott continues  to result in complaints being filed to myself and the city.

But here is some breaking news. I have learned that the buildings may sold again in the coming months, this time to a professional operator.

Group CLV sold the buildings to a group, represented by real estate broker Terry Geramanis, amid fears of possible renoviction.  The tenants were organized, hiring a lawyer and establishing a tenants association. In recent weeks I have received a number of calls by residents, notably complaining about a lack of communication.

To his credit, Geramanis has responded to all of my inquiries. 

Terry Geramanis

There have been elevator issues in some of the buildings and Geramanis’ team has rectified those issues.

The problem now is that tenants say they can only e-mail their complaints to an address which is very short on responses.

Trevor and Adele.


Geramanis says that  although an email has been provided to the tenants to ask questions and make requests, a direct phone line was also shared with them, indicating their representatives’ phone numbers. To this day,  he says, they keep receiving and answering calls coming directly from tenants in the building.  

David : (438) 816-4243 

Avi : (438) 299-9934

In the lobby of one of the buildings I visited, though, only the e-mail address appears on a notice.

“I need to make it clear that there is undeniable willingness on my part and such of my team to ensure viable tenancy and maintain the property in a state that allows the current tenants to live peacefully in their unit,” Geramanis stated. “Furthermore, my team and I are committed to addressing any concerns the tenants may have and maintaining open lines of communications. We understand the importance of being accessible and responsive."

As for the building caretakers,  originally employees of CLV,  tenants say they lack the proper equipment to do their job and are not as visible as before.

“In regards to custodians on site, following the sale, we had made the decision to maintain their contracts in place,” Geramanis responded. “To this date, they are still present on site and answer when tasked. They also keep us updated relating to any problems the building or the tenants encounter.”

As for the  lack of on-site employee’s working tools, Geramanis  says he wishes to clarify that this was caused by CLV repossessing most of the equipment and material that was used for building maintenance and thus following the sale the maintenance room was for the most part emptied. “However, my team and I are in communications with our on-site caretakers and should a work equipment be needed to efficiently perform a job or to complete a maintenance requisition, it will be provided,” he said. “On that note, tenants should not be worried of any service disruption in the building."

On Monday, tenants Adele and Trevor asked  if I’d come meet them at their building on Kildare Road. Adele said the physical look of the grounds is already deteriorating under the new owners; no flowers or greenery has been planted in front nor has been the grass been cut. There is a large pothole at the entrance of the lot (I’m not sure if this a joint issue with the neighbouring Westwood building) and a few others in the parking lot.

“Concerning landscaping, the only thing I can mention at the moment is that we are having discussions with various companies to find the best fit,” said Geramanis.

Adele showed me the water leaks she has in her apartment bathroom resulting in mould. One of our building inspectors visited the premises. As of this writing he has not heard back from the landlords and plans to begin issuing tickets.

“We are aware of the situation and are in communication with our team to ensure that the issues encountered in their unit are fixed,” said Geramanis. “We have one and the same goal: to ensure the safety and smooth operation of our properties, creating a comfortable living environment for all tenants. It is not our intention, nor is it in our interest to create a toxic environment where our liability and reputation would be on the line. Any dialogue we engage in is purely amicable, without any fear or threat and we are here to listen and work together to find reasonable solutions that benefit everyone involved."

Adele and Trevor also told me they have seen large rats in the garage.

I will continue to advocate for the tenants and keep my eyes and ears open re a possible sale. At one point Geramanis referred to me as a journalist. That is one of my professions, but this blog is reserved strictly for my role as a city councillor to keep my constituents in the loop on important issues.


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The numbers listed in the article are not real numbers. Avi and David have provided numbers from an application called "text now", where they have most likely turned off all notifications. It is also important to note that tenants have currently been divided into 3 groups: those who have been financially bribed to vacate, those who received a rental increase, and those who received no increase at all.

Noemie cohen

Hopefully we will get an administrative company that takes care off there building


They do not respond to emails. I have been trying to contact them about an issue in my apartment and they have yet to respond. There phone numbers are no longer posted in the elevators. I called one of the numbers a couple of weeks ago. Someone answered and said he was in a meeting. He told me to text him. Still no response. The only thing that’s posted in the lobby is where to pay the rent. They are irresponsible.

Sybil Levine

They have not cashed any rent cheques for the month of May.
What is that about? And should we issue a cheque for June? They do not resond to any emails re this problem, which leads me to believe they are not a legitimate company.


The management of the building is non existent and extremely unprofessional. I have personally have not seen anyone other than the existing on site janitor. Currently there is no phone number posted, only emails on a paper in the elevator. My mother has tried to call the numbers previously disabled in the elevator and there isn’t always an answer. If there is an emergency we have no protection (ex: toilet stops working, heat not working).

We have not received any letters directly from management. I find it insulting that the owner is making excuses and lying to you by saying: “Furthermore, my team and I are committed to addressing any concerns the tenants may have and maintaining open lines of communications. We understand the importance of being accessible and responsive."

While the condition of the building I live in isn’t terrible yet (ex: no mold or no coach roaches). I consider the management slumlords due to the disrespect they display towards tenants. It’s personally disgusting to see something like this tolerated in Cote-Saint-Luc.


Terry Geramanis works for Royal LePage as a commercial real estate broker and is not the owner of the 5 buildings on Kildare/Sir Walter Scott. He is probably one of Zavriyev's minions, just like David and Avi.

One common issue that I keep hearing among tenants who are paying their rent by cheques is that there cheques are not being cashed until days or even weeks later? To all tenants paying by cheque, take a video of yourself depositing it into the box while also showing the fire alarm panel as it shows the address of the building as well as the date and time. "Galleons" is playing games and you all need to protect yourselves.

Mike Cohen

The city has well over a hundred buildings. Each one has the name of the owner (or the owner's representative) listed. This is how we communicate with them,

Mike Cohen

It seems whomever really owns the buildings has seen the writing on the wall and wants to dispense with them.


The grass is approaching my knees and the weeds approaching windows on the ground level. Fire alarm inspections have not been done within the past year.


Disappointed tenant

I live there, as of now, the maintenance is inexistent, the communication is inexistent, they don't reply emails or answer calls or SMS whatsoever. They do not send rent receipts either. They do not clean the common areas, the pool should be ready to use by now, the parking lot is full of potholes, the entrance of the 6565 Kildare building smells like public restroom (dogs peed on the carpet). The list keeps growing and nobody is doing anything real to help us as tenants. Seems like everything is just business, nobody cares about the human well-being anymore. They showed some times between March and April while they tried to evict people (succedded in some cases) but now since the "selling" news they have not showed anymore. SAD, DISAPPOINTED and DESPERATE! We cannot and should not live like this! There must be a way to put pressure on this MF to do what they are supposed to do as "Landlords".


For any maintenance issues regarding any of the 5 buildings, please HARASS Galleons at either of the following numbers: 514-560-6082 or 514-993-2652

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