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Hillsdale Golf & Country Club to relocate to Meadowbrook

The Board of Directors of Hillsdale Golf and Country Club has sold its sprawling grounds in Mirabel for  $50 million, effective 2024, subsequently purchasing Meadowbrook Golf Course.

Work will begin immediately to build a state of the art clubhouse, restaurant and reception hall. Bravo to Côte Saint-Luc’s Deputy Mayor Dida Berku, who has worked tirelessly for well over three decades to keep Meadowbrook green.

While Hillsdale is a members only club, arrangements have been made for non-members to golf on Tuesdays from 7 am to 4 pm

Meadowbrook Groupe Pacific West bought the land in 2006 for $3 million and was in talks with the city to build what it called an environmentally friendly, 1,600-unit residential complex dubbed Petite Rivière.

Hillsdale Golf Club began in 1953 with a group of dedicated men who shared a dream and had the determination needed to make their vision a reality. Since then, Hillsdale has grown into a multi-cultural club with a rich history of traditions, memorable moments, and great golf.

“What an opportunity this is for us,” says Hillsdale board member Michael Wagen, the Chief Executive Officer of Delmar Cargo. “Such a large chunk of our membership lives in the West End of Montreal. The drive to Mirabel is long. Now we will build a state of the art facility and contribute to our local community at the same time.”

Berku will meet with Councillor Mitch Kujavsky, Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee, this week to begin the process of planning consultations. Approval will also be required from the  City of Montreal, since part of the golf course is in Lachine.

The beautiful grounds of Meadowbrook, soon to be renamed Hillsdale.


Berku says the new Hillsdale facility has the potential to become a gathering place for  community events,  receptions and celebrations like weddings.  Efforts will be made to lure a hotel.  Hillsdale will bring its popular restaurant the Grill Room  to the new facility. Chef Eric Hamel, will help you discover these new products whether it is with our daily specials or with our table d’hôte during dinner.  The  Lounge will serve as the perfect place for a game of cards with a group of friends, serving  a wide selection of wines, spirits, and other beverages.  Two snack bars will allow golfers grab a quick bite before they tee time or between the 7th and 8th holes. Here you will find daily items such as paninis, salads, and desserts, all of which are packaged to-go in the easiest and simplest way for you to enjoy your meal while continuing your activities.

Dave Gandell,  president of The CSL Men’s Club, says his membership is overwhelmed. “Many of us will sign up as  members,” he said, noting that Past President Mannie Young was secretly assigned to a private negotiating committee.

Well, I don’t know about you but this sounds like a dream come true! However, this is April Fool’s Day so I regret to inform you it is a merely a wish.    Deputy Mayor Berku, though, has always told me she would love to see something like this occur. So, perhaps I have  planted a seed?


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Bryant Bramson .

What a dream ? My family has been at Hillsdale for 33 years . Well done Mike . Bryant Bramson .

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