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Maisons Fleuries 2019 winners unveiled at annual ceremony

The 2019 Maisons Fleuries Awards presentation took place recently as part of our December 9 public council meeting. I was pleased to once again co-chair the ceremony with Councillor Sidney Benizri. Categories judged were: single family and semi-detached dwellings; duplexes; townhouses; apartment; condominiums; seniors residence; and institutions (church, hospital, synagogue and businesses).


CSL MF Presentations 2019 (61)
Cornelia Ziga with myself and Sidney Beniziri (RAMI NEGEV PHOTO)


Since last year  we adopted a new format by announcing all winners by district.  

Here are the results.

District #1 (Councillor Oren Sebag)

Single Family

1st place 5819 Tommy Douglas – Na Wang

2nd place 5850 Tommy Douglas – Elaine Silver

2nd place 6000 Tommy Douglas – Ellen Schreter

3rd place 3160 Bernard Mergler – Claude Harroche & Gina Charpentier


1st place 5500 Borden – The Monterverdi Apartments

2nd place 5304 MacDonald – Federal Construction Ltd.

2nd place 5350 MacDonald – 5350 MacDonald Inc.

3rd place 5360 MacDonald – Federal Construction Ltd.

3rd place 5370 MacDonald – Federal Construction Ltd.


1st place 5140 MacDonald – Le Doray


CSL MF Presentations 2019 (34)
Mayor Brownstein and I with Dr. Gerald Trager and Terry Wolkove from Canbridge Courts and Marty Goldsmith from La Marquise. (RAMI NEGEV PHOTO)


District #2 , where I am the councilllor.

Single Family

1st place 5771 Jubilee – Michael Marianer

2nd place 5788 Ilan Ramon – Francesco Palucci & Sandra Cambone

3rd place 5798 Ilan Ramon –Larry Liebermman & Joan Singer


1st place 6590C Kildare – Rona Lynn Lecker

2nd place 6532 Mackle – Terry Wolkove

2nd place 5655 Merrimac – Elan Corcia & Jennifer Yull

3rd place 6616 Mackle – Joseph Grossman 


1st place 5795 Sir Walter Scott – Oak Ridge

2nd place 5785 Sir Walter Scott – Le 5785


1st place 5850 Marc Chagall – Rothchild II

1st place 6500 Mackle – Le Rothchild I

2nd place 5845 Marc Chagall – La Marquise

District #3 (Councillor Dida Berku)

 Single Family

1st place 6799 Baily – Paolina Di Stefano-Giancarli & Pietro Giancarli

2nd place 6539 Baily – Candida Di Marco

2nd place 6541 Baily – Ernesto D’Alessandro

2nd place 5588 Randall – Irving Rabin & Zelda Froimovitch-Rabin

3rd place 5526 Borden – Charles Giser & Debbie Skurnik


1st place 6641-6643 Baily – Remo D’Alesio

2nd place 6637-6639 Baiey  - Remo D’Alesio and Linda Castelli

3rd  place 6613-6615 Baily – Mario D’Alesio and Kathleen Deery

Seniors Residence

1st place 6767 Côte Saint-Luc – St Patrick Square


1st place 7003 Côte Saint-Luc – McDonald’s - Pierre Brunet

 District #4 (Councillor Steven Erdelyi)

 Single Family

1st place 5528 Hudson – Giovannina Brancatella & Antonio Fucito

2nd place 8110 Côte Saint-Luc – Ida Panaccione & Matther Di Lonardo

3rd place 628 Smart – Gaetano Baratta


1st place 7497-99 Baily Jaime Tucay Anunsacion Cabatbat & Marlene Cabatbat & Enrico Caguioa

2nd place 5558-60 Adalbert – Dominico Ciampini & Gloria Zegarilli

3rd place 5524-26 Earle – Michale Dester & Elvira Lipkin 


1st place 5529 Ashdale – Tulin Karkin-Yurtcu

2nd place 5537 Ashdale – Eric Botbol

3rd place 5535 Ashdale – Lea Czik-Tenzer


1st place 7461 Kinglsey – La Tour Westfield

Seniors Residence

1st place 5555 Trent – Le King David

 District 5A (Councillor Mitch Kujavsky)

 Single Family

1st place 5819 Westluke – Steven Piccinini & Giovanna Ciabattoni & Franco Piccinini

2nd place 5777 Rand – Mario Polisena & Antonia Pirozzi Polisena

3rd place 5807 Smart – Armando Giordano & Frances Golfi-Giordano

District 5B (Councillor Mitch Kujavsky)

 Single Family

1st place 5735 Westluke – Anthony Cerulli

2nd place 5618 Palmer – Zenaida Ramos & Julieta Macaraig-Schneider

2nd place 5628 Wolseley – Bulu Datta & Rani Debroy Supta

3rd place 5705 Davies – Sotero Suplico & Jeannie Canindo


1st place 5740 Hudson – Beth Zion Congregation Synagogueè

District #6 (David Tordjman)

Single Family

1st place 5793 Einstein – Rose Sacks-Safir

1st place 5797 Einstein – Franceen Waxman-Retik

2nd place 5616 Parkhaven – Maurice Bendahan

2nd place 7480 Spring – Seymour Rosen

3rd place 5830 Einstein – Jason Portnoy & Corinne Rashi

3rd place 7523 Mountbatten – Martin Leslie Lenetsky


1st place 6883-6885 Kildare –Rinaldo Clerici

2nd place 7386-7388 Kildare – Carlo Palucci

3rd place 5860-5862 Shalom – Luigia Pedicelli and Antonio Giobbi


1st place 5832 Kellert – Larry Jacobson and Jana Simandl


1st place 6865 Norwalk


1st place 6800 Mackle – Congregation Beth Israel De Côte Saint-Luc

District #7 (Sidney Benizri)

Single Family

1st place 5740 Kellert – Judy Limmer-Sochaczevski

2nd place 6869 Edison – Sandra Zelikovic

2nd place 5718 Einstein – Owen Stroll Strulovitch & Joanne Bendon

3rd place 6885 Banting – Sylvain Chemtob & Lucie Boivert

3rd place 5610 Edgemore – Rita Geyer-Rosenthal


1st place 5704-06 Edgemore – Joseph Panunto & Brenda Hynes-Panunto

2nd place 5716-18 Edgemore – Ludwig Lydynia

3rd place 5708-10 Edgemore – Issie Fishman 


1st place 5700-5720 Cavendish – Presidential Towers

2nd place 6785-95 Korczak – Tiffany Towers

3rd place 6803 Heywood – Le Versailles


1st place 7070 Guelph – St. Richard’s Parish

District #8 (The lateCouncillor Ruth Kovac)

 Single Family

1st place 6531 Wallenberg – Judy Sarkadi

2nd place 6038 Kreighoff - Elaine Solomon-Stein

3rd place 6848 Ashkelon – Paul Lieberman & Hali Simons

3rd place 6044 Kreighoff – Irving Burstein & Carol Demberg


1st place 6043 Cavendish – Harvey Schwartz and Susan Berkson-Schwartz

1st place 6073 Cavendish – Howard Smith & Karen Rudolph

2nd place 6067 Cavendish – Francine Neudorf

3rd place 6051 Cavendish – Peter Vaktor


1st place 6005 Cavendish – Chateau Collins

2nd place 5900-5950 Cavendish – Le Ritz #1 and Le Ritz #2

3rd place 6625-35 Mackle – Manoir Mackle Condominium

 Thanks to Parks and Recreation Department Director Cornelia Ziga, event coordinator Laura Trihas and the rest of our staff.



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