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Hydro information session /Une séance d’information par rapport à la modernisation du réseau électrique d’Hydro Québec


Councillor Erdelyi shares some information with residents.


Hydro-Québec hosted an information session and open house on Monday, June 5.  Councillor Steven Erdelyi, our point man on the planned large-scale Hydro project, was our spokesperson. The meeting was conducted bilingually.

To watch video from the presentation, visit: 

Pour visionner la vidéo de la présentation, visitez le site :

That is me (masked) talking to some residents.

This entire project will take over a decade to complete.

This is what is proposed for the new power station in CSL as you will see from Baily across the tracks.

Voici la proposition pour le nouveau poste à CSL



These are the phases of the project as you can see CSL substation is in Phase 1

Voici les étapes du projet



Hydro is proposing installing pylons that will be twice as high as the existing ones but with a smaller footprint ¸

Des pylônes de nouvelle génération qui occupent moins d’espace au sol, mais qui sont plus haut que celles existantes


Also there will be a presentation of Green Corridor which is meant to compensate for the impact and inconvenience caused by the project

Création d’un corridor vert dans certaines sections des emprises 

Green corridor



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