An update on the felling of trees and removal of invasive plants behind the library
Hydro-Québec work at the Meadows and Kildare/Sir Walter Scott corner

Hydro-Québec work at the Meadows and Kildare/Sir Walter Scott corner

Hydro-Québec will carry out vegetation control work in the Meadows sector. The operations will not be as drastic as it was in the past. Having said this, it will create an impact nonetheless. The work will take place along the fence separating the school from the Meadows in order to clear the buckthorn that is growing uncontrollably and that is preventing other species to grow. It will also involve brush clearing vegetation at the base of the pylons on the grounds of The Meadows as well as along the railroad tracks. The work will be done starting December 2 until December 6, 2019.

Letter were dropped off at homes. Copies are below.

Download Details on Hydro Work

Download Info-Travaux

In addition, as part of the reconstruction of the transmission line that was announced earlier this year (construction to start in 2023), Hydro-Québec intends to develop sustainable landscaping that is compatible with the power transmission system in The Meadows and Bialik school areas. Hydro-Québec aims to cooperate with local residents, condominium owners, and the City of Côte Saint-Luc to carry out this landscaping initiative.

On another front last August crews of Hydro-Quebec installed a temporary wooden structure to secure the underground vault at the intersection of Kildare and Sir Walter Scott. The plan was to come back at the end of next June (2020) to replace the concrete roof of the vault. Hydro just informed us that there is a transformer with an oil leak in this same underground vault. That means they need to replace the transformer as soon as possible. From December 4 to 10, crews will be on site to excavate the sidewalk, to remove the old concrete roof (of the vault) and to install a wooden gallery. In the evening of December 10 to 11, the transformer will be replaced. On December 13, crews will install finally a new concrete roof of the underground vault. The sidewalk will be rebuilt temporarily with asphalt until next summer where they would be back for a concrete reconstruction of the sidewalk. Signs will be installed to make the place safe for everyone. All work should be completed by December 20.


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