Remembering Cody Vigderhous
Felling of Trees behind the Library commences

Noise from the Equinoxe generator

Last week the owners of the Equinoxe built a noise reducing enclosure aimed at  reduce the noise when their generator is needed. This generator continues to cause sleepless nights for residents of the Rothchild I whose  units face this area.

I thank our Urban Development Manager Jeff Davey for working overtime on this dossier. This latest effort does not appear to have resolved  the situation.

I dropped by the area myself.

Click here or below to see my short video.

Update. Here is the noise from Monday night.





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Healthy living - small tips with a big impact

You want to live healthier and get fitter? You can do that! With a firm will and our tips you reach your goal.

Here's how it works: Take two or three tips from the list that you keep following - as a small milestone, so to speak. Once you've incorporated the tips into your daily routine, you can make a new tip until your final goal is reached. Do not forget: Have fun with it. Here we go.


First things first: First things first! We'll show you 10 things that you can do right away for your health.

English slots​​ are exciting, but pure games of chance. Actions of the player have no influence on the outcome of the game, every single round is a matter of luck. To play at a slot machine you just have to set your bet and spin the reels - then sit back and wait for your winnings.​

1. Just relax

ur brain reacts promptly to everyday stress: it releases more and more of the stress hormone cortisol. It keeps us alert and active, although we are exhausted and tired, weakens the immune system and impairs our metabolism. What to do?

A trip to the ocean, hiking in nature, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation or yoga exercises can help as the first relaxation measures. In the long run you should try to eliminate your biggest stress factors.

Healthy Living: Colorful smoothies with fresh fruit

2. Smoothies for breakfast

Your daily diet does not provide the body with enough nutrients? Our tip: make a smoothie in the morning or in between fresh fruits and vegetables - for a proper immune kick. Here you will find many delicious smoothie recipes.

Healthy living: water with lemons

3. Metabolic kick in the morning

A glass of warm water with lemon in the morning gives the body the liquid it needs and, through its antibacterial effect, helps flush out toxins that have accumulated in the body the previous day. Together with a pinch of cayenne pepper, you'll help your sluggish metabolism on the jumps. We'll show you more ideas for Infused Water.

4. Pay attention to the breath

Breathing can calm us down in stressful situations. There are various breathing techniques for this. One of them is the 4-7-8 breathing technique. And this is how it works: You breathe deeply through the nose and count to four. Hold your breath and count to seven. Then you breathe out powerfully from the mouth, as if you want to inflate a balloon, and counts to eight. Repeat this cycle three to four times.

We'll show you more breathing techniques that reduce stress forot.

5. Prepare meals

Healthy eating takes more time than fast food. But often it has to go fast. Whether cut fruit and vegetables or a healthy meal for work: well planned is half won.

It's best to prepare some food rations for the work on the weekend and freeze them if necessary. So in the evening after work, you do not need to stand in the kitchen exhausted and cook, but you have everything at hand right away. How it works? We explain the principle of Meal Prep.

6. Strength training instead of diet

Why? Simply because muscles let fat melt. They boost the metabolism and thus increase the energy turnover. And as soon as more energy is consumed than supplied, you lose weight. The best part: Instead of flabby skin like a diet, the training for a solid body. So get started with pushups and sit-ups.

7. For those who like it warm: detox tea

A detox tea ensures that the liver and kidneys are relieved. Also read our other tips on detox.

8. Treat yourself to a new sport outfit

The goal is set, the sports partner found, you are motivated? Great, let's go! But please only with the right clothes. Do not put on the last slouchy clothes for sports, but treat yourself accordingly functional fitness clothes. Not only is it more comfortable to wear (because the sweat is transported away directly), it also gives us a better feeling during training.

And to keep it longer: You have to pay attention when washing sportswear.

9. Water with fruits as a refreshing detox drink

Almost nothing works without water: It regulates our metabolism, the cardiovascular system, the digestion, our body temperature and serves as a means of solution and transport. Together with fruits, it is ideal as a detox drink. Lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, cherries or melon are among the basic...

Healthy living means conscious living

Everyone wants to live a healthy life. But what is meant by that? Naturopathy News believes that a healthy life is not just about the absence of disease and its symptoms, but that it's about

to feel well physically and mentally

master daily challenges with energy and motivation as well

successfully manage stress

Important to achieve this level of overall well-being is a balanced diet, adequate

exercise, a well-regulated routine, enough time for family and friends, and overall satisfaction and gratitude for what you have.

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