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District 2 resident opens new pet food, accessories and grooming store in NDG

Bravo  to District  2 resident  Hamidreza Sharif (Hamid Reza), who has opened  a new pet food, pet accessories  and grooming store at 6274 Somerled  Avenue in  NDG. It is called  Toutou Village  and opened  today.

Hamid and Gracie strike a pose with me.


Hamid  came to Canada from  Iran two years ago  with  his wife Neda, daughter  Adrina  and their gorgeous  now three  year  old golden retriever Gracie.

I dropped  by the store today and Gracie, who only understands Persian, was  the  first  to  greet me. Hamid is inviting everyone to the ceremonial  grand  opening  on  Saturday, July 24. The  store is located right across the  street from Subways and  Orange  Fitness.  Available  is a variety of pet food for dogs and cats, as well  as  leashes, toys, cages  and more.

Gracie relaxes.


Hamid took courses  on  how to groom dogs  so you can  make  an appointment by calling   514-357-4509 or by email at  It  is  open Monday to Friday ( 8:30 am to 7  pm) and Saturday and Sunday  (9am to 3 pm). You can also  log on  to


Hamid showcases part of the store.


Hamid  is a regular at our Côte Saint-Luc Dog Park, where he  and Gracie have made  many new friends.


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