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Type 1 Diabetes Day: Activities and conferences planned for kids, parents and guardians at Moskovitch Arena March 8

Côte Saint-Luc resident Michaella Etienne, the president of the  Association of Parents of Children with Diabetes, has organized an event called Icebreaker. It will take place  during March Break on Friday, March 8 from 10 am to 1  pm,  at Samuel Moskovitch Arena  and feature  free activities such as skating, yoga with Audi Gozlan and dancing with the Tyler Anne School of Dance.

Renowned endocrinologist and researcher Dr.Rémi Rabasat-Lhoret will be giving a conference and answering questions. Also speaking will be members of  theType 1 Better team, nurse Sarah Haag, clinical dietician Amélie Roy-Fleming  and  endocrinologist Dr. Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret. UFC fighter Alex Garcia will  be a special guest.

Ice skating flyer


Ms. Etienne notes that children with Type 1 Diabetes are insulin dependent, requiring either multiple daily injections or insulin pumps. Type 1 diabetes is a life threatening chronic disease with risks of acute and chronic complications. Children can’t have a break or a day off.  In addition, children face endless stigma  and discrimination which can be compromising for their self-esteem, moral and even their self-treatment care. 

The event’s objectives are to encourage children to engage in physical activity, offer peer support (children often do not know other type 1 children and feel marginalized), reward their efforts, build their community and motivate them to pursue a “normal” childhood despite their disease. Parents and guardians with Type 1 diabetes are also welcome with their children to build a strong and supportive community. 

The City of Côte Saint-Luc has joined the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Omnipod, Dexcom, Medtronic, Tandem Diabetes Care and Better.

For more information contact Michaella at 514.531.4402 or at,


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The most popular animal species in children

For decades, most girls have been raving about horses, while in boys the tiger and the lion are high on the list of favorite animals. The passion of children for an animal is often influenced by current film and series hits.

Do you remember what your favorite animal was as a child?

1. Horses

If you ask a girl what her favorite animal is, it will probably answer horse or pony. This passion is not primarily about riding but about caring, cleaning, feeding and caring for the horse. The girls can get rid of their worries with their horse or foster horse and feel safe and secure with their animal.

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If boys have horses as their favorite animal, and that is very rare, it is usually for the opposite reason, riding. Boys like to compete and need athletic activity. In addition, riding is still associated with freedom, courageous cowboys and reminiscent of the time of the "Wild West".

The passion for horses has been shaped for years by television series such as "Black Beauty", "Fury" or "rivals of the racetrack".

2. Turtles

You may wonder now, but the fact that turtles are the favorite animals of many children is not so unusual. Although children can not cuddle and play so well with them, children are fascinated by turtles. On the one hand, the fascination can lie in the calm and serenity that these animals radiate. On the other hand, they are very old and then look like little dragons with their tanks.

Turtles also play an important role in films, as in "Sammy's Adventures" or "Ninja Turtles".

3. Tigers and lions

Tigers and lions are usually the favorite animals of children because they are strong and fast. They look majestic, imposing and radiate a certain power. One of Walt Disney's most popular films, The Lion King, is about the little lion cub Simba, who is searching for his place in life. This film can also be seen all year round as a musical in Hamburg.

4. Whales and dolphins

Whales and dolphins are also among the favorite animals of children. The passion for these animals is also shaped by films like "Free Willy" and series like "Flipper". Dolphins are very intelligent, helpful, friendly animals and are therefore also gladly used for training and therapy purposes with children with behavioral or movement disorders. While whales have been hunted in recent centuries for being dangerous, today they are known and loved as peaceful and intelligent animals.

5. Dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are among the favorite animals for many children. These animals are the classic pets and the animals that children come into contact with most. In dogs, however, you should be careful, because not every dog ​​breed is suitable for children. Because of their good nature, friendliness and peace, bassets are perfect for children, as well as beagles that are considered playful and energetic, but also like to be cuddled. As you know him from the series "Lassie", the collie is good for your child, although he is not as a cuddly dog ​​as the Saint Bernard.

6. Rabbits and rabbits

Rabbits and rabbits are real cuddly toys for your kids and that is exactly why these animals are often called as favorite animals of children. However, you should teach your child that it is a real creature and it needs to be handled with care. When buying, make sure the rabbit is calm, relaxed and cuddly, such as Dwarf Rabbit.

7. Penguins

Often, children also call penguins their favorite animals, probably because of their cute looks and awkward gear on land. Also on penguins, there are some television series and television films, such as "Happy Feet", "Kings of the Waves" or the movie "Mr. Poppers Penguins "starring Jim Carrey.

8. Monkeys

The question of why the monkey is one of children's favorite animals is not difficult to answer. Every child who sees Pipi Longstocking would like to have a small monkey like "Mr. Nilsson" (genus Meerkatze) at home. Especially the human of monkeys fascinates children and adults alike. So do not be surprised if your child soon comes to you with the desire that it wants to have a monkey.

9. Parrot

Parrots inspire children because they can teach them to speak according to their nature and sometimes they have exceptionally colored feathers. However, the parrot is not first mentioned as the favorite animal, because most children would like to have an animal, with which they can romp more, play and cuddle.

10. Fish

With "Finding Nemo", clown fish became world famous and popular with children. Aquariums, the bigger the better, find children impressive and they can watch the animals swimming for hours. However, this is also dependent on your child, because children who need a lot of exercise and like to play in the fresh air may enjoy a dog rather than an aquarium.

Phan Phuong

Research in a number of animal models of diabetes indicate that cassia cinnamon can increase insulin secretion, though its effects on blood sugar levels does not seem to be very significant. In clinical trials, the evidence that cassia cinnamon can effectively lower blood sugar levels and lower A1c percentage has been inconsistent. Some clinical studies have indicated that cassia cinnamon can lower the fasting blood sugar, HbA1C percentages, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure when compared to placebo in patients with type 2 diabetes while others have not demonstrated any effect.

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