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Library migrates to a new system

Periodically the CSL Public Library does a review of all of its service providers. In 2015, we looked at the current library system and at that time decided to renew our contract. However, in 2021, at a regular review the library decided to move in a different direction.

In early 2022, Council approved the library’s recommendation to change its computer system from Innovative Interfaces Inc. to Axiell, a system that has been used by other demerged cities including Westmount, Dorval, Kirkland and DDO. Most of the past year has been spent getting ready for this big change.

We have lots of books in our library.


During the month of November, the library made its final preparations to migrate all of the library data including library members, libraries titles, checkouts, reservations, and more which was set for the last week of November. On December 1 the library began using its new system including its new website.

The next month or two will be spent working out all of the small glitches while the library continues to implement new features. There is still much work to be done.

The implementation team consists of Janine West, Jennifer Eisman, Karen Morris and Mearaid Stevenson who have all have worked tirelessly to ensure this project’s success. Karen Morris and Mearaid Stevenson exceptionally have gone above and beyond having to learn the ins and outs of a completely new system and who have been responsible for setting up all of the back end including the website. The Library has been very lucky to work with a great new vendor whose team has been exceptionally responsive to every question, query and issue and who led the library’s team in this process every step in the way.

Finally, it is important to also note that this change will save the City thousands of dollars in annual licensing costs: Specifically, with our previous vendor, Innovative Interfaces Inc. our annual costs were in the ball park of $55,000 a year and increasing. They will now be approximately $15,000 per year (with annual increases).


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