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Snow Dump Letter from Constituent Bobby Gordon about the snow dump

I have repeatedly voted against allowing the Town of Hampstead to use our snow dump each winter. Yes, we do get valuable revenue and when the snow reaches a certain level during the season the agreement ceases. Nonetheless, I remain concerned by the number of large vehicles going down Marc Chagall Avenue and of course the messy mountain that accumulates in the winter and remains with with us through most of the spring.

Marc Chagall Avenue resident Bobby Gordon has been consistent in his concerns about the snow dump sharing agreement.

Here is the most recent letter he sent to city council,

I am sure that if I had showed up at the meeting for the vote on Oct 16, 2023 with half the residents of Marc Chagall and a marching band, the result of the vote would not have changed. 


Dida Berku seemed fixated on the $100,000 that Hampstead is paying CSL to use our dump. I guess money is the motivating factor over the concerns and safety of our residents. She made no mention of the negative effects such as the extra truck traffic, the dangers to pedestrians, air and noise pollution, and the wear on our road!  

I am convinced that the city councilors who voted to accept the money from Hampstead would sing another tune if the dump was on their street.    

 When I first voiced my concerns to all the city councilors, in an email response to me, Andee Shuster said she will study the matter. I doubt if she  really studied it so I am personally inviting her next time there is a snow fall to come with her fellow counlcilors to  Marc Chagall and stay for an hour. This way they could see the negative impact it has on our residents due to the trucks not being able to access the dump by Kildare Road.  

 From 6:30 am to 6 pm there is  constant truck traffic back and forth on our street every few minutes non stop! This goes on for days until the streets are cleared.  The trucks are very noisy and spew pollution all the while exceeding the speed limit. It is a miracle that nobody has been run over and that there has not been a major accident but it is only a matter of time until this occurs.  

 The fact is if we did not take the snow from Hampstead it would help alleviate some of the negative issues I have pointed out! 

I would really like to thank Mike Cohen and Oren Sebag for having the courage and decency to put their fellow citizens safety and concerns above the almighty $$ by voting against renewing the Hampstead deal. 

Bobby Gordon


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Jason Bowen

Our tax bill came in the mail last week. It is so high that we feel we are "Renting" our home for $1000 each month. Keep collecting that Hampstead money and let's think up some new ideas to be able to pay the agglomeration each year. Thank you future mayor Erdelyi for your hard work with the huge tax burdens and increases !

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