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Another successful McHappy Day assists our Pierre Brunet Parks and Recreation Bursary Fund

The City of Côte Saint-Luc and our employees have beeb supporting McHappy Day at McDonald's for many years. But in 2017 I was approached by , Pierre Brunet,  McDonald's franchisee at the Côte Saint-luc Shopping Centre location.  Every year, McDonald’s Canada franchisees and crew across the country celebrate McHappy Day , an annual day of community giving in support of Ronald McDonald Houses and other local children’s charities. On this day, for every Big Mac®, Happy Meal® or hot McCafé® beverage purchased, $1 is  donated to children’s charities across Canada.

With some city staff and Mitchell Libenstein.

Pierre  asked me if I could come up with a specific fund the profits from his McHappy Day could be directed to. I looked right back  at him and realized what would make a lot of sense. With that the Pierre Brunet Parks and Recreation Bursary Fund was born. Monies raised are being used for assistance to local families who may be experiencing financial difficulties in registering their children in our programs, for families with special needs children requiring additional support at our programs and for parks equipment intended for children with disabilities.  It has been a huge success, with the CSL Men's Club getting involved and other parties. It is also now linked to our CSL Summer Golf Classic.

Trish McKenzie

I spent some time with our staff who were working  hard at this year’s McHappy Day. Thanks to Parks and Recreation Department Director Cornelia Ziga for staying all day and overseeing the shifts. Some of our staff worked behind the counter serving customers. Others sold small items which also helped the cause. It was also nice to see a restaurant legend of sorts Mitchell Libenstein, former owner of the former Mitchell's at the YM-YWHA who now works in management for McDonald's

Bravo to all!



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Franca Verdon

You really are a great team of citizens who care to share your time to help the ones who need compassion and a good word around you!

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