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A refurbished Dog Run and words of advice from our Public Safety Department

As the city councillor responsible for Animal Protection in Côte Saint-Luc,  having committee meetings via Zoom have been challenging. Sometime it is nice to be on site to discuss certain issues. That is indeed the case for our Dog Runs.

This gentleman introduced me to his new rescue dog.


Earlier this week, CSL Dog Owners Committee Co-Chairs Jonathan Goldman and Anna Marie Katz met me at the Mackle Road Dog Run. We were very fortunate to have CSL Public Safety Manager of Operations Jean-Marc Dubois with us. A dog owner himself,  Jean Marc takes this dossier to heart.

First let me thank the team at Public Works who have undertaken some attractive modifications to the Dog Run. Six new benches were installed in the park on concrete pads to prevent dogs from digging along with 30 tons of additional river stone  while the vines growing along the CP fence were removed.  We  are now waiting for the delivery of some large concrete pipes for dogs to run through and jump on.

Manager Dubois meets with members. You can see the new benches and stones.


I must say it is always an “upper” to visit the facility and watch the dogs run and play. We do have  a sign at the entrance which dog owners are asked to adhere to. It is a little difficult to see so I will ask that it be reinstalled facing sideways.

Manager Dubois was joined by a public security officer at our meeting.  We will now make sure that an officer visits the site at least once per shift. From time to time we do have issues with aggressive dogs. There is no place for them at this location.   Our officers do have the authority to label a dog as potentially dangerous. The owner will be asked to leave with his or her canine and if they return a fine can be issued.

Meet this beautiful dog named Moose.


Manager Dubois shared with us a disturbing incident that occurred recently in our city. A man was walking on the street and attacked by two dogs and they perforated his skin. The owner had them off leash. Police were called and since neither dog had a license there was an automatic fine of $500 each.

After incidents like this, a dog behaviorist is called in. The owner must show up for an appointment or face a $1,000 fine.

We were also told that the number of dog licenses issued this year is significantly down.  If you are among the dog owners who have not updated or obtained a license, then prepare for a possible spot check.

Here is how to purchase a license. You can even do it online

Dog and cat micro-chipping is mandatory in CSL. If your animal gets loose, this is  the safest thing to getting them back.

All dog owners should follow these guidelines. notably cleaning up after your animal. Please always carry a plastic bag to pick up their waste.



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