Maison Fleuries winners announced for 2021 and District 2 fares well
Rembrandt Park Washrooms will remain open through the winter

Here are the City Councillor Portfolios Announced by Mayor Mitchell Brownstein

City Councillor Portfolios


Within portfolio

Dida Berku, Deputy Mayor, Master Plan, Rezoning & Re- Development, Community Engagement & Living Lab


Master plan, central city, Cavendish Extension, Public Consultations for Masterplan, living lab

Steven Erdelyi, Finance, Climate Change & Resiliency, Hydro Quebec and Vcops


Water, green infrastructure, electrification, waste, heat island mitigation, air quality, Aqueduc-Saraguay Project

Mitch Kujavsky, Urban Development, Parks, Public Spaces & Engineering


Includes Traffic Committee, Urban Planning, PAC

2021-11-15 Council - Oath and Photos 010

Mike Cohen, Library Culture, Communications, Toponymy, Animal Welfare & Local Commerce & PME MTL









Website, publications Local Commerce Committee, PME Rep St Laurent, Hampstead, CSL, Montreal West, grants, young entrepreneurs.

Sidney Benizri, Public Works and Intercommunity relations

  Communicating with community organizations based in the city and managing the dossier of synagogues in residential zones.

Oren Sebag, Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness


Public Safety Dept, EPP Plan (being re-done this year), Emergency Preparedness Committee

Lior Azerad, NextGen CSL and sponsorships


Youth, young adults, Families and sponsorships for programs, events and facilities

Andee Shuster, Recreation & Wellbeing Cities


Recreation, Dramatic Society, Community Activities & Initiatives Committee and Seniors, Age-friendly city, Advisory Council, poverty, social isolation, accessibility, newcomers, sanitation


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