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In Memoriam: Dr. Ernest Burman was one of my earliest supporters

More than a year prior to the 2005 municipal elections, I announced that I would be running for the city council post in District 2. I launched this blog and literally began campaigning.

One of the first persons to contact me was Dr. Ernest Burman, a retired dentist who lived in the Rothchild. “I saw in the newspaper you want to become my city councillor,” he said, upon tracking me down. “I want to meet you.”

Dr. Ernest Burman

A few days later I sat down with Dr. Burman and formally introduced   myself. He shared with me issues of concern and I told him how I would try and resolve them. When we finished, he put out his hand and proclaimed: “You have my vote Mike!”

When the election came around I did have an opponent. We set up an office at the Quartier Cavendish and supporters came by and helped call people to go out and vote. Dr. Burman was among them.

Since that time Dr. Burman his wife Caroline (Kelsey) contacted me whenever an issue needed my attention. I never forgot Dr. Burman’s support and I was very sad to learn that he passed away on December 20.

Dr. Burman is being remembered as  wonderful person and dentist. Noted Renee Gutterman Sandler: “He was not only our dentist, he was a family friend. He was the best dentist I have ever had, having lived in Chicago and Cincinnati. I'll never forget how he saved my wedding day. Our late mom woke up that morning with a filling missing on her front tooth. There was major panic in the house and Ernie came to the rescue. When most Mother of the Brides are getting their hair done, Ernie met her very early and fixed her up! He will be missed by many."

Added  Frank Chalk: “Ernie had such a gift for friendship, caring, dentistry, wood carving, stained glass, and sports. He was an instinctive builder, improving every association and project that earned his support. And what a joy it was to be his friend! We were so fortunate to have him among us. He will be missed and remembered. May his memory be a blessing.”

Lynn Gordon from the Cummings Centre remembered a dear friend. “Ernie was a dedicated volunteer for many years sharing his wisdom, and expertise to enhance the daily lives of seniors in our community. In his own kind and gentle manner, he helped bring about positive changes, all with compassion for the well-being of others.”

Carol Levine has fond memories of Dr. Burman’s connection to her late brother. “More than 55 years ago a young boy was inspired to become a dentist because of his great admiration for Dr. Burman,” she recalled. “My brother the late Dr. Jeffrey Levine, who had cystic fibrosis, achieved his goal defying all odds. “

Rest in peace Dr. Burman!


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Carol Levine

Thank you Mike for this lovely article on Dr Burman.

Bryna Burman Gartenberg

Thank you Mike for the kind words about my brother. I really appreciate them. Much regards,
Bryna (Burman) Gartenberg.

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