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Shirley Shoub launches new children's book Skipper's Stories

Skipper, a beagle puppy, loves his adopted family - his human mom and dad, his brother Ezra, and particularly his grandma - who all accept his beagle ways - and especially when his beagle  nature gets him into trouble. All he wants is to be accepted as part of his family.


Written and illustrated by Côte Saint-Luc's Shirley Shoub, Skipper’s Stories is a heartwarming reflection of  Skipper’s quest for love and belonging. Despite Skipper’s penchant for adventure (and
misadventure), this true-to-life tale proves that love wins after all.

Shoub’s illustrations have all been drawn by hand, crafted with pastel pencils. She has devoted her life to her family, bringing up three children on her own, to her  studies, to her career, to her community work and to her continued exploration of the creative  arts. She attained her B.A. in English, her A.E.C. in Social Counselling, Certification in Remotivation  Therapy, Primary, Advanced and Psycho Geriatric. She has taken various courses in television  production and she continues to study drawing, painting and illustration to constantly improve her  skills. As Director of the MUHC Home Child Care Agency C.P.E.(Centre de la Petite Enfance), Shirley was  responsible for the care of 150 children. Before joining the Agency, she had worked as a Social  Counsellor at Ville Marie Social Services, representing foster children.
Over the years  Shoub’s visual art (painting and drawing) has been displayed at multiple exhibitions at the CSL Aquatic and Community Centre. The proud mother of three and grandmother of five. Skipper was their family dog many years  ago and he remains in their hearts forever.

Skipper’s Stories is the first in a series of children’s books, with book two Skipper’s Stories:  Almost Twins available in spring, summer of 2023. It is available on,, and all the Amazon  international sites.

For inquiries, store purchases, fundraisers, book readings and book signings, email Shirley: [email protected].


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