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December 25, 2018


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Great review. If only you can do something about the blue bags stuck up in the trees behind the marquise. They've been there for so long already and what's to say the equinoxe's debris won't be flying again into the trees when new construction begins in january? Is there nothing to be done about this situation whether it's cp's responsibility or the construction crew's? thanks.

Rhoda Bell

Thank-you Mike for this wonderful e-mail. You are doing a great

job in Cote St. Luc.

From Rhoda Bell

Brahms E. Silver

Congratulations Mike and thank you for a very comprehensive and professional 2018 report of The Year in Review as it pertains to District 2. There is no doubt whatsoever of your total dedication and subsequent hard work for the good of all you represent. Voting for you in the last Election to remain the City Councillor for District 2 was a good decision and my wife and I do not feel we have any lack of gain in having done so.

I would like to respectfully bring to your attention, yet again, that the excessive speed some vehicles are being driven still represents a problem commanding appropriate and prompt action. I would like to strongly suggest that a "STOP" sign be installed on Marc Chagall corner Lismer Road. I have often noticed, to my dismay, cars turning into Marc Chagall from Mackle Rd travel at more than safe speed as parents driving their children to Bialik appear to want to get them there as quickly as possible. As you know, there is a Cross Walk ahead (blind spot) and it is an accident waiting to happen! Please do not let it happen.
Lismer Rd is a very short street. The police can easily monitor those who do not stop. A few tickets handed out would surely go a long way to cause those who insist on testing the law by only slowing down or not stopping altogether to rethink their demonstrated irresponsibility.

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