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Students conduct survey at Quartier Cavendish: People still like the name Cavendish Mall

Noah and AVery
Noah to my left and Avery on the right.


For the past several months, Bialik High School students Avery Hannon and Noah Galambos  have been volunteering for the Côte Saint-Luc Local Commerce Committee that I chair. They have made filed two reports. Here is the first one in which they surveyed some of the shoppers. What follows is written in their words.

In the heart of Côte Saint-Luc lies the Quartier Cavendish, still  best known by its original name the Cavendish Mall. This shopping center  plays an important role in the city  as it represents a local spot for commerce and community. The Cavendish Mall was built in 1973 and underwent a major renovation in 1992.  According to a CBC article published in June 2018 by Joshua Levy, the Cavendish Mall during the 1980s was “the beating heart of our neighborhood.”  In addition, yearly fairs and a traveling zoo helped attract families and teenagers. This venue   was also a “sanctuary” for seniors, many of whom were Holocaust survivors. However, in 2010, almost 40 percent of the Mall was demolished in order to build new homes. 

Much of the Mall has changed over the last decade. As a result, we  conducted  a survey for the Côte Saint-Luc Local Commerce Committee  in order to determine people’s attitudes towards the Mall . The goal of the survey was to ask people to reflect on their views about how they use the Mall l and what they believe will improve their experience.

A total of 20 participants were surveyed and presented with a series of questions. Although an effort was made to ask shoppers these questions, many kindly declined. As a result, participants sitting at the food court became the primary sample upon which the results are based. These participants ranged in age from 15 to 84 with the bulk of the sample being over 70 (65 percent). The results of their responses were divided into two age groups (67 and younger and over 70).

First age group: 67 and under (eight  participants)

Have you ever been to the movie theatre?

According to our first group of participants 63% (n=5) of them have been to the movie theatre while 37% have not (n=3).

How many times a week do you go to the Mall?

According to our first group; 25% goes twice a week (n=2), 25 % goes three times a week (n=2). 25% goes five times a week (n=2). 25% go seven times a week (n=2).

Do you call the mall Canvendish mall or Quartier Cavendish?

100% of people call it Cavendish Mall. 

What are your top 5 favourite stores in the mall?

100% of people said their favorite stores were IGA, Pharmaprix, Dollarama. Some other popular stores were the nail salon, barbershop, and maxi bakery. 

What do you think should be added to the mall?

Each person had their own unique answers. The most common responses included were Walmart, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, female clothing stores, shoe stores and a formal sit down restaurant 

Group 2: 70 and up (12 participants)

Have you ever been to the movie theatre?

Out of our “older”group of participants 58% of them said they have gone to the theatre before (n=7). While 42% said they have never gone (n=5).  

How many times a week do you go to the Mall?

8% (n=1) said they go twice a week, 25% (n=3) said that they go to the Mall three times a week. 8% (n=1) said they go four times a week. 42 % (n=5) said they go five times a week. 8% (n=1) said they go six times a week and 8% (n=1) said they go seven times. 

Do you call the Mall Canvendish Mall or Quartier Cavendish?

Just like the first group 100% of people call it Cavendish Mall

What are your top 5 favorite stores in the mall?

Similar to the group above, 100% of people said IGA, Pharmacix, Dollarama. Some other popular stores were Global Gurl and le Salon des Ongle.

What do you think should be added to the mall?

Surprisingly, 25% of people (n=3) reported the mall is perfect while another 25% (n=3) stated they would love a Chinese restaurant. Some other requests included clothing stores, shoe stores, and a computer store.



The results of the survey revealed that both groups had similar views. They referred to the center as Cavendish Mall and not Quartier Cavendish. In addition, the most popular stores were IGA, Dollarama, and Pharmaprix. More retail establishments were requested by much of the sample including restaurants and clothing/shoe stores. Over 60% of both groups use the movie theater. Finally, over 70 percent of the sample visit the Cavendish Mall more than three times a week suggesting that it is a frequent destination for them.

Stay tuned for their next report in which they speak to some of the merchants.


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