Revised by-law aims to provide a basis for reducing the risk of attacks and tragic incidents related to dangerous dogs.
Virtual Town Hall for Districts 2, 6 and 8 on Wed. June 3

Walking through District 2 is not a dull affair

As the weather gets nicer, more people are venturing outside.

In Côte Saint-Luc, and in my District 2, I would say that the vast majority of  residents are abiding by the social distancing protocols. But in this COVID-19 pandemic world  too many people  are taking risks.

I am taking regular District 2 walks and being especially careful. People who see me want to talk.

As I headed down Merrimac,  Rembrandt, Kildare, Ilan Ramon, Marc Chagall, Mackle, Cavendish, The Avenue, Park Place and Jubilee, I saw so many people wearing masks and staying clear  of others.

Serge 2
A salute to Serge from Public Works.

On Rembrandt a constituent flagged me over to ask when the streets will be better cleaned. As I began to respond from across the street,  I noticed Serge from our Public Works Department packing the back of his truck with collected garbage bags. “We will get to the streets,” he promised the woman. “We have a  lot of work to do during this time.”

Another man wanted us to open the playgrounds for kids. “If you do not, they will end up playing on the street,” he said. I responded by saying that we are following the directives of  Santé Publique and having young children playing with each other’s toys.

Next were some constituents who wanted me to go take a look at a mess Hydro-Québec left in their back. No sooner had I snapped a photo, someone else was pointing to some potholes that need to be patched. I took more pictures.

As I reached Marc Chagall Avenue, I saw that the Equinoxe rental building  had its garbage container  sitting in the middle of the street on a Sunday. “We already called Public Security,” a constituent told me.

Then came another constituent. “I am so upset at the behaviour of many CSL residents who are not following guidelines and recommendations,” she said.  “We  will never be rid of this pandemic if  residents don’t start following the rules. Many have no regard. They are killing us and something has to be done!”

Kildare Towers residents play it carefully.


Over at Kildare  Towers on Honoré de Balzac, a group of women were seated on lawn chairs all six feet apart.  “We are abiding by the rules,” said one of them. “But too many people here are not! It's a complete free for all!   I have my Stanley rigid tape measure. They are coming and going from getting into cars having guests or going to others.  No one is playing by the rules.  I have called the police already.”


Bonnie Phillips gives a wave with her son Jason Nishmas, daughter-in-law Carly Hitelman and her grandchild.


Another person asked me about pools. "It appears Parkhaven will  reopen with strict rules," I stated. "I am against that. As for pools in condos and apartment buildings, they have the potential of becoming giant petri dishes. Council will make a recommendation in that regard."

Our city council is meeting by Zoom video several days a week.Our senior management convenes regularly. City Manager Tanya Abramovitch speaks to the Police Station 9 Commander almost daily.  Our Public Security team is doing an excellent job, but they do not have the power of the police. The police are responding to calls of illegal gatherings,  but the volume is very high  to keep track of."

I can't wait for my next relaxing walk in the community!


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