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New signage to deter tailgate banging installed in snow dump

Over the years the noise emanating from the banging of tailgates of trucks  going in and out of our snow dump on Marc Chagall Avenue has disturbed some residents.

Our Public Works Department has tried to manage this the best way possible. At the beginning of the winter season we even build a snow wall to try and shield the sounds. During heavy snowfalls  the noise is more difficult to control. There is also the fact that we are dealing with subcontractors, so the drivers change.


This week Public Works has launched a new approach by installing signage to try and further deter the banging noises. I would like to thank Director Beatrice Newman and her team for this.



As noted, when we are in the midst of an incredible snowstorm similar to the one of February 7,   the city attempts to remove the snow as quickly and efficiently as possible and that during snow removal operations there is much more back and forth traffic in the area.  “Our residents living in the area near the snow dump would definitely experience hearing more noise than usual,” Ms. Newman explains.

Rectifying a parking sign issue on Kildare Road

I recently held a meeting with some residents of the town houses on Kildare Road, between Cavendish Boulevard and Kellert Avenue.  With Scott,  David and Jo Hong I shared the discussions I had at the last Traffic Committee meeting over  an issue they are having with  restricted parking signs (Tuesday and Thursday)  that went up in front of their homes.


With Jo Hong, David and Scott.

These same signs were removed when construction commenced in 2009 on their homes. Interestingly, there were no restricted parking signs present when work was complete in 2013. For six years that section of Kildare continued to have no such signs. According to Public Works this was a serious oversight on their part.

It turns out that it was a complaint from across the street, asking why they had no parking two days a week and their side did not. Engineering did some research and realized that the signs were removed during construction in 2009, but never put back. Since I was never consulted, I asked for a review and that finally took  place yesterday. Public Works insisted that they had complaints for years that the sweeper during spring, summer and fall could not clean the street properly. Their personnel were not aware of the sign situation. At  the meeting their operations director said they still need some restrictions in place.

For residents this poses a major inconvenience, notably when guests come over during the day or they themselves want to leave a car on the street instead of going back into the garage.

A compromise has been reached. They will only maintain restrictions between April 1 to December for the sweeper. Instead of two days, it will be part of one day. I spoke to Public Works and they are recommending Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm as the sweepers start in early spring and leaf season goes to the end of November. I will now wait for the Traffic Committee’s formal recommendation to come to City Council and the situation will be resolved.

One foot note: Montreal Transit Commission mandated bus lines will be introduced island-wide in the next year or so. That could impact on  parking  for everyone, including this stretch. We have no power on such decisions. We will keep everyone posted.

Another successful winter carnival is in the books

I have such fond memories of the annual Côte Saint-Luc Winter Carnival. When I was a little guy growing up on Wentworth Avenue, the event used to take place in Kirwan Park right behind my house. I looked forward to it all year.


As a parent I loved bringing my daughter there when she was little. She liked the pancake breakfast and all of the activities.

During my 14 years as a city councillor I have enjoyed winter carnival from a different perspective. Congratulations to our Parks and Recreation Department (notably Sarah Houle) for planning another outstanding day. The weather was also perfect for the occasion. Thanks to Public Works for setup, VCOPs and Public Safety for security detail  and some of our officers from Police Station 9 for pitching in.

"Thousands of smiling, taffy filled faces could be seen enjoying the activities," said Parks and Recreation Director Cornelia Ziga. "There were line ups for every station, but all happy ones enjoying the weather and fun to be had. I saw everyone from babies to seniors partaking in the day bringing them much joy. "


The pancake breakfast sponsored by McDonald’s—Pierre Brunet franchisee was once again a big attraction.  A large crowd was on hand. Young and old alike loved the horse drawn carriage rides, taffy on snow, tobogganing on the hill, face painting and ice sculpture activities. Throughout the carnival we will were accepting donations for the Ronald McDonald House. A team from The Beat 92.5 FM was there handing out swag and playing great  music!

I did a fun walk through with Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and chatted with many familiar faces.


Last week we hosted the Winter Carnival Valentine Dance at the Aquatic and Community Centre. It was another sold out affair and I was pleased to be on hand and see many constituents out on the dance floor. There were hot and cold hors d’oeuvres served at each table and catered full size buffet and sweet table by Blossom La Plaza. Guests were invited to bring their own wine. Entertainment and music was provided by the George Thomas Entertainment Group. IMG_7681

Former City Councillor Isadore Goldberg has passed away at the age of 94.

Former City Councillor Isadore Goldberg has passed away at the age of 94.

Goldberg, a distinguished World War II veteran, served on council from 1983 to 2001  and represented  District 1. At that time the district encompassed the area of MacDonald Avenue, where he resided, the North of Hampstead/Decarie Square section and in what was a strange electoral  map at the time, Sir Walter Scott Avenue and Marc Chagall. 

The  boundaries were changed in 2005 when I ran in District 2. Sir Walter Scott, Marc Chagall and part of Mackle were transferred to my riding. It is for this reason we have Isadore Goldberg Park.  Isadore’s niece, her kids and his brother and sister-in-law are my constituents. Because of the park, Isadore and I remained connected. In fact it was only a few months ago that I shared with him the exciting news that Director of Public Works Beatrice Newman and her team were not only beautifying the park under his  name, but his dream of having the sign moved  to  a proper walkway was also about to come true. A rededication of the park was set  for the spring and Isadore told me at the last Remembrance Day in November that he was very excited.


Here I am with Isadore just a few months ago at City Hall.


Isadore was full of pep and energy that day. He had all of his faculties and while  he needed a walker to get around, that did not hold him back.  That day I told him that a nephew of his living in Japan had read my blog about his park and reached out to me. Isadore allowed me to record a video message to the nephew, which was very well received. 

Isadore was well regarded by his constituents. He faced opposition in most elections, but nobody could beat him. At public events my late  dad Larry would introduce him  as the man who would stand  outside  on MacDonald Avenue to find everyone parking spots.

According to Isadore’s family his health was pretty good until a few months ago. Some stressful issues at his apartment building had a bad effect on him and soon after he was hospitalized, complaining of dizziness and dehydration.   He did not improve and died peacefully in his sleep. Sadly for him he did  not have the opportunity to move into the new apartment that awaited him at B’nai Brith House.

Our condolences go to his family. 

Here is a video that Mayor Mitchell Brownstein did with him just last May, produced by Darryl Levine.


See Glenn J. Nashen's blog.

Leslie Perez joins the race in District 8 by-election

We now have an official race for city councillor in District 8 to succeed the late Ruth Kovac in a by-election on Sunday, April 5.

Jeffrey Kovac, Ruth’s son, announced his intentions to run a few months ago. He will be challenged by Leslie Perez, a public relations  professional and community activist. She made the announcement at Quartier Cavendish in the presence of supporters, which included her brother Lionel Perez. The latter is a city councillor in the Montreal Côte des Neiges-Snowdon District and the interim leader of the opposition.

Leslie and Lionel Perez.


The official electoral period has not yet begun for this by-election, so more individuals may enter the competition.

Jeffrey Kovac, with his son.

 Our beloved Ruth lost her battle with cancer last fall, but remained integrally involved in city affairs virtually right up until the end. Perez acknowledged Ruth’s legacy in her speech, which was broadcast on Facebook Live.

Efforts made to reduce the noise and vibrations in the snow dump

Measures  have been taken by our Public Works Department to reduce the  noise and vibrations emanating from the snow dumping yard, such as, among other things, implementing specific operating hours and the control of tailgate clanging in order ensure the best quality of life for neighboring residents.

IMG_1834 (2)
The snow dump.


I have fielded complaints from residents for years on this subject, notably those living in Les Cours Chagall town houses.

As early as this week Public Works will be installing signage outside and inside the snow dumping yard with pictograms indicating to its users that the clanging of tailgates is not permitted. This will allow the Public Works Department to maintain and enforce order in the snow dumping yard when necessary.

Furthermore, the Public Works Department will be informing neighboring residents when the signs will be put up.

One of the problems we run into at the dump is the fact these truck drivers come from sub--contractors. We make our point very clear about the tailgate clanging, they comply and then new drivers arrive at the scene. It is frustrating for all of us and I hope that these actions initiated by Public Works Director Beatrice Newman and her team are successful.

A number of years ago we had Public Works erect a de facto noise barrier out of snow at the dump. This did help.