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Type 1 Diabetes Day: Activities and conferences planned for kids, parents and guardians at Moskovitch Arena March 8

Côte Saint-Luc resident Michaella Etienne, the president of the  Association of Parents of Children with Diabetes, has organized an event called Icebreaker. It will take place  during March Break on Friday, March 8 from 10 am to 1  pm,  at Samuel Moskovitch Arena  and feature  free activities such as skating, yoga with Audi Gozlan and dancing with the Tyler Anne School of Dance.

Renowned endocrinologist and researcher Dr.Rémi Rabasat-Lhoret will be giving a conference and answering questions. Also speaking will be members of  theType 1 Better team, nurse Sarah Haag, clinical dietician Amélie Roy-Fleming  and  endocrinologist Dr. Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret. UFC fighter Alex Garcia will  be a special guest.

Ice skating flyer


Ms. Etienne notes that children with Type 1 Diabetes are insulin dependent, requiring either multiple daily injections or insulin pumps. Type 1 diabetes is a life threatening chronic disease with risks of acute and chronic complications. Children can’t have a break or a day off.  In addition, children face endless stigma  and discrimination which can be compromising for their self-esteem, moral and even their self-treatment care. 

The event’s objectives are to encourage children to engage in physical activity, offer peer support (children often do not know other type 1 children and feel marginalized), reward their efforts, build their community and motivate them to pursue a “normal” childhood despite their disease. Parents and guardians with Type 1 diabetes are also welcome with their children to build a strong and supportive community. 

The City of Côte Saint-Luc has joined the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Omnipod, Dexcom, Medtronic, Tandem Diabetes Care and Better.

For more information contact Michaella at 514.531.4402 or at,

Another successful Winter Carnival

It was nice to see young children like this having so much fun.

Ever since I was a little boy growing up in Côte Saint-Luc I have looked forward to our winter carnival. As a father, I got to experience it from a parental perspective when my daughter was young. Today, it still is a lot of fun and for the 2019 edition the weather was pretty good considering what we have become accustomed to these last few months.

Adrian Mercellus and Camrynn Platt receive their awards.

All of the action took place at Trudeau Park. There was the traditional   pancake breakfast sponsored by McDonald’s franchisee Pierre Brunet at the Lawrence Bergman Chalet, horse drawn carriage rides, taffy on snow, face painting, ice sculpture activities, public skating, hockey games, a figure-skating exhibition, and more. Throughout the Carnival, we accepted  donations for the Ronald McDonald House. Including proceeds from the tournament, we raised $8,000 this year.

The $8,000 cheque is presented.

Councillors David Tordjman and Mitchell Kujavsky co-chaired Winter Carnival festivities this year. Along with Councillor Ruth Kovac, who oversees the Parks and Recreation portfolio, Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal Anthony Housefather and Elisabeth Prass (representing D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum), I took part in an awards ceremony for the Côte Saint-Luc Figure Skating Club.

McDonald's executive Mitchell Libenstein oversees the pancake preparation.

Congratulations to our Parks and Recreation staff for another great job! It was so enjoyable seeing all of the families with young children enjoy themselves so much.

The pony rides.
The snow queens.
Fun and games.
Taffy on the snow.
A makeshift slide was very popular.


Police Commander calls for calm in the wake of Cavendish stabbing incident

Since last week's stabbing incident at the Quartier Cavendish Cineplex Odeon Theatre, I have received many calls from frightened constituents.  A couple were reportedly  watching a movie when the wife asked a man behind her to stop smoking cannabis. He allegedly lunged towards her with a knife. The husband stepped in front and was stabbed in the leg.

Five men were stopped by police in the parking lot, but released.

Commander Oliveira

"Our Sergeant on the scene interviewed them and they were not at all connected to the incident," Commander Luis Oliveira told me. "There was no evidence to bring any of them in."

The Commander said none of the men smelled from cannabis either. "We have all of the information on each one of them in the event we need to communicate with them," he said.

According to the Commander this was an isolated incident and people do not need to panic. In the meantime officers from Police Station 9 have been doing foot patrols in the Quartier all  week and they will continue to do so. The socio community agents are meeting with the cinema management to establish proper procedures  for what to do when people light up, get into fights, etc.  As our City Manager Tanya Abramovitch righly told members of council today, "We at the city have the reflex to call  Public Security and/or the police, but they do not. Had such a procedure been in place, this likely would not have escalated in the way it did. The fact that what they were smoking was cannabis is not really relevant. They could have been smoking a cigarette and the same thing would have happened. "

I, like many people, often go to this theatre. It is absolutely necessary for one staff member to routinely go in and out of each room to see if anyone is acting inappropriately and to take the proper action. How many times have any of us turned around in a movie theatre and, for instance, asked someone to be quiet. As the Commander told me, the perpetrator "was clearly someone  high on dope,"

Côte Saint-Luc has the the second lowest crime rate on the island . The Commander said we can all can consider ourselves residing in a  a "safe" city.


Let's Chat Facebook page transforms into West End Politics

Almost two years ago, before the 2017 Côte Saint-Luc municipal elections got into  full gear, a new Facebook page called Let’s Chat was created by local activist and businesswoman Marissa Sidel. It attracted a lot of attention, with residents airing their gripes and candidates chiming in. Some others  pages  like   Côte Saint-Luc Families and CSL Unsensored also materialized.

Marissa Sidel

Upon the election of the new council, Our Public Affairs and Communications Director Darryl Levine launched CSL Ideas. We already had a general city Facebook page with general updates and information.

After the election Let’s Chat  CSL expanded to become Let’s Chat CSL, Hampstead Montreal West 2.0. Then last week the page was taken down by Facebook. Initially Marissa tried  to revive it as Let’s Chat 3.0. It seems the  page got caught up in a spam folder algorithm and the name needed to be changed.

Marissa has now introduced West End Politics, aiming  for a broader audience and mandate. “This group is meant for discussion surrounding local issues in the West End,” she notes. “The West End constitutes CSL, NDG, Hampstead, Montreal West and TMR. All issues are welcome to be discussed. The purpose of this group is to be a citizen led conversation about anything that affects the West End. The group is for the people and by the people."

Working  alongside Marissa is her brother and business partner Noah, a former journalist, communications professional, political candidate and most recently an active voice for the Edinburgh Elementary School community in Montreal West. What’s refreshing about this page is the fact it will not just focus on municipal issues in CSL, Hampstead and Montreal West, but we will hear about the provincial and federal level and yes the school boards.

"There’s a lot we can do as a group of people. I’m a little tired of the  'we have no lights on Cavendish and Kildare' posts."

I have been active on Facebook for years, with personal and political pages. In addition, I am an administrator or moderator for the English Montreal School Board, the CSL Trap Neuter Return program, CSL Central Bark, Montreal Food Scene and Carré Union. 

Anthony Housefather

Besides  members of our city council, Liberal Member of Parliament for Mount Royal Anthony Housefather and D’Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum are frequent posters to these local pages.

Housefather is thriving in his role as our representative in Ottawa and this week he posted a video of his impressive  back and forth with the Bloc , who have proposed a bill that would give English-speaking Quebecers in the federal civil service fewer rights to work in their language than any other civil servant in Canada. “In this video my vision of Canada comes out loudly and clearly in both official languages,” Anthony stated on his Facebook page. You can see it here is you have access to Facebook.

With a federal election set for October, West End politics will no doubt be occupied with that topic.