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A Côte Saint-Luc family are making some of the best ice cream in the city

In the bustling streets of Buenos Aires, there lived a young girl named Veronica. She was a spirited soul with a passion for flavours and a heart deeply rooted in her Argentinian heritage. But her true love lay in the sweet art of making ice cream, a skill she learned from her beloved Italian grandfather, Nonno Luigi. 

Nonno  was a master ice cream maker, renowned in their family for his delectable creations. From the creamy richness of dulce de leche to the zesty tang of lemon sorbet, he could whip up flavours that danced on the taste buds. And Veronica, with her eager eyes and nimble fingers, soaked up every secret he shared, every technique he taught. Together, they spent countless afternoons in Nonno Luigi’s quaint kitchen, surrounded by the comforting scent of freshly churned ice cream. Veronica would listen intently as he regaled her with tales of their family's Italian roots, intertwining their heritage with the artistry of ice cream-making.

Veronica and her two daughters


As Veronica grew older, she was encouraged by her friends, who insisted that no matter where they went, they could never quite find a taste quite like her and her grandfather’s ice cream, to begin to sell her delicious flavours. She always politely declined, however, and decided instead on pursuing graphic design as a career. She was able to translate her knack for all things creative from the kitchen onto beautiful logos, posters, and book covers. 

At the age of 32, Veronica  set off with her husband Juan for Canada, drawn by the promise of new beginnings and delicious frozen treats. At gatherings with her new Canadian friends, the whispers of her old friends resurfaced urging her to unveil her cherished ice creams to the world. Now, with a stable career in Canada and two daughters (Emma, 16 and Ursula, 13), she accepted and il Vero Spirito was born.


Just last year, she and her family began expanding their ice cream repertoire. It now contains unique flavours such as beer and wine, panettone, and matcha! Since she wants her ice cream to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their dietary restrictions, Il Vero Spirito ice cream is also available in vegan and lactose-free options. The newest addition to this plentiful line up are frozen treats for pets!

Last week, Veronica’s   surprised me and colleagues at my office with some small tastings. I am lactose intolerant  (although lactaid pills do the trick) so I appreciated the fact they cater to folks like me. I particularly loved the caramel, mint chocolate and cookie dough flavors.

Il Vero Spirito will cater your event or party.  Just send an e-mail to : [email protected] or text 438-345-9453

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Awesome article! It's great to taste these unique flavors. Everyone in my family has their own favorite flavor including our dog who loves the frozen treats :-)

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