Spotlight on Local Merchants for May 2023: Bijü – Stephane Znaty
First CSL Driveway Fest set for Sunday, June 25

Virtual District 2 Meeting set for Monday May 29; Reunion de district 2 Lun. 29 mai

When I was first elected to city council almost 18 years ago, I introduced the concept of District meetings. These gatherings represented an opportunity for me to brief constituents on issues specifically pertinent to our immediate neighbourhood.  I was pleased to see most of my colleagues on Côte Saint-Luc city council follow the same model.

During the pandemic, these meetings switched to a virtual format.  While we now live in times of no COVID restrictions, the feedback I have received overwhelming favors retaining this option. There is a lot going on in District 2 so please join me on Monday, May 29 (7:30 pm). Just go to and click on the Zoom link. The agenda will focus on traffic issues (our Traffic Engineer Spyro Yotis will join us) to answer your questions and concerns; the master plan and the Quartier Cavendish development plan; an update on Hydro-Québec issues and their plans to build a  new substation and towers; the new park naming for Sheila Finestone on Marc Chagall Avenue as well as Isabella Pietracupa's update on the snow dump; and Rembrandt Park. Former City Councillor Glenn J. Nashen will also be formally introduced as my senior District 2 advisor,



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We need to stop hydro which ever way possible from putting up the towers. DDO had them installed against their will and we’re the ones who lost power the longest…all to use us as conduits to feed the new neighbourhood where hypodrome used to be.


Mike- I sent 2 questions to the CSL monthly meeting. An email confirming my questions was received but I never had my questions answered. Would like to know why. Thank you.

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