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Meet and Greet at 6700 The Avenue

The rental apartment building located at 6700 The Avenue, across from the side entrance to Quartier Cavendish, is under new ownership.

Mecya Realties, which owns the Cavendish Club and eight other properties, has taken over the 90 unit property from the BSR Group.  Tenants began moving in more than a year and a half ago so I have met many of them. I recently dropped by for a meet and greet with residents, sitting down first with Mecya Director of Operations Emil Badea. “We are very excited to be the new owners,” said Emil.

Meeting with some of the residents.

There is a lot of work to do to bring this building up to speed. Emil said plans call for making all of the necessary renovations by the end of the summer. This means fixing the driveway and the handicapped accessible  ramp, the driveway towards the garage and the  back area. Residents of Park Place, who saw their backyard fences come down during construction, will be relieved to know that Mecya will conduct those repairs as well. A common party and card room will be available for use once the emergency rear exit stairway is put into place. The workout room will get a proper heating system.à

Emil noted that  there is a doorman on site 24/7,  as well as a permanent  maintenance man. There is a  nice pool is and an on-site hair salon. Zoning does allow for commerce on the ground floor, but Emil says there are no prospective tenants at the present time.

Meeting with young Aaron Rasekhi.

The residents I met with seemed very content with the new management.  I even had a nice chat  with 14 year old Aaron Rasekhi, who came down to meet me.  For many of the tenants this is their first time living in a rental. The crossing area to Quartier Cavendish was identified as dangerous, with speeding cars. I assured everyone that our Traffic Committee has designated this area for action in the coming weeks.


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