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Nos Amours- The Saga of the Montreal Expos to be shown at CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish beginning Friday

West End residents who were fans of the Montreal Expos can raise their glove to Bruce Gurberg. The owner or the CineStarz movie chain has arranged to book the fabulous documentary Nos Amours- The Saga of the Montreal Expos at his state of the art Quartier Cavendish beginning Friday, May 3.

Owner Bruce Gurberg has so much confidence in its success that he has scheduled it for five screens per day. Manager Matthew Craigie was a big Expos fan so he is excited.

Go here to:  Download Show Schedule - CineStarz Cavendish 5_3_2024 - 5_9_2024

The 92 minute film explores key moments in the Expos 36 year history, as well as the spirited journey to bring Major League Baseball back to Montreal.    There is an impressive cast of on-screen participants,  including  Warren Cromartie, Charles and Stephen Bronfman, the 1981 and '94 teams, caricaturist Terry Mosher, magician Alain Choquette, super fan Katie Hynes, former Habs president Pierre Boivin and rapper Annakin Slayd.   

Producer Robbie Hart, whose brother is noted recording artist Corey Hart, spent 12 years working on this film. It is sequel to a film he did between 1998 to 2002 about the efforts to try and keep the team in Montreal. “Now I did one about trying to bring them back,” he said.

A scene from the movie.


This is a film that unravels the unique, profound relationship that can exist between a city, a team and fans.

I loved every minute of this film, from the vintage archival footage of the days at Jarry Park to behind the scenes moments from the various Expos reunions.  .

“Some films happen in a short timeframe,” Hart told me. “For this one I had to follow the river. It started with Warren Cromartie and ended up with Stephen Bronfman’s dream of getting a team coming crashing down. I am proud of the footage. Much of this material, from the reunions to Stephen and Charles Bronfman together talking about the planned resurgence have never been seen before..

The documentary certainly has its highs and lows. I must confess to getting very emotional at some scenes, specifically legendary catcher Gary Carter’s last at bat- a double- as an Expo. Carter passed away way to soon of a brain tumour in 2012. He was not only a special player, but a special person. I am proud to say I knew him. I also got choked up with the scene from a 1979 game against the Pittsburgh Pirates when legend Rusty Staub was reacquired in a trade and made a pinch hit performance. A crowd of 60,000 people gave an endless ovation. I remember being at the game.

Stephen Bronfman gets a lot of air time  and you can see the passion he grew up with as the son of the original Expos owner and the leader of a group trying to bring the majors back here. His group came very close on a proposed deal to share home seasons with the Tampa Rays. Unfortunately that arrangement was scuttled. 

Look out for a scene recorded at Côte  Saint-Luc's Trudeau Park.

For any parent out there who has  a child interested in or currently playing baseball, take them to see this film. It is a living history on how the game prospered here.  

This film is a beauty. I have already watched it three times. It really does remind us all what we lost in this city.

Here is the trailer


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