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Resolution achieved to restore greenspace and begin enhancement of Marc Chagall lot

 There is good news to report on the  greenspace on Marc Chagall Avenue, across from the Marquise.

For the last three years this land was used as a parking lot for workers at the Equinoxe towers in order to ensure there were enough spots on the street for residences.


Jadco,  developers of The Equinoxe, had signed a lease with the city and committed to restoring the land to the way they found it.

The preparation work done last summer was not successful, nor was the follow up in May. Grass did started to grow again in most sections, but there were too many rocks and debris left on the property.

Our legal team took over the dossier two weeks ago and I am pleased to share that Jadco has reacted positively,

Starting on Monday, July 5, the grass will be cut in two stages. The first step is to shorten the grass and simultaneously pick up all the rocks/stones while the second is to cut the grass evenly.

The grass is growing.


This procedure should be concluded by the end of next week.

I will keep you posted.

Once that is done, our Public Works Department will create a pathway, install some benches and picnic tables and new trees.

I wish to thank our Urban Development and Public Works Department, as well as City Manager Jonathan Shecter and Legal Counsel Andrea Charon.


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