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Côte Saint-Luc Lifeguard saves the life of avid swimmer Sharon Zigman

I want to send my best wishes to constituent  Sharon Zigman, who is recovering from a stroke which she suffered when doing what she loves best- taking a swim at our Aquatic and Community Centre.

Sharon Zigman

A few weeks ago Sharon was doing laps in our pool when lifeguard Sina  Salehi Kashani noticed something was not right. He jumped in the pool and saved her life. Our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team were first on the scene. Sharon was rushed to the Montreal Neurological Institute.

In an emotional video from her hospital bed, Sharon thanked Sina for saving her life. She then joined our public council meeting live via Zoom, where we honoured Sina as our Employee of the Month. “I was so lucky he was there watching me,” she said. “I hope he will be there the next time I go and I will not be afraid. He is really 100 percent on the ball. I usually go to the pool for an hour and a half a few times a week,

Sharon said that Sina noticed  how she was not using her left arm like she usually does That is when he took action. “He jumped in the pool and pulled me to the side,” she explained.

You can see Sharon’s comments on this video, starting at the  5:29 mark

Sharon, a psychologist by profession, can always be seen exercising be it swimming, biking, skiing,  walking or running. It just goes to show you that a stroke could  happen to any of us.

I do hope Sharon makes a full recovery and returns to her passion.


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Sandy Shadowitz

Speedy recovery, Sharon! Bravo Sina!

Andee Shuster

Heroes don’t always wear capes— they also wear lifeguard uniforms. So moved by this story. Bravo to Sina and a strong recovery to Sharon!

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