CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish theatre celebrates its first anniversary
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Our new mobile stage makes its debut at Vintage Wine concert

There are so many benefits to securing donations. Last September we celebrated a $500,000 gift from Roslyn Margles  for the naming of the Max Margles Children's Library after her late husband,  While most of this money was earmarked for library services, Ms. Margles allowed us to  put some of the funds towards a project of our choice.

The Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library is known for a lot more than books. Culture is a big part of our mandate. I am proud to have Library and Culture as one of my council portfolios. When Director Janine West and I began developing a wish list, a mobile stage came up as a high priority. Besides all of the library concerts, there was also Canada Day and other presentations where the city had to rent stages.   We agreed that purchasing a custom-made stage that could be setup anywhere in the city would be an excellent investment.

The assembled mobile stage.


We made the purchase. It arrived recently and was assembled by our Department of Public Works.  Produced by Stageline, a high quality stage manufacturer used in over 50 countries all over the world, this stage will enable CSL to offer a higher level of professionalism to our array of outdoor summer concerts and events.  Known for its safety features as well as its ease of set up and take down, this compact stage has won numerous awards because of its unique and innovative design – it is built as a trailer that unfolds to become a stage.  This will enable the stage to be easily transported  to any park or area in CSL.  We look forward to using this valuable asset for many years to come.

The stage made its debut on July12 at Trudeau Park at a very well-attended outdoor concert by the group Vintage Wine. Here is a video

Here is the schedule for our Summer in the City events,

If any individual or company wishes to engage in a sponsorship arrangement, contact Councillor Lior Azerad at [email protected] or myself for the library at [email protected].






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