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Local resident pitches mobile parades for this summer

CSL resident Ariel Cozo and his colleague James Karls  want to bring entertainment back to the city during these COVID--19 days.  For starters, how about a mobile  Canada Day celebration?

This is the most effective way of bringing the party to the people while respecting all COVID-19 considerations, they maintain. People need entertainment joy now post-confinement "and  we have all the talent and equipment to provide it," the duo maintain.

Ariel Cozo


Here is  their game  plan

THE PROJECT: Parade-style entertainment in the streets. They  want to create mobile musical trucks/floats/flatbeds filled equipped with sound/AV, DJ, Animator, Musician(s) & specialty acts - all in accordance with health measures. Each truck will follow an electronic billboard vehicle filled with ads from one or multiple corporate sponsors.

WHERE: One truck per sector on a pre-set route, throughout the streets of Montreal in different municipalities. They will  discuss and select the best streets for the highest visual and feeling impact to uplift residents.

BACKGROUND: We've been entertaining our city & worldwide destinations for over 25 years. We host/MC/DJ/Entertainint in multiple languages & cater musically to most nationalities. And we supply all forms of entertainment options to enhance the overall interaction, sound & light production. Their  outdoor experience includes float performances and/or productions at the Saint-Patrick's Day Parade, Caribana Festival, Israel Independence Day Rallies, Community Street Events and much more from 1,000 to 100, 000 participants.

WHAT THEY NEED:  Funding to support costs related to renting parade vehicles, renting digital banner vehicles, find corporate sponsors to appear on printed traditional vinyl banners and selling ad space on the electronic billboard vehicles.  Municipal and related police authorization/support in order  to ensure all runs smoothly.

For more information go to www.soundchoicedj.ca



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Steve Acre

Excellent idea,

Dov Harrouch

I want to helpand perform if possible


I understand and its an amazing idea but are people really gonna want to go on zoom or a different browser and make a fake canada day these days are to be with family hug and kiss them not try to fake it I understand how this can work with some people but some not. people can become upset and cry because they cant be with family. people might feel happy about it and some might not. I personally think its an amazing idea and I will participate but you should worry about other people. I will let family and friends know!
please let me know further details about everything in general
Thank You!

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