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Isadore Goldberg Park gets marked improvements

I was so delighted last fall when Public Works Director Beatrice Newman and Foreman for Horticulture, Public Spaces & Parks Joane  Warren invited  me for a walk through Isadore Goldberg Park.

For  years Ms. Newman and I have been brainstorming on  ways to make this park more accessible. We had talked about moving the park to the vacant green space on Marc Chagall Avenue, which has been used as a parking lot for the workers at the Equinoxe construction project. Thank goodness work will end  there in November and the land must be returned to its original form.

To Ms. Newman's credit, she thought outside of the box. Why build a brand new park when we could improve the existing one? 

The freshened up Goldberg Park.

 So last fall all the dead bushes at Isadore Goldberg were removed and a road was created from Marc Chagall leading to the park. It is gravel right now, but we hope  to pave it with cement down the line. I am glad I was able to tell  former Councillor Goldberg myself of our  plans for the park in his  name. He was really excited. Our  goal was to rededicate the park in the spring and even move  the sign, which currently sits on Kildare Road. Sadly, Isadore  passed away last winter and then COVID-19 hit.

The gravel road provides easy access to the park.

 This summer  the Public Works team removed  all the old equipment, urban furniture and dirty sand.. Fresh sand, new equipment and some tables have been installed. The gravel road is a wonderful addition to the park. Public Works and Public Security vehicles can now properly access the park and so can residents of Marc  Chagall.

"I am so thrilled to finally pay the much-needed attention to this area," said Ms. Newman. "I'm excited for the kids in the area and now we can enter to do what we all need to do."
Still to come are a change of lights, the installation of benches and tables,the trimming of  the trees, the removal of one tree  and finally the gardens will be revamped.
Thanks to Ms. Newman, Ms. Warren, Thierry Dhaisne and the rest of their team who put in such hard work.    


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