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Police Station 9 taking aim at cars that run stop signs on Kildare Road

It has been, sadly, a regular occurrence for years: motorists running stop signs on Kildare Road, between Marc Chagall and Rembrandt.

I see it when  I am driving myself  and whenever I walk the area. Perpetrators are most likely residents of District 2. Occasionally cars from Police Station 9 set up speed traps and try and nab the offenders. Such was the case today  as a patrol car sat at the corner of Merrimac and Kildare, Parents from JPPS and Bialik doing pickup and drop off tend to be the guilty parties as  well in some cases.

A police car looks for violators at Merrmac and Kildare.


On Kildare there are stop signs going west at the corners of Merrimac,  SIr Walter Scott and since last September, on Rembrandt. Vehicles typically make what I used to call "Chicago" stops. They slow down, but keep on going. A lot of research was done before adding the  stop sign on Sir Walter Scott a few years ago and most recently on Rembrandt, We are trying to keep the area safe. For some people,  the  only way this sinks in is if they get an expensive traffic ticket. The police will be setting up shop there more often so please  try and put your foot on the  breaks more consistently.


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