It is time for our citizens to engage on our Master Plan and shopping center proposals
D'Arcy McGee will have excellent representation in Elisabeth Prass

It is time to find a name for the beautifully revamped Marc Chagall greenspace

Let me take this opportunity to thank our City of Côte Saint-Luc Public Works and Engineering teams for the remarkable work they did with the highly anticipated makeover of the greenspace on Marc Chagall Avenue.

History will note that the land across from the Marquise and next to the town houses had been rented to the developers of the Equinoxe for three years as a parking lot in order to ensure residents and guests had places to park. Alternatively,  all available spots would  have been taken by the workers. When it came time for the developers to return the land to the way they found it, they failed to do so. This became a legal matter after several ill-fated attempts to get it right. The city took over the job and got it right and then some.

A look at the greenspace and some of the new trees after being planted.


Some dead trees had to be cut down. Public Works installed a new pathway, repositioned  the picnic tables, added new benches and trees. The grass has been watered on almost a daily basis. People are happy. I did have one constituent who shared some concern over the fact people are letting their dogs run unleashed .  That is against the law and dog owners doing this will be ticketed.


What shall we name this place?


I met by Zoom with some Marc Chagall residents lately as I wish to formally name this location. The protocol is being reviewed by our Toponomy Committee, which I chair.  It is not a park, but rather a “Place” or a “Square.” I have already received some suggestions and we will embark on a formal process soon, with the goal of agreeing upon a name by spring.

Oh yes, still to come next to the greenspace are new lights along the path leading to Isadore Goldberg Park.


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