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CSL Men's Club adapts during COVID-19 pandemic

Even during the current Covid-19 pandemic with everyone told to stay at home, the Cote Saint Luc Men’s Club continues to provide services and support to its members. This club of 870 members is now adapting as necessary to reach out to its members, all of whom are in the senior age group.

"We provide daily updates with our newsletter by email," says Media Relations Chief Charles Eklove. "These updates include practical information as to what is open and closed, also as to what kind of assistance is available for our members and where to get this assistance. Our updates include what programs are available from our three levels of government."

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Charles Eklove, Instructor, leading the Photography Class  (Photo credit: Sheila Eklove)

 Many of the club functions now take place using the video conferencing tools available over the internet. Zoom software has become the means of choice to hold  activities for  members. The Bridge Club and Photography Class, as well as   Executive meetings, are now video conferenced using Zoom.

The first Photography Class, which took place on April 6 and instructed by Eklove, had 20 eager participants including one member who is just out of rehab with limited mobility and two members who are still in Florida. Their Discussion Group with 76 enthusiastic members took place this same Monday afternoon and was a great success. In the works are more activities to be offered by video conferencing including our general meetings scheduled to start later this month.

 "Some of our members do not have email and steps are being taken to reach out to them by other means," Eklove says. "Over many years our members have built up relationships and a sense of camaraderie together. Although meetings by videoconference is not the same as meetings in person, our club is striving to maintain our special sense of camaraderie to fight the sense of isolation that can now be even more prevalent in these challenging times."

The Cote Saint Luc Men’s Club continues to be there for its members. Bravo to this magnificent group of gentlemen who never cease to amaze me!



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