Remarkable art exhibit by Shushana Caplan at CSL Public Library from a child Holocaust survivor
Spotlight on Local Merchants for May: Dr Jordan Nemes and Nemes Ortho in District 2

Reserve the date of Wednesday June 8: Virtual Meeting on CSL Master Plan

There will be a very important city-wide virtual meeting planned for Wed June 8 at 7 pm, to discuss the city's Master Plan. Please note that Councillor Andee Shuster and I had originally planned a Virtual Town Hall this week for Districts 2 and 8, but postponed it in order to focus on this important event so please forgive the original hyperlink on this e-mail.
Quartier Cavendish
The one topic all residents will be particularly interested in is the planned redevelopment of our three large malls : Quartier Cavendish, Decarie Square and the CSL Shopping Centre.

Between June and December 2022, the City of Côte Saint-Luc will be gathering feedback from the public on our revision to the municipal Master Plan and Zoning By-law revision documents. 

An image of what a new Decarie Square could look like.


The City of Côte Saint-Luc wants to capture your values and the essence of what makes Côte Saint-Luc home to you. We want to know how you imagine the future of your city.  

The CSL Shopping Centre.


From June to December 2022, we have organized different activities to help inform those who live and work in Côte Saint-Luc and to give them a chance to share their ideas. We are hosting public information sessions, an open house, and a public hearing. There will be a web page to share resources and keep you updated on the process, as well as an online survey to collect your feedback. 

Please register to participate via this link:

Take a look at the FAQ section will explain a lot.

Révision du plan directeur d’urbanisme et du règlement de zonage

Côte Saint-Luc annonce le lancement des consultations sur la révision du nouveau plan directeur d’urbanisme et du règlement de zonage   

Entre juin et décembre 2022, la ville de Côte Saint-Luc recueillera les commentaires du public sur sa révision du plan directeur municipal et du règlement de zonage.   

La Ville de Côte Saint-Luc veut connaître vos valeurs et l’essence de pourquoi Côte Saint-Luc est votre chez-vous. Nous voulons savoir comment vous imaginez l’avenir de votre ville.   

De juin à décembre 2022, des activités différentes sont prévues afin d’informer les personnes qui vivent et travaillent à Côte Saint-Luc et leur donner la possibilité de partager leurs idées. Nous organiserons des séances d’information publiques, une journée portes ouvertes et une audience publique. Il y aura une page Web pour partager les ressources et vous tenir au courant du processus, ainsi qu’un sondage en ligne pour recueillir vos commentaires.  

Le processus de consultation débutera par une séance d’information publique en ligne le 8 juin, à 19 heures.  Le processus de consultation vous sera expliqué et vous apprendrez comment y participer.

Inscrivez-vous ici

Nous enregistrerons la séance et la mettrons en ligne pour que vous puissiez la regarder à votre convenance. Nous comptons sur votre participation. Votre point de vue est important pour nous, et nous avons hâte d’entendre ce que vous avez à dire.  






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Lynda Fried

It’s wonderful that you are consulting residents about Malls, but what about our roads. They are dangerous and a disgrace to our Community. Every spring and summer, road repair used to happen and now- nothing or almost nothing. This needs to be addressed and fixed!
Lynda Fried

Marianne Constantine

No more tall condos please. More town houses, private homes. Keep sky line low and provide real family housing.
Enough synagogues in C S L .
Please do not change this community into Boro Park or Muncie etc.
I like Cavenish mall the way it is just needs more shops and bring back movie theatre modernize the food court
Maybe landlird could give a,break to would be tensnts

Lauren Berenholc                    Real Estate Broker

Mike , I’d like To thank you for your many years of dedication in the best interest of our Cote St Luc community. Although I think the Cavendish mall is in great need of a beautification , perhaps a Modern rendering of the exterior and update the food court , I’d like to see our main artery roads( Cote. St. Luc Road and Cavendish blvd ) fully repaved ( not patched ) this has been an ongoing issue for many years .


We desperately need an easier faster route to get to Decarie without using the long and only way out of fleet road. We also desperately need the cavendish link between CSL and VSL . This will reduce the ridiculous amount of traffic to Decarie from CSL and allow us other ways to get to Decarie and the west. The entire island needs this link . This will also make CSL more accessible and desirable for people to live and work here. Also please don’t allow parking in Vézina and van Horne going east to Decarie there is always a huge traffic jam there. Lastly the Clanranald road that ends at the train tracks should be opened with a simple train barrier that goes down when a train passes to allow access to Walmart and Decarie through rue des Jockeys .

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