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Unique new kosher donut shop to open at Quartier Cavendish

There is good news to announce from Quartier Cavendish. A new kosher donut store called Sfingy’s will be open in early May in the old mmmuffins spot and owners Marvin Fuks and his wife Maya Lallouz are hoping for the same customer reaction that Krispy Kreme created when it set up shop a number of years ago at Marche Central.

Fuksfamily pic
The Fuks family,

“People will see the donuts being made right in front of them and like Krispy Kreme if there is a lineup we will hand out samples,” Fuks told me.

I met with Michael Wolfe, the president of Mandevco Properties which owns and manages the Quartier and on-site manager Jeff Goodman. They were very excited to tell me that Sfingy’s has signed a five year lease.

Fuks most recently worked as the manager of Ernie and Ellie’s at Decarie Square, now closed. His wife  is a physio therapist by profession at the Jewish General Hospital. “This project of the donut shop started as her idea,” he said.  “Maya has a big sweet tooth, she would see on social media her friends posting all kinds of interesting non-kosher desserts and donuts, and she would always complain that we do not have anything like that in the kosher world in Montreal. Being that I am a chef, I decided to start experimenting with different recipes to find a delicious one. After five months of experimenting at home and countless trials of donuts, I developed a recipe that is delicious, kosher, pareve, and moist!! My wife and I are very excited to have the community try our donuts.”

The name “Sfingy’s” derives from the Moroccan donut Sfinge, but with an Ashkenazi twist. Hence, Sfingy’s. “We will be making mini Sfinge in a ball form, mini gourmet donuts with out of this world toppings, smoothies, cookies, muffins, coffee, and much more,” Fuks explained.  “I will always be trying to develop new recipes for new products to launch in the store. Our customers will be able to choose from many different toppings and sauces to put on top of the Sfingy’s. In the beginning, we will be offering fried donuts and Sfingy’s, but I am working on a baked version, as well as a gluten free and vegan option.”

Fuks said that the donut shop will have tables and chairs available for  customers to sit and enjoy their delicious treats with a hot or cold beverage.

“We will be offering different services to our customers, such as, customized donuts and other products for private events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and more,”  he said.  “We are very excited to be part of the MK family and looking forward to serving our community with delicious treats.

Sfingy’s is already on Facebook and Instagram.


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Amazing taste and texture. Will come back again.

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