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Photographer David Chandler's exhibit at the CSL Public Library is stunning

If you have been to the CSL Public Library recently then you could not have missed the sensational photography exhibit of Sir Walter Scott (District 2) resident David Chandler. I am honoured to have such a talented constituent.


David Chandler at his exhibit.


The remarkable thing about David’s work is that the photos look like paintings. David met me at the library earlier this week to provide a personal backdrop to his work. He had showcased his work inside the library a few months ago and this turned out to be a competition. The winner got to do an exhibit and David triumphed. It was interesting to get his backstory on how he proceeded to take each photo.


Chandler admires one of his photos.

“All of the images shown here are based on photographs I have taken over the past 20 years,” David explained. “They have been modified with any of several programs, some only slightly, others to a much greater degree. They are all impressions of what was seen at the time: giving us contrasts of
light and colour.”

A retired high school teacher, David has been into photography for more than 60 years. But not professionally. “I have taught photography at different levels over several years,” he says. “My specialty is travel and architectural photography. In recent years I have turned to more abstract or impressionistic images,  always trying to isolate the essence of the object.”

For those interested David will be presenting three non-technical talks during the exhibition that will examine art, photography and digital art. The first is scheduled for Friday, November 29. The subject of the first is: Pixels: Older Than You Think. Other dates will be determined.

“My equipment in these digital days has always been Olympus, but it matters not since if the photographer doesn’t see the image no equipment can save it,” David notes.

All of the images are for sale. They can be mixed or matched in different ways by size or paper or support method. While the images
can obviously be printed multiple times no two are ever quite the same, as with multiple fine art prints made from the same plate.

The larger images sell for $195 while the smaller ones go for $125. The aluminum images are available for $450 each.

CSL Invitation 2019

David has published two books in recent years and they are on display at the library. There is also an agenda he created on Vietnam. A book of black and white images dates from a media course at Loyola in 1972. The exhibit continues until January 16. For more information David can be reached at



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